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Imanis Moon (4 Paperbacks/1 CD) Imanis Moon 4 Paperbacks 1 CD Books Author Janay Brown Wood Petrasrobert.eu Imani The Tiny The Children Tease Her, But This Young Maasai Girl Is Determined To Touch The Moon Her Mother Shares Stories Of Others Who Have Overcome Challenges And Managed Great Accomplishments Always Reminding Imani That It Is Only You Who Must Believe This Magical Tale, With Roots In The Tradition Of The Adumu, A Cultural Jumping Dance, Is One Strong And Spirited Girls Thrilling Story.

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    Imani, the smallest child in her African village, has been teased mercilessly by the other children because of her size Their heartless jabs are just beginning to take a toll on Imani s self confidence when her mother tells her the legend of the brave moon deity Olapa Inspired by a dream in which she stands hand in hand with the lunar goddess, tiny Imani awakens with the desire to do something great, to touch the moon.In pursuit of her dream, Imani tries to reach the moon by climbing a tall tree, and building herself a giant pair of wings The village children, even a snake and a chimpanzee, scoff at her valiant but failed attempts to reach the sky But Imani s mother still believes in her, offering the tale of Anansi the spider as an soothing and inspirational bedtime story A challenge is only impossible until someone accomplishes it, she reassures her young daughter.Although discouraged, Imani attends a village celebration featuring the adumu, a special Maasai warrior jumping dance She is particularly fascinated by one dancer who jumps higher and higher with each beat Imani wakes the next morning, determined to try jumping her way to the moon All day and into the night Imani jumps, a little higher each time Despite her aching legs and throbbing feet, Imani keeps her focus...

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    Although the nightly positive reinforcement from her mother encourages Imani to dream big and reach for the star, her ambitions take a daily pounding from the others in her Maasai village The other youngsters make fun of the little girl, teasing her because of her diminutive size Still, she keeps reaching for her goals, and although she fails than once, eventually, she succeeds and gets a reward Although the book s magical realism may be off putting to some readers, it allows the story to have a dream like quality and to be told just like a talented storyteller might share a tale with an engaged audience Created with watercolor and graphite and then painted digitally, the illustrations are filled with vibrant hues and create a playful yet somber tone This positive message is o...

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    The smallest girl in her Maasai village, Imani is often teased by her peers Inspired by her mother s storytelling, Imani attempts to do something great like the characters in the stories she hears she sets herself the goal of touching the moon.An author s note follows the story and gives the reader a little background on the elements of Imani s world The watercolor and graphite illustrations were finished digita...

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    I absolutely adored this book Imani is the smallest girl in her village, and for this she is made fun of quite often She decides she s going to be like the characters in her mother s stories and do something great she will touch the moon Despite being ridiculed, Imani perseveres and finally accomplishes her goals Set in a Maasai village, this novel shows off the beauty of the East African countryside ...

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    Age Preschool 1st gradeCulture Maasai people of Tanzania and KenyaAn imaginative tale about a girl teased for her smallness but with a perseverance that strives to touch the moon Brown Wood also presents a strong mother figure that tells stories of gods and god...

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    Kids will either go for the magical realism in this winsome tale or find it a tad jarring There s a lot to like here from the spunky, height challenged heroine to the sweet mother daughter relationship where nightly storytelling is the routine, to the lively illustrations.

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    Many readers are misapplying the term magical realism to this book This is not about mixing real with an inexplicable nonreal , especially not in the Western setting where magical realism often takes place that term also has roots in lots of Latin American literature This book is about storytelling as a powerful tool for transformation Each night Imani is told a story through her dreams her mother does not intervene on any of the other children s cruelty, but uses storytelling to ease her daughter s pain Also, all of the talking animals are references to other, older storytelling traditions.Storytelling is also crucial when view spoiler when Imani finally does reach the moon Notice how many details are missing, and how ambiguous it is Isn t the way the silence is described interesting And the children disappear as subjects, as though t...

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    There is something about this magical story that has captured my 5 year old s imagination It seems to be a combination of the girl s persistence don t give up , he encourages her , the fantasy of gods goddesses battling, the sheer audacity of touching the moon Plus, it has great interactions with animals of the jungle, cultural descriptions of the Maasai people of Tanzania Kenya, and a reference to Anansi the tr...

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    I love this new picture book It speaks so gently and eloquently to the young reader It gives children a story in which faith and determination are equally important in reaching one s goals.

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    Imani s mother tells her that she can do anything but, Imani wants to touch the moon and her friends tell her she ll never be able to reach anything because she s too small Imani decides to try anyway and finally realizes her dream by using a dance she learns at a Maasai celebration.

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