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Murder In Absentia (Felix the Fox, #1) A Young Man Is Found Dead In His Bed, With A Look Of Extreme Agony On His Face And Strange Tattoos All Over His Body His Distraught Senator Father Suspects Foul Play, And Knows Who To Call OnEnter Felix, A Professional Investigator In The Business Of Ferreting Out Dark Information For His Clients, Felix Is Neither A Traditional Detective Nor A Traditional Magician But Something In Between Drawing On His Experience Of Dealing With The Shady Elements Of Society And His Aborted Education In The Magical Arts, Felix Dons His Toga And Sets Out To Discover The Young Man S KillersMurder In Absentia Is Set In A Fantasy World The City Of Egretia Borrows Elements From A Thousand Years Of Ancient Roman Culture, From The Founding Of Rome To The Late Empire, Mixed With A Judicious Amount Of Magic This Is A Story Of A Cynical, Hardboiled Detective Dealing With Anything From Daily Life To The Old Forces Roaming The WorldThis Is A Story Of Togas, Daggers And Magic It Will Appeal To Lovers Of Urban Fantasy, Detective Murder Mysteries And Ancient Rome

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    Just how potent was this When a murder happens in mysterious circumstances, you better should know whom to contact This suspicious death asks us to invite the lead protagonist, Felix Because of the political influences, the murder gets its full publicity Sounds interesting, doesn t it Egretia ancient Rome is the place where this mystery has occurred Thriller and Magic, both combined offer an engrossing urban fantasy read Vivid and well written plot.Set in the times of ancient Rome, detective Felix has to solve the mystery and get the criminals behind the bars very soon But we have to keep in mind that he has a life too, a past too which he has to deal with.I enjoyed how the story developed and got me thinking Realistically built, fast paced and balanced description contained the charisma of the mystery Black Magic, voodoo and ancient art forms appealed me Assaph Mehr has woven entertaining and adventurous characters.The character sculpting takes time and prepares a base for a tense finish The plotline of the murder flies off right off the bat and you are in for a swing Non trivial information The newer cover trumps the previous one Yes, I do judge the book by its front graphic.The voodoo angle of the story was a first for me in a crime setting and savored did I Recommended for readers who love Mystery Dark Fantasy Action Verdict This author holds a remarkable pen.

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    Magnum P.I in a toga Long before Sherlock Holmes, Paul Drake or even Lassie, there was Felix, a magic wielding Private Investigator in a make believe Rome Assaph Mehr has written the perfect murder mystery with a touch of who dun it, a little humor, danger and a LOT of food No wonder they wore togas.No, I m not pointing fun at the author s tale, I am marveling at how engaging it was A son of a wealthy and powerful politician has been brutally murdered in a most painful way and his body is covered in ritualistic tattoos Is this a magical killing of dark intent Felix is on the case, a case that will lead him on a round about journey through the darker sides of life, magic and power At the end of that maze, will he find justice for the dead Will a murderer be brought to justice Follow Felix as he dons his perfect facades to suit each occasion, from charming to seemingly simple, all while calculating the odds on what may have happened and uncovering dark magics and their practitioners As he collects each clue, the plot thickens, but as the pieces all fall into place, no one could have guessed who dun it and why.Felix is the slightly quirky, always entertaining ancient version of today s P.I.s Without a computer in sight, his limited magic isn t even as sharp as his brain or as far reaching as his connections Assaph Mehr has taken us to a fantasy Roman world with some crusty characters that will make you smile, stodgy characters that you will roll your eyes at and of course, those characters you love to hate Through it all, you will have to love Felix, because nothing keeps him down.A wonderfully told tale of murder, mystery and mayhem with a bit of magic thrown in.I received this copy from the author, Assaph Mehr in exchange for my honest review.Series Felix the Fox Book 1Publisher Purple Toga Publications 2 editionPublication Date October 19, 2015ISBN 0994449313Genre Greek Roman Historical FantasyPrint Length 306 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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    This one was intriguing a murder mystery set in a version of Roman times with some paranormal activity thrown in as well So a historical murder fantasy Whatever, it made for interesting reading.I enjoyed Felix, the main character and intrepid detective He was clever, cunning and persistent and eventually solved the case The word eventually also gives a clue to my only issue with the the book It was far too wordy I liked the descriptions of imaginary Roman life and the seaside town where it all a took place but sometimes they went on for pages and I was very tempted to skim So maybe about fifty pages less and this would have been an excellent book indeed Still very worth reading.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this detective story tinged with a little magic and set in a version of ancient Rome Felix the Fox is an investigator who started training in the magical arts as a young man but had to abandon his studies when his father s business collapsed Nevertheless he is sensitive to natural magic and is able to cast simple spells Normally employed to find lost jewelry or follow cheating spouses he is called in by a rich merchant to investigate the death of his son, Caseo who has died horribly in what appears to be an act of necromancy Against a background of everyday life in a roman times, Felix carries out his investigations piecing together the last actions of Caseo, trying to work out he could have got mixed up with such powerful, illegal magic Mr Mehr has done a great job bringing the sights and smells of life in a typical roman seaport to life in this mystery Felix is a very likeable character, not perfect but resourceful and thoughtful and tenacious in the pursuit of justice The use of magic to find answers feels really fitting for this time period when people believed the Gods were watching them, animals entrails were inspected for omens and sybils and astrologists could predict the future I look forward to what I hope will be a series of mysteries featuring him and his band of friends and acquaintances With thanks to the author, Assaph Mehr, for a copy to read and review

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    From my review site Like the review page to keep up with it.MURDER IN ABSENTIAby Assaph Mehr Purple Toga Publications 10 15 For those who like to cross genres a bit, MURDER IN ABSENTIA by Aussie writer Assaph Mehr is a skillful blending of historical fantasy with mystery set in a realm very much like ancient Rome In fact, fans of the Falco mysteries by Lindsey Davis which I also recommend should very much enjoy this novel, first in a series featuring The intriguing Felix the Fox Felix, the son of a dead, disgraced antiquities merchant and who himself had an abbreviated education in the school of magical arts, has been asked to check on the horrific death of the son of a rising citizen The murder clearly involves necromancy, long outlawed The trail Felix follows sends him several places, including across the sea, and forces him to relive horrors of his own past.Mehr creates a vivid cast and an equally vivid setting in which magic just seems to fit in perfectly The last line in the story is also a perfect tease for the sequel, although clearly this highly entertaining novel stands alone Assaph Mehr lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife Julia, four kids and two cats By day he is a software product manager, bridging the gap between developers and users, and by night he s writing he seems to do his best writing after midnight Facebook A Knaak is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of the Legend of Huma, WoW Wolfheart, the Dragonrealm, the Black City Saint series, and much His latest releases include the Turning War Trilogy for the Dragonrealm, Black City Demon 2nd in the Black City Saint series , and the urban fantasy, Frostwing.Splitting his time between Chicago and Arkansas, he is currently at work on Knights of the Frost for the Dragonrealm, Black City Dragon 3rd in the Black City Saint series , and the new epic fantasy setting, Rex Draconis To learn , please like his pro Facebook page at

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    Editorial Review This is a story of Togas, Dagger, and Magic the book I always wanted to read It balances my favourite genres of historical mysteries, ancient Rome and fantasy The best compliment I got was from one of my beta readers This book gave me a book hangover I could not get my head out of the world of Felix for days after finishing it I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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    Murder in Absentia introduces us to Felix the Fox and his world Felix is the son of a bankrupt suicide who makes his living solving mysteries He lives in Egretia which is not Rome I choose to emphasise not Rome because Egretia is the author s own creation It is a world based on ancient Rome but with its own life and its own particular ideas and ideals This is an interesting and complex notion, that is handled with some skill The world Felix inhabits quickly takes life, and the sounds, smells and geography are very well portrayed Felix himself feels as if he is a handsome devil, who could well know he is attractive to women, but is not written as smug or vain In the end, I liked him even if it took a while He is well drawn, but I could wish for a little meat on the bones of the other characters, especially the females As an aside here, on character development, the person, aside from Felix, we come to know best is dead when we meet him.Now to the story In its essence it s a simple whodunnit A young man dies and our hero is tasked with finding out how, why, and who is responsible I don t think it is in any way a spoiler to say that this is no ordinary death, there is no poison, and no fatal wound So what killed Caeso Finding out is a dangerous and complex business, and one that draws the reader deep into Egretia and the world in which it sits This is a cracking story and a guaranteed page turner although I felt it took a few chapters to get properly into its stride It s an excellent read, and is twisty enough for the most dedicated of mystery readers, complex enough for lovers of fantasy, and scholarly enough to feed the interest of alternative history buffs I shall hope to meet Felix again4.5 stars rounded up to 5

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    CSI Ancient Egretia A Great fantasy Whodunnit Murder in AbsentiaImagine a place called Egretia which is quite like ancient Imperial Rome Now imagine an important politician s son has been found dead in his bed The youth s body reveals his death was of a questionable nature In fact, there is evidence that arcane magic of the darkest order brought about the young man s demise Not wanting to have this event investigated through normal means because the scandal could ruin his career the man reaches out to one Felix, known as The Fox Felix was an Incantatore minimally trained magic user who left the study when his own family issues arose With all the skill of a modern day crime scene investigator and a little bit of Sherlock Holmes thrown in, Felix follows leads, journeys to mystical places and studies forbidden manuscripts He fights pirates and sorcerers as well as a few common street thugs and wrestles with the charms of beautiful women as he solves the crime Author Assaph Mehr masterfully blends well researched historical Roman culture in a fantasy setting with mystery, magic, action and suspense Murder in Absentia is winner of several Indie Author awards The title description says Felix the Fox Book 1 I am eagerly waiting for Book 2.

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    Check out this review, and many , on my blog out of 5 starsA young man from a politically powerful family is found dead under strange circumstances A wily investigator with wit and resourcefulness to spare is hired to investigate the matter and help the boy s family keep the sordid details from a gossip hungry public Sounds like the makings of a great detective story, right Absolutely But did I mention the tale takes place in a fantasy city called Egretia inspired by Ancient Rome where magic, mythology and intrigue abound This unique combination elevates Murder in Absentia from the morass of detective stories out there to the level of something truly remarkable Felix the Fox is a down on his luck detective with some truly hard times in his past Hailing from a formerly well respected family that has fallen from grace, Felix has learned to rely on his cunning hence the nickname Fox to survive When he is hired by a distraught father to investigate the death of a young man, Felix has his work cut out for him The boy s death is clearly the result of some forbidden, arcane magical rite, his body twisted by the pain of his final moments and his heart transformed into a giant gemstone Felix s investigation takes him from the pinnacle of Egretian society to the darkest, most dangerous back alleys, and from secret backroom cabals to public gladiatorial games The combination of fictionalized history, mythology and magic lent Felix s investigation many unique aspects The pacing of Murder in Absentia was well developed Felix s investigation was realistic and thorough, without bogging the reader down in minutiae Felix is a fun character he is quick on his feet and able to either charm or con his way through almost any situation The world building is solid, with enough relatable history to balance the fantasy and all done in such a way as to weave a beautiful tapestry I applaud the author for his obvious love of Roman history and his willingness to thumb his nose at certain historical conventions, thereby creating a wonderfully entertaining read I m looking forward to adventures with Felix

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    I was lucky enough to receive an ebook coy of Murder In Absentia directly from the author Assaph Mehr in exchange for an honest review.Murder in Absentia is a crime story set in a fictional city called Egretia in ancient Roman times The main character is Felix the Fox who is a private detective of sorts, who is called upon to solve the murder of the son of a senator He must use all his cunning, wits and magic to solve the crime.The story is fast paced and well written and is extremely enjoyable to read The world is well built to fit into Roman times but without being tied to anything specifically historical that may affect how the story pans out I like how the magic works within this world and how its explained throughout, a lot of time and thought have gone into making it a realistic and workable magic.Felix is a fantastic character as he is a good guy but he has his own demons and struggles with them on and off throughout the story I feel he is a very realistic character and he is easy to relate some part of your life to I like the way he works even when he s in the shadier side of his business.As well as mystery, murder and magic, there is action and there s just enough of it to make things interesting without it taking over the story The action that occurs during Felix s travels across the sea is particularly well done.The only thing I can say in complaint about this book is sometimes there is a whole heap of information and description given at once, it kind of overloads you But this happens very rarely, so like I say, it is only a very small complaint.I d definitely recommend that you go out and try this book as it s something familiar in a different package and its very well done.This review was originally posted on my blog

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