The Palace of Champions eBook Æ The Palace PDF \

  • Hardcover
  • 64 pages
  • The Palace of Champions
  • Henriette Valium
  • 14 July 2014
  • 9781772620061

5 thoughts on “The Palace of Champions

  1. ΕιζΝιηΕ ΕιζΝιηΕ says:

    Henriette Valium's Palace of Champions Julie Doucet's My New York Diary uebecois Crust Punk Contrasts If you've never been all that charmed by the idiosyncrasies of Julie Doucet's storytelling you're likely to be thoroughly uninterested or repulsed by Doucet's fellow pioneer of the creatively thriving uebecois underground comix scene in the early 90's 'Henriette Valium' His nom de punk is just one of the ways that Valium has sought to create his identity as the Pope of uebec's hardcore punk rock comix scene and the artist illustrator who would most effectively reverse engineer the art of the 60's underground cartoonists concert poster illustrators to reinvent as a truly anarchic Punk Rock aesthetic that incorporated elements of Robert Williams Victor Moscoso Rick Griffin as well as fellow punk influenced creators from RAW Gary Panter Charles Burns And Joost Swarte as well as Marc Smeets But the crypto religious iconography grotesue imagery woven into ersatz medieval and renaissance patterns make his illustrations truly uniue What's his comic art pages are compositionally immaculate designs that seem to bridge the divide between seuential art illustration Images from 'Ab Bedex Compilato' which collects stories from 3 decades of Valium's oeuvreDoucet's engagingly flawed English artistic ingenuity and gift for effortlessly fascinating undeniably authentic autobiography all of these artistic resources are fully exploited made wonderfully manifest with 'My New York Diary'; as with her painfully hilarious fantasies in 'My Most Secret Desire' she demonstrate her boundless imagination fearless self exposure and originality Henriette Valium is like Doucet's evil male twin but without the charm; possessing instead a certain fugly charisma that is precisely apposite for his crust punk persona yet precisely the opposite of the 'crust punk cute' in 'Dirty Plotte' The title alone is like a self contained feminist crustoid manifesto and she revels in using visual depictions of her 'unlady like' hygiene habits the sualor of her roach infested domiciles Valium clearly lacks the storytelling gifts of Doucet at times almost unreadable But as an artist Valium is among the best in the world with a style that may derive from a forgotten Alien transmission post located a few parsecs into the Horsehead Nebula and disturbingly close to the 6 point spatial co ordinates of Schizophrenia Not a joke Not a diagnosis Just an educated guess which if true in no way mitigates his talents Art from 'Palace of Champions''Palace of Champions' like 'Ab Bedex Compilato' the definitive Valium compilation published a few years ago by 'L'Association' is a collection of astoundingly complex illustrations in comic form 'Conundrum Press' did a great job on this slim very over sized hardcover His broken English is about as broke as English gets but the episodes themselves are nothing compared to the maniacally intricate pages of jaw dropping slightly nauseating artistic genius on display His only true peers beside Julie Doucet are the artists who made RAW the avant garde seuential art institution it became and so clearly inspired him Besides those previously mentioned Kaz Mark Beyer Kim Deitch and obviously there were many French auteurs who were both peers influences like Smeets Stephane Blanuet and Killoffer; artist performer cartoonist Joe Coleman was no doubt a powerful inspiration examples provided below beginning with Gary panter From 'Palace of Champions' et alIf your interest in comics is story driven with little interest in the experimental fringes of comic art you'll fucking hate this Storywise it's a 1 star book artistically it's a 5 star Bonus Art 2 by Gary Panter and 1 Gary Panter Charles Burns collaboration

  2. Andrew Andrew says:

    The spastic artwork gave me a huge headache at first But after persevering and picking up the book after a day of rest it all started to make some form of sense

  3. Mateen Mahboubi Mateen Mahboubi says:

    I mostly found the text impenetrable and eventually just started focusing on the drawings Lots of weirdo stuff here and it's pretty great The text was undecipherable for me and a little too edgy for me

  4. vostendrasamigosyotengolibros vostendrasamigosyotengolibros says:

    The art is amazing but the content is just like a edgelord story just not that great

  5. Patty Patty says:

    A chaotic artistic style and mirror writing font made this graphic novel very difficult to follow but still what a creative achievement

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The Palace of Champions☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Palace of Champions By Henriette Valium ❤ – Henriette Valium has been called the greatest French Canadian cartoonist of all time He's one of underground comic's elder statesmen Over the past three decades his creations have been widely disperse Henriette Valium has been called the greatest French Canadian cartoonist of all time He's one of underground comic's elder statesmen Over the past three decades his creations have been widely dispersed in numerous anthologies fanzines self published oversized silkscreened comics and various mixed media collaborations He's become a regular in almost every independent zine compilation and catalogue in North America and Europe Yet he has never had an original graphic novel published in English until nowThe heavy black lines and psychotic detailing of The Palace PDF \ Valium's comics demand attention weeding out any casual readers His style is like the bastard love child of S Clay Wilson and Derf Backderf as raised by French avant garde collective Le Dernier CriIn his peculiar way Valium explores decay as in the rotting urban environments he obsessively renders and his fascination with the various corruptions of the human body and mind our illness and madness His comics rant on subjects like Science or Crisis horrifically sometimes nonsensically often hilariously exposing our culture's fears and hypocrisiesThe Palace of Champions is a historical document finally bringing to light this underground legend It includes an introduction and interview to give context for Valium's long career and expansive body of work.