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  • Shadows of a Superhero
  • Christopher D. Schmitz
  • 10 April 2016

3 thoughts on “Shadows of a Superhero

  1. V.K. McAllister V.K. McAllister says:

    This book shines best when it comes to action It's everywhere it's intense and it's glorious All the energy surges and fighting styles were very anime ish at least that's how I envisioned it and I really think someone should turn Shadows of a Superhero into a movie or two Since the fight is far from over D

  2. Kameron Kameron says:

    45 stars review reuest submitted by the author for an honest critiue When we think of superheroes we don't always stop and wonder how they must feel when a member of their own team gets hurt The internal battle raging instead them because they feel as if they should've done fought harder been uicker etcWhen you're a sidekick you never really imagine your boss will get seriously injured You think of them as super humans but in actuality most are merely humans Ok some aren't We all know some superheroes have wicked cool powers but everyone can get hurt somehow No matter if you are super uick strong or can shine a light so bright everyone around you will need supershades to withstand having their retinas fried all super brings have one thing in common a super foe In this case we meet Black and his sidekick keeping name a secretLike in any comic book movie graphic novel tv show etc fans will experience a car chase scene heroes will thwart an evil plan and futuristic tech will be utilized Never fear though Christopher did go old school with the usage of grappling guns The only thing missing from this story was PICTURES and maybe a few BAM CRASH KAPOW ZAP thrown into the mixFind reviewsratings at wwwsuperkambrookcom

  3. Thistle Thistle says:

    Shadows of a Superhero felt like it was a story set within some book series but I guess it's just generic superhero y enough to make it seem that way It was surprisingly well edited for a self published book with only a small handful of errors and most of them minor The biggest one was a sentence with a missing wordThe plot was about a collection of sidekicks Their hero was hurt badly and knocked out of commission so they had to take over and try to fight the big bad guy themselves A fun idea The biggest downside for me was probably intentional though it was just so generically superheroish I felt like I had seen these characters dozens of times before The sidekicks were one big strong perfect fighter highly skilled guy one fellow in a wheelchair the techie of course and a super speed womanI'm afraid I lost interest in the story near the end and skimmed the last few pages The characters never hooked me see also The whole generic superhero roles thing and so it was hard to care about the whole thingThough Shadows of a Superhero didn't work for me it might work well for someone else It wasn't perfect but it did rise above its origins story

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Shadows of a Superhero❧ [KINDLE] ❀ Shadows of a Superhero By Christopher D. Schmitz ➠ – The Light is his city's patron superhero As his sidekick Red—Zach Redinger is suddenly thrust into a world without his champion after the mighty TL falls to a mysterious super powered madman known o The Light is his city's patron superhero As his sidekick Red—Zach Redinger is suddenly thrust into a world without his champion after the mighty TL falls to a mysterious super powered madman known only as Black Now Red a speedster named Janet and Franklin The Light's wheelchair bound former side kick must find Black and prevent Shadows of Kindle - his horrible plans from coming to fruition If they can’t pinpoint this maniac before his doomsday weapon is activated tomorrow might not come for anyone The sidekicks’ plan is full of problems Red doesn't have any real powers Janet can't admit her secret love for Zach and the deeper Franklin digs the he's convinced that Black isn't real—but that their enemy is somehow closer than any could ever expect.

About the Author: Christopher D. Schmitz

Christopher D Schmitz is the author of fiction and nonfiction as well as a regular blogger Following completion of his first fantasy novel in the early s he began working on lots of short fiction in order to refine his craft and went on to publish many pieces from words in a variety of Shadows of Kindle - genres and outlets as writing exercises Putting fiction away for a while he pursued post grad.