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  1. Dianne Dianne says:

    Zola has survived the loss of her family and home She has faced danger and survived damaged but wiser and now with newfound friends and Pin she feels she can go on to live a normal life but can she? Her world is safe but still needs her and when her past rips into her present Zola knows things may never be as easy as she dreams Zola has learned so much but still has a teen’s perspective and now her world may come crashing down yet again Will Pin be by her side? Will her new friends remain or will she find herself buried once again under the weight of responsibility and duty? With sword ready she will face whatever life brings her fair or not T Marie Alexander has done a marvelous job as she continues Zola’s story with the same strength of storytelling as book one as Zola comes of age in a hostile world she should never have had to deal with Zola’s heart is tested as is the maturity she must gain that is far beyond her years Ms Alexander’s tale is perfect for younger teens and young adults who will identify with what Zola is feeling in this science fiction fantasy that is well written emotional and filled with danger and deceit I received this copy from T Marie Alexander in exchange for my honest reviewSeries Zola Flash Book 2Published June 7th 2016Publisher Lateaikia AlexanderISBN 0996906428 ISBN13 9780996906425Genre YA Fantasy | Sci fiPrint Length 212 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More

  2. Jolie Jolie says:

    I wasn’t expecting much from The Forgotten While I had liked Zola Flash I was left feeling dissatisfied So I went into reading The Forgotten with not a lot of expectation Well color me surprised when I ended up liking The Forgotten All my points made in Zola Flash were resolved or explained New storylines were not left up in the air There was no Instalove It is safe to say that I enjoyed reading The ForgottenWhat I liked about The Forgotten is that Zola’s character grew The glimpse that I saw at the end of the Zola Flash morphed into a fully fleshed out character While Zola was 1718 years old she didn’t act it The trauma that she was put through guaranteed it I like that she was able to see through people’s BS and see how they are Like certain members of the Grand Council Her instincts were screaming about one of them and she was right to listen to themPin still drove me nuts By the middle of the book I was done with his hotcold routine with Zola I was also done with him being jealous of her when she attracted attention from other men Not when he had someone waiting for him at home Just saying He couldn’t have his cake and eat it too I was also done with his secrets OMFG how many secrets of Zola did this man know and not tell her about? I was beginning to think that he needed a dose of truth serum That way everything is out in the openI wasn’t feeling the whole semi love triangle that was going on between Pin Zin and Zola Zola wasn’t into Zin but into Pin Pin was blowing hotcold with Zola And Zin well he had his own reasons for wanting a relationship with Zola It was just a huge cluster that did eventually get ironed out I didn’t think that it was needed in the book Zin could have just been Zola’s friend instead of wanting to be with herThere is a whole new storyline that is introduced about 23rds into the book and I thought it was fascinating It explained why Zola was having the visions that she was having The fact that Pin knew and didn’t tell her made me a little mad I did think that she dealt with the news well Well as well as someone could deal with that type of news I also thought that she dealt with the issues that came with it very well tooI had uestions from the last book that were answered in The Forgotten Which was awesome because I was feeling a little lost after reading Zola Flash Of course new uestions were brought up in this book But I have a feeling that they will be answered in book 3The end of The Forgotten was action packed People died some which surprised me and new alliances were forged The book did end of a cliffhanger but as with Zola Flash the author did a great job not ending the book suddenly I am excited to read book 3 I want to find out what new adventures that Zola and her friends will embark uponI would give The Forgotten a rating of Older Teen This book would be good for anyone over the age of 16 There is kissing but no sexual situations There is no language There is violence Nothing graphic thoughPros of The ForgottenStorylines from the previous book were resolved and explainedZola’s character grew and become fleshed outNo InstaloveCons of The ForgottenPin His secrets almost killed Zola Also I didn’t like that he went hotcold with their relationshipThe issues that came with the new storyline They were almost too much at timesThe semi love triangle between Pin Zin and Zola I had a few eye roll moments during thatThis is a book that I would reread I would also recommend it to family and friendsI would like to thank T Marie Alexander for allowing me to read and review The ForgottenAll opinions stated in this review of The Forgotten are mineI received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it

  3. Carrie Westmoreland Kurtz Carrie Westmoreland Kurtz says:

    In the beginning I had a little trouble following Zola Flash The author's writing style took me a little while to follow However once I was able to get used to the writing style I started to enjoy the book There were several twists and turns in the plot and I really enjoyed getting to know the characters I'm honestly not a huge fan of books that end with a cliffhanger but this one was well written All in all Zola Flash turned out to be a pretty good readI do think that I enjoyed The Forgotten than I enjoyed Zola Flash More than likely it is because I was already familiar with the author's writing style and the characters Speaking of the characters Zola certainly hasn't had an easy life She just wants to finally have a calm normal life but that doesn't seem to be in the cards The Forgotten is a great continuing story of Zola's life and adventures Well done T Marie Alexander Thanks for the booksNote I received copies of these books from the author in exchange for an honest review

  4. Teri Teri says:

    OK Now you'r talking I have to admit after book one I didn't think the rest of the series would floor me but dang it if it not only met but surpassed my expectations and I am so glad I was really excited about this series and I have to say the further the author gets into the story the better it gets All of my issues with Pin and the way Zola reacts or acts period are pretty much put to sleep I get her though since she is an emotional one that acts then thinks and puts others safety first and man does she pay the price There is a lot going on and holes being filled The action factor is off the scales and so are some of the characters This book shows the author getting her flow and feel and shows she is confident in her own style the story reflects it This is a clean read very little foul language and no sex there is kissing so I will have to hold on to it for a minute til my grands are ready but I would say 15 16 and up would enjoy this read

  5. C. Erani Kole C. Erani Kole says:

    voluntarily and honestly reviewed the ARC I received from the authorIt's about a 25 for me I thought it improved from the last installment read a little cleaner with sharper intent Zola wasn't as impulsive and she had her good moments I liked that this installment focused on the things of her past than a never ending drama about her life on Earth I have a bit of hope for the third installment if this is any indication but overall I thought it was okay Better than the first not something I'd recommend but not something I wouldn't think was horrible

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The Forgotten (Zola Flash, #2) ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ The Forgotten (Zola Flash, #2) By T. Marie Alexander ✎ – ZOLA HAS LOST SO MUCHHer familyHer homeHer sense of selfBUT SHE HAS ALSO GAINEDFriendsAnother homeAnd Pin the Payohlini she loves above all elseWith Renz gone and no one to command the Payohlini army ZOLA HAS LOST SO MUCHHer familyHer homeHer sense of selfBUT SHE HAS ALSO GAINEDFriendsAnother homeAnd Pin the Payohlini she loves above all elseWith Renz gone and no one to command the Payohlini army Zola assumed everything would go back to normal Well as normal as life could be for someone like her The war should be over and her planet and people should be safe Having accomplished what she set out to do—getting revenge for her family’s murder she even dares to dream of days spent as a normal girl of dates with Pin without them looking over their shoulders for flying swords No hiding but living the kind of life she always thought she’d haveWith new responsibilities come new problems though—as well as a Flash from her past that she didn’t see coming One that threatens to change everythingZola thought she had nothing else to lose Unfortunately she’s about to get a galactic awakeningNo one ever said being a princess would be easy.

  • Paperback
  • 388 pages
  • The Forgotten (Zola Flash, #2)
  • T. Marie Alexander
  • English
  • 07 September 2015
  • 9780996906425

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