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  • 339 pages
  • Scattered Seeds
  • Julie Doherty
  • English
  • 14 December 2016

10 thoughts on “Scattered Seeds

  1. Regan Walker Regan Walker says:

    Worthy Scots Irish Heroes Find Love in the New WorldSet in 1755 beginning in Donegal Ireland this is the story of Henry McConnell and his father Edward farmers who assume false names and escape debts and drought in Ireland to sail to the New World Before they leave Henry’s father gives him their most treasured possession passed from one son to another a gold torc from their ancestor SomerledThe night before the ship sails Henry finds love in the arms of a widow named Sarah On the ship Henry reconnects with a childhood friend Mary Patterson Both men realize their love for but they are separated from them by distance in the case of Sarah and in the case of Mary when a man purchases her indentureAfter a grueling ship journey very well done by the author Henry and his father travel deep into the frontier That journey is also very well told It’s an exciting one I felt like I was trudging along with them with their one ox and their blistered feet I could see the beauty of this new world and yet feared the obstacles they faced Constant setbacks have them worried about their seed and their lives Indian attacks the threat of new forts a bear stealing the food they laid up for the winter and many other hardshipsIn this romance the two heroes are separated from their ladyloves for much of the book The women are still in their minds and hearts but not with them When they finally get word of both Sarah and Mary the men go after them but a villain is stalking the precious torcDoherty’s research shines through as she brings America’s wilderness and this period in America’s history to life Her descriptions are vivid and the historical era well presented She captures the Scots Irish longing for freedom and their commitment to the new land notwithstanding the trials they must endureA uniuely told tale it’s also a fast paced action packed story that is a delight to read I recommend it

  2. Ana Martins Ana Martins says:

    The second book of Julie Doherty after Scent of the Soul I read it in less than a week and was so disappointed in the end just because I wanted Julie has this wonderful gift she writes wonderfully and she kept this avid reader engaged until the end and now craving

  3. Allison Siveyer Allison Siveyer says:

    There's no smoke without fire You won't be able to put this fire out until you've finished you'll sense every written word love smoke hope fear and learn something too So well written I firmly believe the torc will be continuing its journey

  4. Maurice Maurice says:

    An excellent read I just could not put this book down I eagerly await this authors next offering

  5. Judy Pannebaker Judy Pannebaker says:

    Julie did NOT disappoint with this book Now I can't wait for her next book

  6. Alton Fletcher Alton Fletcher says:

    The cover is misleading since the main characters in this novel are never so well dressed as the illustration But don't judge a book by its cover Right? Right This is a beautifully written story about the redemptive power of love It begins in Ireland passes through a horrendous ocean voyage and ends in Colonial Pennsylvania A father and son make this perilous journey to escape famine and persecution in Ireland searching for freedom and prosperity in the wide open lands of America Along the way they both fall in love the father with a widowed innkeeper and the son with an indentured housekeeper Though romance blossoms thorns uickly sprout with dire events keeping the two apart from the women they love First they must establish themselves on the frontier and make a go of it Easier said than done Threatened by wild weather wild animals and wild men it is all they can do to just survive much less gain a foothold But the greatest threat of all comes from an older brother who follows them and wants something from them a golden torc which is a family heirloom that he considers his birthright The torc carries with it a great blessing and a terrible curse He means to have it at all costs even if it means destroying their lives or killing them to get it Will love conuer all? To find out you'll have to read this marvelous romantic adventure well crafted and cinematic in both dialog and description You'll like it I'm pretty sure

  7. Debra Richmond Debra Richmond says:

    I loved learning about the history of central Pennsylvania in its early settlement days A tremendous amount of research went into the crafting of this story Doherty does a fantastic job with dialect and 18th century life as she journeys her characters from Ireland to PA

  8. Linda J Dungan Linda J Dungan says:

    Very goodI was kept on my toes with all the happenings It still leaves you wondering at the very end Could there be another book taking up where this left off????

  9. Judy Pannebaker Judy Pannebaker says:

    Another great book by Julie Love her attention to detail

  10. InD& InD& says:

    This is a lush historical that truly brings the Colonial era to lifeRead full review in the 2016 October issue of InD'tale Magazine

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Scattered Seeds❮Download❯ ➹ Scattered Seeds ➾ Author Julie Doherty – In 18th century Ireland drought forces Edward and Henry McConnell to assume false names and escape to the New World with the one valuable thing they still own–their ancestor’s gold torcEdward must In th century Ireland drought forces Edward and Henry McConnell to assume false names and escape to the New World with the one valuable thing they still own–their ancestor’s gold torcEdward must leave love behind Henry finds it in the foul belly of The Charming Hannah only to lose it when an elusive trader purchases his sweetheart’s indentureWith nothing but their broken hearts a lame ox and a torc they cannot sell without invoking a centuries old curse they head for the backcountry where all hope rests upon getting their seed in the ground Under constant threat of Indian attack they endure crushing toil and hardship By summer they have wheat for their reward and unexpected news of Henry’s lost love They emerge from the wilderness and follow her trail to Philadelphia unaware her cruel new master awaits them there his heart set on obtaining the priceless torc they protect.