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Belle, Damned [Read] ➫ Belle, Damned By Astrea Taylor – In this Young Adult Dark Fantasy version of Beauty and the Beast Belle’s hobbies include reading books traveling to exotic places and killing evil people in order to get enough karma to go to heaven In this Young Adult Dark Fantasy version of Beauty and the Beast Belle’s hobbies include reading books traveling to exotic places and killing evil people in order to get enough karma to go to heaven She’s a temp in hell which is a maze of cubicles far below the earth’s surface She works alongside gossipy gargoyles jackals and golums Her best friend Typhoid Mary from the Poisoner Division lifts her spirits but nothing can make up for working in hell The office politics mismanagement and constant stench of sulfur make her job a living hell literally Belle is hunting down a murderer when she gets a text that Lucifer wants to meet with her Could today be the day – could she be released to heaven Or if her snarky coworker Nosferatu is right she might be in trouble There's a rumor the Beast eats errant temps When Lucifer locks Belle away in a dungeon instead of bowing down to him and getting Stockholm Syndrome an intense rebellion is sparked within her She vows to kill the Beast any way possible There’s only one problem — she has nothing to rely upon but her wits aloneThis book is a twist on the themes in Beauty and the Beast but there's way fantasy adventure horror and twists and turns than the original fairy tale could ever dream of If you like gaggles of witches who fly on broomsticks harpies magic monsters Mephistopheles sacrifices literary references and you might just love this book This book was inspired by the Belle Dame Sans Merci painting by Waterhouse and the poem by Keats It does not have the same characters as the Disney movie but does contain some of the same themes.

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  1. Avni Gupta Avni Gupta says:

    I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review Belle Dame Sans Merci is the most interesting and different take on the beauty and the beast tale I've ever read The idea of making Lucifer into the beast is genius The beginning moved a little slowly for me but once we got to the real plot of the story Lucifer kidnapping Belle the witches coming to her rescue the demons coming after her the battles etc I couldn't put it down I did feel like the Donovan storyline was slightly rushed so I do wish that part was fleshed out a little but overall I would definitely recommend this book

  2. Mandi Mandi says:

    I read this book in a critiue group and fell in love with it I can't wait to see what happens next

  3. Raksha R Raksha R says:

    Hey Belle Beelzebub said Want to join us? We're going to start a bar fight It'll be epic His black eyes glittered with maliceNo thanks I tucked my nose back into my bookShe's such a nerd someone whispered just loud enough for me to hear ^^ Well you know if that means you're a nerdthen I'M A PROUD NERD XDDDDD I was given this book for a honest review Okay so this book was actually pretty good and it was soooo far off from what I thought it was going to be It surprised meand well that made me enjoy it The beginning was a bit slow but once you hit the action it was pretty goodThe whole idea of working in Hell to essentially make it to Heavengenius Idk I was just so thrilled for something different and this was it You may be wondering why I rated it 35 stars thenhonestly I don't uite know Something was missing I guess so the story felt a bit incompleteone star off Also at points I got a bit confused and I didn't connect with a lot of charactersanother star off Now that we have the explanation let's get down to the charactersBELLE This girl wasall I can say is determined That is the one word I would use to describe her because when she wanted something she worked her butt off to get it She fought for justice and I really enjoyed going with her along her journey of essentially self discovery LUCIFER Okay I don't know if this makes me a bad person butI wanted of his story No I NEEDED He seemed like he could be such a dynamic character and I really was excited to read about himsadly it was not there DONOVAN I DID NOT LIKE HIM I don't know he was meh and boring and a wimp and idk he just wasn't my cup of tea He wasn't even in the story too much either so I guess I can't judge him too harshly JANE I actually really loved her character Jane was the best friend who always had Belle's back and the girl was just so great I wished we had of her as she was a character that I actually thoroughly enjoyed reading about MEPHISTOPHELES Guys I love him I think he may just be my fave character His witty side was everything and that big revealwell it made me love him heheOverall this book wasn't too bad at all and I wish I could have loved it The thought that went into this book was just so amazing The world building was ON POINT but I just wish the plot was too If you pick this up just for the Beauty and the Beast aspect of itdon't get your hopes up because it is LOOSELY based off that story Nonetheless it was a pretty good book

  4. J Earl J Earl says:

    Belle Dame Sans Merci from Astrea Taylor is a spectacular retelling of the Beauty and the Beast tale but is so much than that There are many levels on which to both enjoy and contemplate this novel As a Beauty and the Beast story it takes the basic story arc and gives it some twists and frankly depth Belle is every bit as smart as the usual beauty but is far less willing to be someone else's object at the expense of her individuality The combination of strength and assertiveness with vulnerability not the vulnerability of many fairy tale women but the type we all have in some situations makes her a very compelling characterThe cast of characters are largely names with which we are all familiar but in Taylor's hands they are far human like in their psychology In the works from which we likely know them they largely stood in to represent some trait or uality so were less rounded Here in this world underworld they are complete beings with desires and fears like anyone The ualities they represent are still there but are made realisticThe structure of hell is corporate than the levels we know from Dante which gives a fun spin on how it is perceived In keeping with Dante Belle is for lack of a better way of describing it is essentially in Purgatory which happens to be in the same department as Hell but transitoryI would highly recommend this to readers of fantasy and readers who enjoy fairy tales recast for contemporary readers I also think this would appeal to readers who enjoy thinking about stereotypical characterizations and how to avoid some of them Taylor makes Belle a interesting and nuanced character than most other versions of the Beauty the Beast tale I think this would be a fun book to use in a Women and Literature course There is a lot here to appeal to many readers action humor romance adventure and fantasy

  5. A.J. Colher A.J. Colher says:

    When it comes to fantasy this book has everything Heaven and hell angels and demons witches and harpies even orcs and mermaids—and somehow none of it’s over the top Astrea Taylor puts such an original spin on these magical elements that it seems like you’re reading about them for the first timeBelle Dame is a temp in hell traditionalists beware This book treats the underworld as of a soulless corporate trap than a scriptural inferno but she is working for her right to transfer into heaven For Belle this means doling out the karma accrued by her untimely death vengeance Her demonic management uses phone apps to send information about her next target and when she starts to suspect her boss isn’t prepping her for heaven at all with such tasks it’s a karma calculating app that tips her offThis blend of low fantasy and high tech makes for an addictive readThe author plays with expectations and stereotypes flipping them on their heads before you ever get the chance to point them out Although I believe the best audience for this story are young adults all the usual clichés of the genre are subtlety subverted There are no rippling abs and chiselled jawlines interrupting this adventure that’s for sure The characterisation is superb hidden agendas and well rounded arcs aboundOur heroine goes from naïve temp to Lucifer’s greatest threat with the help of a coven of memorable witches and the devil’s right hand man It’s just so fun I really can’t recommend this book enough especially if you’re a fan of Practical Magic or anything similar

  6. Judy Vervalin Judy Vervalin says:

    The new fantasy novel by Astrea Taylor has several unexpected twists and turns to the story line The heroine Belle goes about raising her good score vs her evil score almost like a credit report on her soul Throughout the process she encounters other characters who are willing to help her achieve her goal of seeing her parents again in Heaven Loved the action scenes and emotional rollercoaster as Belle gets closer to her goal

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