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Red Herring ➾ [Download] ➻ Red Herring By Clyde W. Ford ➷ – When an ex Coast Guard officer turned private investigator searches for a man most believe is behind a plot to bomb an oil refinery he steps into a dangerous web of intrigue involving corporate greed When an ex Coast Guard officer turned private investigator searches for a man most believe is behind a plot to bomb an oil refinery he steps into a dangerous web of intrigue involving corporate greed Homeland Security and murder Honor courage and determination help him unravel the truth.

About the Author: Clyde W. Ford

Clyde W Ford is a software engineer a chiropractor and a psychotherapist He’s also the award winning author of twelve works of fiction and non fiction whose most recent book THINK BLACK A Memoir will be published in September by AmistadHarperCollinsClyde W Ford earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Mathematics from Wesleyan University in then worked as a systems engi.

4 thoughts on “Red Herring

  1. Randy Randy says:

    Charlie Noble is a retired Coast Guard officer who sets up in Bellingham WA as a PI and immediately gets involved in a complicated case of environmental terrorism Charlie lives on his boat has been a widower for five years But within the length of a few chapters Charlie is involved with a white Fairhaven art gallery owner a black journalist and a half Indian Coast Guard officer He also gets shot at multiple times is chased in a kayak by some mercenary ex Navy Seals drives to Seattle two or three times walks to Fairhaven multiple times drives to Anacortes via Chuckanut Drive the long way twice makes friends on normally unfriendly Waldron Island spots whales from Orcas and cruises up Hale's Passage past our house Charlie is an African American who loves to have breakfast at the Old Town Cafe and eats there so often that the waiter knows he likes either A or B At one point while at the Old Town Charlie spots another African American fellow who is working on a manuscript He's heard that this fellow lives aboard his boat as well and makes a note to himself to make his acuaintance Kind of cute having the character run into the author at his favorite watering hole Clyde Ford the author has a very interesting web site which includes a twenty two minute film promoting his second Charlie Noble novel Precious Cargo It also appears that Clyde has moved up from possibly being a self publisher to having Vanguard print his next book I admire his promotional abilities Worth reading for the San Juan Islands locale and for the cruising and marina life descriptions He's not a A lister but uite readable

  2. Jim Jim says:

    “Red Herring” is a mystery with a maritime theme set in and around Bellingham Washington and the nearby San Juan Islands featuring former Coast Guard Commander turned PI Charlie Noble Noble is hired to locate a missing professor of environmental science The professor’s boat had been found without him in it running on autopilot loaded with explosives and aimed at an oil refinery dock Charlie finds himself in the middle of a complicated situation that everyone seems to want him not to look into He has to deal with an alphabet soup of federal agencies a fringe environmental group and his former compatriots at the Coast Guard while piecing together what happened to the professor and whyI found the action part of the plot first rate and the descriptions of all of nautical details well done but the social interactions seemed less real The secondary characters were a little too one dimensional A bonus for me while reading this novel was my familiarity with the places in it I know Bellingham well I even worked at one of the restaurants many years ago

  3. Richard Montgomery Richard Montgomery says:

    The Bellingham area background was an enjoyable part of this book Bellingham Station is an outstanding facility and our USCG is most appreciated I look forward to upcoming books in this series I would like to see a movie production with Mr Morgan Freeman as Charlie Noble

  4. Joel Joel says:

    nautical setting in San JuansBellingham is fun

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