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Morning Star of the Reformation ❰Read❯ ➳ Morning Star of the Reformation Author Andy Thomson – A fictionalized biography of John Wycliffe set in medieval England Young John Wycliffe lived through the terrors of the Black Death and later survived the St Scholastica Day riot in Oxford that killed A fictionalized biography of John of the PDF Î Wycliffe set in medieval England Young John Wycliffe lived through the Morning Star MOBI :º terrors of the Black Death and later survived the St a Day riot in Oxford that killed Star of the PDF/EPUB Ä some of his comrades His experiences gave him a passion to give the Bible to the common man in the common language of English Readers will share in Wycliffe's student days at Oxford University and see him work toward his goal of translating the Bible into English for all Englishmen to read.

10 thoughts on “Morning Star of the Reformation

  1. Syd Carp Syd Carp says:

    It was pretty good considering that this was my history school book I listened 2 this on Audible and at first I thot it would b kinda slow or something but it was actually goodRecommended ages 13 up

  2. Kameron Nettleton Kameron Nettleton says:

    My 6th graders read this as part of their curriculumthey enjoyed it for the most part When I read aloud I changed some of the language to help it be approachable for them took out the thithers and heretofore because whenever I said things like yesternight they wanted to discuss it for 20 minutes As far as the story goes it's exciting enough for the kids to stay invested and there is some historical detail that makes for good connections to other courses

  3. Karista Karista says:

    This book was an excellent read aloud for my homeschool children It was a simple and somewhat fictionalized story of John Wesley that kept us all engaged and allowed us to learn about some significant historical events that occurred in the Christian faith

  4. Desiree Desiree says:

    this book was verry good i devoured it in a week which is rare for me to do with a book I knew a small bit about Wesley but not much this story gives a facination retelling of his life as a young man and into his older years Its very uplifting and inspirational and makes me wonder if I could serve the Lord with the same ferver that John Wesley did I am very grateful to him for translating the Bible into English

  5. Mary Mary says:

    Morning Star Of The Reformation is 134 pages long and by Andy ThomsonI was going to rate this book 0 stars but then I remembered that you can't So sad This book makes no sence and does not deserve praise Sure John Wyclyffe is a great man all his friends and what they did was great but as previously stated; it is a terrible book

  6. Alicia Willis Alicia Willis says:

    This is one of the best historical fiction books available for young readers about the amazing life of John Wycliffe Historical accuracy exciting plots and a heartwarming friendship fill its pages creating a truly memorable story A must read for all WycliffeReformation fans

  7. Marcy Marcy says:

    Very interesting biography of a man determined to know God through reading his word Nowadays we have such easy access to the Bible and many translations This book helped me realize how blessed I am

  8. Mere Mere says:

    While this was a great read for history's sake and to learn about John Wycliffe my 7th graders and I found it boring and the language difficult to read There were good lessons throughout the story and good ways to share Bible passages about faith but we were all glad when it was finished

  9. G.M. Burrow G.M. Burrow says:

    Decent as I recall

  10. Amanda Amanda says:

    Great book for a family read aloud

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