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Love on the Sweet Side (Peak Town Colorado, #1) [Epub] ❧ Love on the Sweet Side (Peak Town Colorado, #1) By Mariah Ankenman – Maggie Evans is back in Peak Town Colorado to take over her grandmother’s cupcake shop but problems keep arising Is it rotten luckor something nefarious To top it off her former best friendchildhood Maggie Evans is back in Peak the Sweet PDF/EPUB ë Town Colorado to take over her grandmother’s cupcake shop but problems keep arising Is it rotten luckor something nefarious To top it off her former best friendchildhood crush Colton Denning won’t leave her alone He’s sexier than ever But Maggie has no time for love When his best friend comes back into town all grown up Colton Love on MOBI :º finds his feelings for her go far beyond friendship Unfortunately the pretty baker only sees him as the town playboy He plans to convince her otherwise but may not get the chance when someone starts threatening Maggie's life Whether she likes it or not Colton plans to take her safety into his own hands How will Maggie keep her shop afloat with a madman on the Sweet PDF/EPUB ë after her More importantly how will she keep her heart intact when Colton admits her safety isn’t the only thing he wants in his hands.

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  1. Dawn West Dawn West says:

    Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review Adorable This book was simply and utterly adorable I am still smilingI can admit that I'm not usually one for sappy love stories I've literally cringed while watching Nicholas Sparks movies Oh and I didn't cry at the end of Titanic I know Revoke my woman card and nullify my ovaries HoweverThis story was just fabulousThere was the exact right amount of romance humor angst mystery and steam to keep me glued to the digital pages I read this thing in like four hours total Just awesome Alright onto my reviewMaggie hadn't planned on returning to Colorado a place she had visited as a child There were just too many wonderful yet painful memories of her summers spent with Colton But when her grandmother passes away and leaves Maggie with the family's cupcake shop Maggie packs up and moves to the mountain town to sell sweets YumRunning a cupcake shop isn't easy though Sales are dropping her distributor seems to be incompetent and the mysterious stroke of bad luck that has hit her lately only further convinces her that someone could be out to destroy her business Having a flirtatious cowboy with a dangerous smile around is a distraction that she doesn't needColton has wondered for years why Maggie suddenly stopped visiting Colorado And now that she's back in town he wants to find out But after saving Maggie from a near death incident he discovers that he might want from her than an explanation after all When her life is suddenly in danger Colt makes it his mission to save her despite her stubborn refusal And of course this leads to sparks igniting of epic proportionsI honestly have nothing to complain about I loved everything about this book The heroine was strong yet fallible The hero was dependable and kind but also assertive The villain ish characters were intriguing The secondary characters were fantastic tooPS If we don't get a follow up book with Lizzy and Dade's story I just might lose my marbles I am 100% on board with those two becoming a coupleIn closingA sweet and spicy story of friends to lovers with a fun mystery on the side Five delicious sunsFull review on blog

  2. P Leslie P Leslie says:

    I received this book from net gallery for an honest review Maggie has moved back to Creek Town to run her late grandmother's cupcake business She's having lots of problems with suppliers but is it bad luck or sabotage? Maggie followed Colton around everywhere when they were kids they were best friends She had a crush on him but one summer she came home to find him dating Natalie; her broken heart wouldn't allow her to make any further visits to her grandmother Years have past but has her heart ever forgotten the guy she loved? Colton misses his best friend and doesn't understand why she stopped visiting Creek Town One things for sure his best friend has turned into a beautiful sexy woman I thoroughly enjoyed this book The playful banter between Maggie and Colton made me laugh I liked Colton his flirty behaviour always made me smile I loved it when he called Maggie Magpie I thought it was cute Maggie was stubborn but I liked her feistiness and fighting spirit throughout Both characters complemented each other nicely I enjoyed the suspensemystery aspect of the book; it made everything exciting and intense I would definitely recommend this book it was funny sweet yet sexy

  3. Katie Katie says:

    Love on the Sweet Side is a great romance with likable characters and a bit of suspense thrown it Maggie returns to Colorado to manage the bakery left to her by her late grandmother She is a strong female character who has not had a lot of good breaks but has emerged confident and strong Colton is her childhood crush who is known as a bit of a womanizer about town but he now only has eyes for MaggieAs a result of what Maggie attributes as a run of bad luck she is literally falls into Colton's path and a slow romance begins to build Simultaneously the bad luck becomes less bad luck and sinister behavior which further cements Maggie and Colton's relationship The story is uite good as both Colton and Maggie are well developed characters and the plot has a few twists and turns that surprise even the most detailed clue finderIn addition to a great plot Ms Ankenman develops strong supporting characters such as Colton's brother and Maggie's best friend Overall a fun and interesting romance

  4. B. B. says:

    I very much enjoyed this book about a woman Maggie Evans who has returned to her grandmother’s home town in Colorado to take over the cupcake shop she inherited There she finds a childhood friend Colton Denning who has grown up to be a charming handsome and flirtatious cowboy Of course they fall for each other despite some complicationsThere are threats to her shop that keep escalating which drives Colton wild in his desire to protect her The culprit won’t be much of a surprise to the reader but it was still fun reading along with their romance Colton was a very engaging hero and I enjoyed their flirtatious banter While much of the book was uite predictable I would still read other books in the series I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGallery in exchange for a fair and honest review

  5. Book Lover Book Lover says:

    I received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest reviewMaggie has inherited her grandmother’s sweet shop She leaves a high stress pastry chef job and a cheating ex in LA to make a go of the shop She had spent many summers in the shop growing up Colton was her best friend in those summers and her secret crush He is still living in the small town and single Colton is sweet funny flirty and protective of his MagpieMaggie has problems with running her shop almost from the get go Is it sabotage or just bad luck? The romance is slow building but a fun journey The suspense adds a little twist at the end I loved Maggie’s best friend Lizzy and Jamie her teenage help I hope we get to see of all the characters in the next bookOverall a uick easy read

  6. April April says:

    Thanks to net galleycom for the ARC This book is so enjoyable to read There is some suspense and drama that just hook you into this story and you just don't want to stop reading The characters are great and love the best friend phone chats they are so honest and open and that is what a best friend is all about The relationship that Colton and Magpie develop is awesome I love that he was there for her every time she needed him I loved to read how he fell for her despite her guarded heart he knew what he wanted and didn't let her get away The ending was wild and I loved it This book is fun flirty and sweet

  7. Christine Christine says:

    I love my romance with a dash of sweetness a little bit of heat and that little added excitement It’s not always easy finding just the right book that has it all but Love on the Sweet Side by Mariah Ankenman hit everything on my check list and then someRead the rest of my review at Fictional Sunday

  8. Teresa Teresa says:

    4 stars A really yummy sweet read with a little mystery and suspense adding a little edge Maggie and Colton were a great couple and I loved their interactions Maggie runs the bakery left to her by her Grandmother in the small Colorado town where she spent her summers and had her first heartbreak by the the boy she had crushed on when he began dating Colton could never understand why young Maggie Evans stopped spending her summers in Peak Town and was hurt she never contacted him as he thought they were good friends As much as he wants to rekindle his friendship with the now grown Maggie he wants so much with the woman she has become When Maggie's livelihood and then her life is threatened colton steps in to keep her safe The animosity between Lizzy Maggie's best friend and Dade Colton's brother has left me intrigued and can't wait to read the next book Good recommended read

  9. Linda Linda says:

    I really enjoyed this book The characters were interesting and the story line was good I couldn’t put this book down until I finished it

  10. poppy poppy says:

    What a great read just loved this bookread it in one go couldnt put it down recommended to all cant wait to read in the future

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