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Accidental Samurai Spy ➶ [Reading] ➸ Accidental Samurai Spy By Mariko Tatsumoto ➫ – In 1863 Aritomo Genji a twelve year old heir to a samurai lord training to become a warrior yearns to fight against his family’s archenemy the Kuroda clan But he and his loyal dog Tama are sent away In Aritomo Genji a twelve year old heir to a samurai lord training to become a warrior yearns to fight against his Accidental Samurai ePUB ´ family’s archenemy the Kuroda clan But he and his loyal dog Tama are sent away on a ship to keep them safe After the ship sinks in a typhoon and they’re rescued by Kuroda soldiers Aritomo must pretend to be an orphaned peasantAs reward for saving the life of Lord Kuroda’s daughter Aritomo and Tama live in the enemy’s castle where they become friends with the girl When Aritomo learns of a plot to massacre his clan he must choose between saving his family and staying true to his friend.

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  1. Mei Li Mei Li says:

    I accidentally picked up this book at a Thanksgiving sale and I read it during my Christmas break It was simply great Very well written lots of actions and emotions but not much violence great for young adults I’m not YA but I like Japanese historical dramas featuring samurai and daimyo culture The story is told from a young lord’s POV Aritomo is a courageous boy with admirable ualities Even when he’s starved the boy still maintains his samurai dignity and won’t steal He won’t abandon his pet Tama to trade his own safety At the end it’s not just a survival story but a coming of age as well as Aritomo realizes that the enemy of his clan isn’t that terrible and starts to doubt his own mission as well as the old ways that his father and other samurais cling to Highly recommended

  2. Ajpagosa Ajpagosa says:

    What kid doesn't like samurai sword fights shipwrecks secret passages in ancient castles anddogs? Good plot lots of age appropriate action mild violence tame romance Tatsumoto has a gift for providing authentic detail making the reader feel immersed in the culture of the time Age group maybe older children say fifth sixth grade? Young teenagers may be too jaded already I wouldn't know I'm 61 and still liked it

  3. Mariko Tatsumoto Mariko Tatsumoto says:

    I wrote this fun action book about a 12 year old samurai boy who gets stuck in the enemy's castle only to find out that the enemy is not at all what he'd heard about They're reasonable people like him Learning good morals doesn't have to be dreary It can be full of adventure while learning about another culture What could be better than that?Kids say the book is AWESOME

  4. Nicole Disney Nicole Disney says:

    Accidental Samurai Spy is the story of Aritomo heir to the samurai lord of the Genji clan Aritomo's life has been filled with both luxuries and high expectations but that is all in jeopardy as the enemy the Kuroda clan plans to attack Aritomo is a brave capable and admirable hero He begins the novel wanting to go to battle alongside his father but is sent away for protection With only the company of his beloved dog Tama he must survive a typhoon isolation on an island and Kuroda samurais who will kill him if they discover his true identity Aritomo has always admired the uniue and demanding position of a samurai spy but when he finds himself infiltrating the enemy clan he discovers how complex it can truly be Yumi is the daughter of the Kuroda clan's lord She is Aritomo's counterpart and presumed enemy but in her he finds a kind adventurous loyal and brave friend part of a family that is not so different from his own Aritomo teaches the important lesson of balance as he learns that there are good and bad people everywhere and that the samurai tradition can change without losing the virtues they live by Accidental Samurai Spy is the meeting of beautiful writing strong characters compelling pacing historical accuracy and valuable themes It is an excellent reminder of the dangers of seeing those we don't know as inhuman or faceless enemies This is an exciting adventure with a tender heart

  5. Chris Myers Chris Myers says:

    Loved this book The story takes place in the late 1800s near the end of samurais and Japanese feudalism The hero is the 12 year old Aritomo heir to a samurai lord Though he practices to learn the samurai way his father sends him away for his protection on a ship that is destroyed by a typhoon Castaway on an island Aritomo struggles to survive with his dog Tama This portion of the story reminded me of the actionadventure of Paulsen's Hatchet He is then picked up by his father's enemy and eventually finds himself living with the enemy where he befriends a girl his own age The escalating tension and suspense in this book kept me up at night I loved the addition of Aritomo's dog Tama who faithfully follows him into danger Historically accurate action packed with a dash of young love and heartfelt characters fill the pages and kept me reading and excited about what would happen next Readers of Rick Riordan and James Dashner will love this actionadventure story I highly recommend this story for middle school YA and adults alike

  6. Cheryl Carpinello Cheryl Carpinello says:

    The Accidental Samurai SpyKnowing next to nothing about Japanese samurais I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading Mariko Tatsumoto’s The Accidental Samurai Spy It didn’t take long to find myself thrust back into 1863 Japan and the Samurai society When eleven year old Aritomo is sent from his home to keep him safe he embarks on a life changing journey Readers experience the conflicting emotions Aritomo encounters as he tries to save himself protect his new friends and remain loyal to his family and the Samurai codeTatsumoto weaves a tale fraught with fear love misunderstanding and betrayal all laced with fierce loyalty to family and self The struggles of Aritomo enable the reader to understand the depths of the samurai and the place these warriors played in the future of JapanA fabulous historical adventure for young readers and those of us not so young

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