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The Nian Monster [Reading] ➮ The Nian Monster ➶ Andrea Wang – Tong tong The legendary Nian monster has returned at Chinese New Year With horns scales and wide wicked jaws Nian is intent on devouring Shanghai starting with Xingling The old tricks to keep him away Tong tong The legendary Nian monster has returned at Chinese New Year With horns scales and wide wicked jaws Nian is intent on devouring Shanghai starting with Xingling The old tricks to keep him away don't work on Nian any but Xingling is clever Will her uick thinking be enough to save the city from The Nian Monster.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Nian Monster
  • Andrea Wang
  • English
  • 08 August 2015
  • 9780807556429

About the Author: Andrea Wang

Andrea Wang is the author of the award winning picture books THE NIAN MONSTER Albert Whitman Co and MAGIC RAMEN Little Bee Books She has also written seven nonfiction children's books for the library and educational market She writes picture books and middle grade novels that explore culture creative thinking and identity Andrea lives in Colorado with her family.

10 thoughts on “The Nian Monster

  1. Calista Calista says:

    Chinese New Year has so many traditions and stories This seems to be a new story built upon an old one For Chinese New Year they used loud gongs and noises fire and the color red to scare away the horrible monster Nian who can devour whole villages in one gulp This present year a girl is getting ready for New Years when Nian comes back and declares that he doesn’t care about red or fire he is hungry So the sly girl tells him ok but you need to eat noodles for long life first and then he can eat her and the city So he does and she helps fix up a huge bowl of noodles that fill up the monster So it’s 3 meals in a row and then she sits him on a seat with fireworks to shot him in the sky I thought the story was very well done and had lots of cunning from the little girl I like it when characters show cunning and I think the kids like it too as they themselves like to be sly and cunningThe nephew enjoyed the monster in this and he thought the story worthy of 5 stars while the niece enjoyed the cool calm of the little girl and she gave this 4 stars The artwork is nice and it’s great to find out about Chinese New YearMay you have much prosperity and rest in the Year of the Pig

  2. Mir Mir says:

    This was cute and would work with some added info as an introduction to Chinese New Year or a preliminary to a visit to Shanghai some iconic locations and dishes are mentionedIt's fairly slight and there isn't a lot of character description for either our heroine Xingling or the monster Nian Monster is super cute though huh? I'm going to check if the library has any other versions of this story

  3. Laura Harrison Laura Harrison says:

    How I love Chinese New Year books The Nian Monster is one of the very best CNY picture books if not the best Yes it is that good The illustrations fit the story just perfectly Simply magical A must have

  4. Stefanie Stefanie says:

    I want to snuggle with Nian even though he wants to chomp everything

  5. Paige M Paige M says:

    I Chinese New Year Lunar New Year story Good length for storytime Cute story I wish there was a pronunciation key for a few of the words

  6. Joshua Joshua says:

    The book “The Nian Monster” was written by Andrea Wang and illustrated by Alina Chau This story is a modern day telling of the classic Chinese story relating to Chinese New Year The illustrations of present day Shanghai are great and the drawing of Xingling's animamanga stylized eye’s make her look adorable The book is about a little girl named Xingling she is a culinary mastermind who must stop Nian the giant red dragon from devouring Shanghai It’s a delightful story that teaches you the actual Chinese customs that surround this celebrationAfter reading this story I can relate this to Text to World It reminds me of one of the bigger holidays we have in America the 4th of July I think of that holiday because of the similarities The color red it’s one of the prominent colors found in the month of July since it’s a color in the American flag and in the book it’s a prominent color used for the Chinese New Year since they use it to scare away Nian On the 4th of July we make a lot of food to feed our visiting families which when they’re hungry they can be a bit monstrous and in the book they make a lot of food to keep the monster full Lastly and obviously the staple of both holidays are the fireworks The 4th of July and the Chinese New Year wouldn’t be the celebrations that they are without fireworks

  7. Maritsa Vazquez Maritsa Vazquez says:

    The Nian Monster by Andrea Wang tells the story of a clever girl named Xingling and her plan to save the city from the Nian monster I really enjoyed reading this book The story is fun and humorous and the illustrations are fantastic Text to World A connection between a book and events in the real world For this book I chose to use the text to world connection because of the cultural information throughout the story Chinese New Year is the oldest and most important holiday in China From reading this book I learned about the legend of the Nian monster and the tricks that defeated the beast For example the color red which is found everywhere during the Chinese New Year As I read this story I also noted the various landmarks that the author used such as the iconic Bund and Oriental Pearl Tower which helps expose readers to important locations in Shanghai One of my favorite parts of the book was learning about the significant meanings behind some of the traditional foods eaten during the New Year celebrations This book was filled with adventure and useful information that would help introduce young readers to the Chinese New Year and its traditions

  8. Nina Nina says:

    The Nian monster returns at Chinese New Year intent on devouring Shanghai But Xingling a witty little girl utilizes her uick thinking to save her beloved city from the Nian Monster For this book I have chosen the Text to Text This book reminds me of how I loved reading books at my grandparent's house many of which were based on The Looney Tunes My favorite story was with Wile E Coyote and the Road runner and how the Road runner had to use his wits to escape the hungry Coyote No matter what the Roadrunner always had a clever plan to outsmart the Coyote This is similar to the story of the Nian Monster because Xingling always had tricks up her sleeve to prevent the monster from devouring her city

  9. Serina Serina says:

    Beautiful bright and colorful illustrations accompany this story The Asian exposure and influence to this story were welcome Always nice to get another countries folk tales The little girl was uite clever and fun in dealing with the problems It made you curious to find out what new trick the girl was gonna use next I also thought it cool that the monster was pretty instead of a dark ugly thingTeacher's may hesitate at assigning it due to the Chinese names scattered throughout However the places referred to are all major landmarks that children would enjoy learning about Plus kids don't know if you're mispronouncing something unless you tell them lol

  10. Akoss Akoss says:

    I knew very little about Chinese New Year before this picture book In fact the little I knew was through a Hollywood lens so it was refreshing to see it from an actual Chinese pov and understand the customs surrounding the celebrationBonus points for the clever fun and mischievous touches the author added to the story My daughter loves this book and we've been reading it like every other night since we checked it out of the library I hope we can get our own copy eventually edit 3319Reading this book at least once a year is now a new tradition of ours

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