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A Black Sail (Coleridge Taylor Mystery #3) [Download] ➸ A Black Sail (Coleridge Taylor Mystery #3) ➽ Rich Zahradnik – Buyprobolan50.co.uk On the eve of the US Bicentennial newsman Coleridge Taylor is covering Operation Sail New York Harbor is teeming with tall ships from all over the world While enjoying the spectacle Taylor is still a On the eve of the US Bicentennial newsman Coleridge Taylor is covering Operation Sail New York Harbor is teeming with tall ships from all over the world While enjoying the spectacle Taylor is still a police reporter He wants to cover real stories not fluff and gritty A Black PDF/EPUB or New York City still has plenty of those in July of One surfaces right in front of him when a housewife is fished out of the harbor wearing bricks of heroin inferior stuff users have been rejecting for China White peddled by the Chinatown gangs Convinced he s stumbled upon a drug war between the Italian Mafia and a Chinese tong Taylor is on fire once But as he blazes forward flanked by his new girlfriend ex cop Samantha Callahan his precious story grows ever twisted and deadly In his reckless search for the truth he rattles New York s major drug cartels If he solves the mystery he may end up like his victim in a watery grave Book of the Coleridge Taylor Mystery series.

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  1. Skip Skip says:

    It's July 1976 and New York City is getting ready for the arrival of ships from all over the world Taylor is out on a police boat when a woman's dead body is found submerged next to the piers with bags of what may be drugs tied around her Everyone from the news service to the police want his story buried until after the tourists leave but Taylor digs in to see why she was killed His first theory is a battle for dealing heroin in NYC but wives are not supposed to be targeted Then the denials start and Taylor barely escapes with his life thanks to a rescue by his ex cop girlfriend Samantha I thought there was too much focus on the sailboats and less on the time period in NY which was one of the strengths of the first two books Also I did not really care for the denouement

  2. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    This is my first introduction to this author and this series There are two prior books in this series Although this book can be read as a stand alone novel I will say that having not read the other two books I did not have that established relationship which might have helped a little where this book was concerned Yet from what I read of this book I did like Taylor's style As a police reporter sometimes you can't just take no for an answer and have to go to where the story is As a whole this book is a nice one Taylor as the main character is good The back story and world that this story took place in was what kept me reading Yet the other characters that Taylor was investigating seemed like secondary characters then main ones Plus I wanted the dial to be cranked up a few notches in the action and intensity levels Overall though as I stated this is a nice book that did introduce me to a new author I would try this author again

  3. Lissette Lissette says:

    A reporter by trade Coleridge Taylor refuses to remain the doormat his superiors want him to be He yearns to cover stories that matter the most Stories that piue the reader's interest from the moment they open up their daily newspapers Taking on one of the newspaper's fluff pieces he never once imagines how much his life will change from that moment onThough I've come into this series via this third book I must say that A Black Sail reads like a standalone novel It provides enough information from the previous books in the series without bogging down the reader with unnecessary dataDiving into Coleridge's chaotic life we learn about his desires and what he truly wants to do with his life This is a character that cares greatly about what he does for a living He also cares about the situations he finds himself in Granted things don't always go the way he thought they would but he seems to find a way out of the tight spots he comes acrossRich weaves a tale that truly engrosses the reader We get caught up in the mystery diving further into the story to find out about what's happening His easy and uite pleasing way of storytelling allows us to envision the environments he creates for his characters We also feel their uncertainties confusion and the myriad of emotions they feel along the wayThe vivid descriptions also helps the reader to truly see the locations Coleridge visits Mind you this story takes place during the U S Bicentennial Life back in the 70's was uite different to how it is now I confess that I kept envisioning the places and events that took place around Coleridge That's how clearly defined the author paints pictures for his readersA truly engrossing story A Black Sail will take you back to a time when life was much simpler than it is now A time when mysteries and murders were the flavor of the day or week I've a feeling Coleridge's story isn't done yet and look forward to what the author has in store for him and the rest of these delightful characters

  4. Jim Nesbitt Jim Nesbitt says:

    When you pick up one of Rich Zahradnik’s Coleridge Taylor mysteries get ready for a taut and gritty tale wrapped in the perfect time capsule New York City in the 1970s and all it’s violent bankrupt crumbling and corrupt splendorIt’s a bygone era before Google smartphones and the 24 hour news cycle It’s a time when cops and reporters had to use shoe leather and a telephone to do their sleuthing And it’s a city on the verge of fiscal collapse and the hysteria of the Son of Sam killings The New York of this era is the magnificently rotten motherland for Taylor a hard nosed and marvelously obsessive police reporter who gets jicky when he hasn’t had a scoop in a couple of days Zahradnik masterfully distills this throwback New York essence without turning his third Taylor mystery A Black Sail into a sepia toned period piece The book’s title is partly a nod to the big event that serves as a backdrop the parade of tall sailing ships in New York harbor to mark America’s bicentennial But a black sail is also the lethal street trademark of potent Chinese heroin that sends Taylor on dark and difficult voyage doggedly chasing a scoop that stays just out of reach and might just get him killed Taylor is an ink stained hard news guy who hates the fluff story he’s been assigned to do on the tall ships and worries about his future working at a dinky city news service that gave him a job when his paper folded Hard news comes knocking when the police boat he’s on fishes the body of a housewife out of the water with bricks of heroin wrapped around her waistThe victim isn’t just any housewife she’s the daughter of an Irish mobster and the wife of an Italian wiseguy’s son The heroin is the stepped on stuff of French Connection infamy the brown junk the wiseguys sell This is a murder meant to send a message and Taylor is convinced he has stumbled upon the opening shot of a war between the wiseguys and the Chinese tongs that want to muscle in on the city’s lucrative drug trade with China white branded with the stamp of a black sailLike a bloodhound tracking a strong scent Taylor charges ahead ignoring the rough terrain and freuently placing himself in harm’s way Just as freuently he’s bailed out by his tough gun toting girlfriend an ex cop named Samantha Callahan Taylor is a different kind of tough as in he’s a guy who can take a punch Good thing because he gets smacked around a lot by tong foot soldiers and wiseguys He’s also menaced by crooked cops and a power mad FBI honchoIn the end he learns the twisted truth about the housewife’s murder but can only write about bits and pieces of it He survives just barely ready to chase his next scoop

  5. Patrick Oster Patrick Oster says:

    If it weren’t for the dead woman with two bullets through one eye a rib breaking Mafia goon a merciless drug pushing Chinese gang and a bent FBI agent Rich Zahradnik’s new murder mystery “A Black Sail” might be shoehorned into the category of historical fiction But his story’s backdrop of the 1976 Tall Ships celebration in New York is just an extra treat in this page turner about the latest adventures of Coleridge Taylor the intrepid police reporter who just won’t say no in his uest to figure out who killed whom — and why If you missed the first two installments of Taylor’s saga “Last Words” and “Drop Dead Punk” this one will still grip you as a standalone whodunnit But by the last page — and it won’t take long to get there — you’ll probably want to go back and catch up on Taylor and his very sexy gun toting girlfriend Samantha Whichever one you pick you’ve got a five star treat ahead of you

  6. Beth Beth says:

    Looking at the photo on the front of A Black Sail I thought the book would be about pirates So wrong It is actually about a crime beat newspaper reporter in 1976 New York who is tasked with covering the Bicentennial parade of ships much to his dismay Coleridge Taylor would rather be hunting down Chinese mobsters who he thinks murdered the wife of a rival mobster's son Taylor single mindedly tracks down leads and gets himself into trouble only to be rescued by his girlfriend a former NYPD officer It makes for a fun and engaging story I look forward to reading by Rich Zahradnik

  7. Lynn Demsky Lynn Demsky says:

    This book offers a flash from the past back to New York City's bad old days in the 1970s Taylor while out to get a story and get back to the crime beat is complex and has a good heart I enjoyed this harsh and commanding crime novel

  8. Eric ヅ Eric ヅ says:

    I liked the first two books of this series but this one just had me uninterested throughout the entire book 😞

  9. John Vanek John Vanek says:

    Solid writing from a fine mystery author

  10. Fern Fern says:

    Dirty Harry meets all the president’s men Okay beach read but doesn’t appeal to me enough for me to pursue the series

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