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A Matter of Issue ❰Epub❯ ❧ A Matter of Issue Author Carollyne Haynes – Buyprobolan50.co.uk A MATTER OF ISSUE is a provocative contemporary tale of birthrights inheritances and elder abuse Charles is elderly and recently widowed and he’s starting to forget things so his younger son Kirk st A MATTER OF ISSUE is a provocative contemporary tale of birthrights inheritances and elder abuse Charles is elderly and recently widowed and he’s starting to forget things so his younger son Kirk steps in to help But when Charles has a second chance at love A Matter Epub / Kirk sees trouble on the horizon and takes grievous measures to divert it Meanwhile Bill Charles's elder son has troubles of his own as his son Michael discovers a family secret which threatens to undermine his very existence As Michael struggles to come to terms with his new reality Bill strives to keep his brother in check and the family dynamics on an even keel Until disaster strikes and that changes everything.

  • Paperback
  • 306 pages
  • A Matter of Issue
  • Carollyne Haynes
  • English
  • 06 September 2014
  • 9780986855139

About the Author: Carollyne Haynes

Born in Devon England I have been playing with words in one form or another all my life From editorial assistant on London's famous Fleet Street to the publication of two full length novels I continue to make music with my words At age A Matter Epub / I emigrated to Canada and have made it my home ever since During my years in Ottawa I worked as a Member's Assistant at the House of Commons and the Confe.

3 thoughts on “A Matter of Issue

  1. Marguerite Horn Marguerite Horn says:

    The characters and storyline in A Matter of Issue were believable almost familiar I read this as I care for my elderly mother in my home and could relate to the challenges the characters of Charles and his family experienced The dynamics are very compelling and messy just like in real life I could hardly put the book down as the abuse surfaced and escalated in the Patriarch's disintegrating world This story is a good reminder that seniors are so vulnerable and need our support and respect as their losses increase

  2. Grant Leishman Grant Leishman says:

    Reviewed For Readers' Favorite by Grant Leishman A Matter of Issue by Carollyne Haynes takes a closer look at family relationships elder abuse and the problems that can occur when children allow greed and avarice to cloud their judgment of their family once money becomes involved It asks the important uestions when does caring become controlling and what rights do the elderly often lose when they rely on their children for care? Charles has worked hard all his life and created a nice little investment portfolio for his retirement The death of his wife has hit him hard and his health is on the decline Enter son Kirk and his wife who live in the same town as Charles They will provide the much needed help Dad needs but at what cost? Other son Bill and his family live off the island on the mainland and are unable to keep too close a check on what Kirk and his wife are up to When and old friend Mary now a widow re enters Charles’ life and romance blossoms all hell breaks loose amongst the children I found A Matter of Issue to be a sensitive look at what is doubtless a common problem right across all western cultures The characters were well drawn almost to the point of caricature with the “evil” Kirk and his sense of entitlement balancing beautifully against the rational caring brother Bill With a number of clever little side plots Haynes has done a wonderful job of wrapping her story around some very big and very under rated societal issues that affect our ever aging population Not afraid to be ruthless in her arcs I found A Matter of Issue to be an excellent family drama that highlighted a pressing concern Kudos to the author for this story whose time has come

  3. Shannon Shannon says:

    A Matter of Issue is a story about three generations of a family each generation dealing with their own drama Elder abuse is a main focus in the book and shows how it can start fair innocuously but cascade to the point that drastic measures must be taken It also shows how well meaning people witnessing what is happening must be willing to do than voice their concerns There was one main issue that bothered me with the book and is why I chose to give it a 3 star instead of a four Abuse is found across all socio economic levels but the author chose for the abuse to come from the brother who was less well off view spoilerThe elder abuse in this story was mostly financial and Kirk had not had the financial need maybe he wouldn't have manipulated his father However it bothered me because it feeds into the notion that abuse is in some way related to a person's income hide spoiler

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