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An Average Curse ❮PDF❯ ✮ An Average Curse ❤ Author Rue – Her world is in peril Magick is her only hope As of this morning she still can’t cast a single spellOn an island hidden from the rest of the world Flynn Hawthorn the ninth daughter of the ninth daug Her world is in peril Magick is her only hope As of this morning she still can’t cast a single spellOn an island hidden from the rest of the world Flynn Hawthorn the ninth daughter of the ninth daughter lives under a curse In a land filled with magick Flynn is forced to live her life as a Watcher—born into magick but unable to wield itHer birth fulfills an ancient prophecy that’s waited nine generations to be satisfied Flynn must reunite the separated halves of the Book of Shadow and Light An Average PDF or to restore balance to her worldDark forces oppose her purpose and as the threat from the Shadow Coven of Southeil touches her shores for the first time in generations Flynn must pretend—with the help of her best friend Hazel—that she actually has magick Hazel would do anything for Flynn but the game they are playing may cost them their lives.

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  1. Dannii Elle Dannii Elle says:

    I received this book on a read to review basis from NetGalley Thank you to the author Rue and the publisher Sittin' On A Goldmine Productions LLC for this opportunityThis book is of a novella at just 184 pages yet manages to capture an entire world a meandering and and intricately woven series of plot and sub plots and a complex magickal system in its short length I finished this book eager to read the next installment and feeling like my adoration for Rue's writing style had not been satiated I need This book is the story of Flynn Hawthorn daughter of the high priestess and born to fulfill an ancient prophecy to ensure the continuation of the magick that flows through her people Flynn herself however has struggled her entire life to show that she holds any power over these magickal properties She feels shunned by her family and ridiculed by society as she can not even master the simplest of spells Yet strange occurrences and unexplained phenomena seem to happen whenever Flynn is aroundThere was a simplistic uality to the story telling and an enchanting excellence to the writing that made me view this as a children's story or fairy tale than a YA novel but I loved it for that It was extraordinarily well written and evoked a deep emotional bond between reader and the characters and their numerous strifes I did not except such a complexity of plot given the short length and was pleasantly surprised to find many twists and turns to the expected course the novel was transgressing on Each character had a uniue voice and a commanding and necessary presence in the book I felt like no element of this story was superfluous and every single page furthered both the story and my love for itI would have liked focus on building the world as I struggled to properly re imagine this mystical place This is normally my personal pet hate in a book and yet I found myself forgiving this book and loving it despite myselfI believe this book would appeal to a variety of ages and the beautiful uality of the writing lends itself well to being read aloud perhaps as a bedtime story There is a moralistic edge to the story about care and understanding of Mother Earth that I found well suited to a younger audience and yet I myself as an older reader enjoyed the beauty incorporated in all aspects of this novel and attempting to puzzle out the mysteries of the plot

  2. Dragonfly Dragonfly says:

    Rating 4 starsI really enjoy this book and I thought it was a great 1st book in this series but I just think it was uite a short book and I think that it would be much better if it was longer It was a super uick and fun read for me and i really got adsorbed into the world of Moa Bend I loved the storyline and the world that this book is set in The world is so magical and uniue and that makes it enjoyableFlynn and Hazel are my otp and I hope they become a couple soon their just so cuteI really hope that the next book is just as good or even better and I'm super excited to read it

  3. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    This was a cute fun uick read The author drew a lot of inspiration from Harry Potter and I would have liked to see it ever off from that Maybe the next books go in their own direction if so I could see my rating increaseThe book could have benefitted form storyline The characters and magic system could have been developed with a few chapters I enjoyed the friendship and plot over I just think there is a little something missing overall

  4. Jodi Jodi says:

    Love the settings primitive yet contemporary I instantly fell in love with flynn and hazel LOVED the last page so much I ordered book two Well played Rue well played

  5. Lene Blackthorn Lene Blackthorn says:

    I have already finished the book a while ago but I still feel the magic humming in the air I devoured the whole story in one sit and couldn't let go until the very last sentenceFlynn is a desired child conceived with the involvement of Dunedin and unknown sailor But her lack of magick is the source of continuing disappointment of her mother Kahu the high priestess With her friend Hazel's help Flynn enters the apprenticeship learns the truth in old tales and discovers the threat coming from Magdelana the priestess of Shadow coven The Book of light and shadow was torn in two parts and Magdelana desires to get her grip over the book as much as to get the wand of Temarana in her possession Facing Magdelana who uses an innocent girl as vessel Flynn faces a great challenge but at least she has her friends at her side Hazel and Po During the whole story I felt similar magical atmosphere to Harry Potter books only happening outside in the nature and not in some fortress Only Flynn is the chosen one but obviously lacks many talents and magical abilities to prove she is worthy to be the prophesized child She is almost a loner and occasional envy or jealousy is only natural However she has many strengths and virtues I love her character and the way she develops over time Nothing is easy for her and seeing her best friend always outshine her is a tough condition I loved Hazel too she proved loyal and trustworthy and utterly talented witch The whole flow of the story was easygoing captivating and spellbinding and I cannot wait to read of this Awesome job

  6. Emma Emma says:

    I received a free copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI really liked the world this story was set in it was different well set up and easy to follow The characters were fun an inviting I loved the way magic worked in this world I always wanted to know no matter how much was revealedFlynn was a great main character she knew of magic but she was still learning so it had a great mix of learning with the main character and the character thinking about what they knew The friendships were a main part of plot and there was a mix of good relationships and ones that are not so greatThere was some good plot twists which kept me guessing and I am looking forward to seeing what is going to happen next in the second book in the seriesThere were a few parts that didn't make sense but it has been updated since I read it I didn't have time to reread it so maybe they were sorted but not sure4 starts out of 5

  7. E.Y.E.-D E.Y.E.-D says:

    I received this in a goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest reviewThis book turned out to be better than I anticipated I like the world that was created for this story It seems like it is pretty full of interesting history Unfortunately due to this being a short book it skimps on the details I would have liked it to be longer and have the history better explained The characters seems pretty cool so far I am hoping to learn about them and see them develop in the rest of the series Definitely worth the read but it came with the same problems that most short books have in my opinion I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fast read with the potential to become even better as the series progresses

  8. Amy Southard Amy Southard says:

    I thought of abandoning this book in the first couple of chapters because it was confusing So many names were introduced all at once and most were foreign or made up so it was hard to keep everything straight I promised an honest review so I decided to stick with it I'm glad I did because as I started recognizing characters and places I started to really enjoy the story I took off one star for the rough start that almost lost me Once I got into the story I wanted to keep reading and now I can't wait to read the next book in the series

  9. OldBird OldBird says:

    DNF 50% Not one for me I guessIt's a perfectly good if zippy tale full of sudden swings in pace and packed full of curious details about the magickal world It's a mash up of Pacific island folk lore and Westernised fantasy there are plenty of unfamiliar place names and nature spirits customs and ceremoniesI found it a little fast paced and shallow on the actual nitty gritty of how the world worked but it would make a great read for someone in the younger end of the YA demographic who are looking for a story of friendship and adventure in a magical world

  10. Catherine Bukowski Catherine Bukowski says:

    I really enjoyed the story in An Average Curse Head on over to my blog for my full review Catherine

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