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A Small Town Bride [PDF / Epub] ✎ A Small Town Bride ☂ Hope Ramsay – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Amy Lyndon is tired of being the Poor Little Rich Girl of Shenandoah Falls In her prominent family she's the ordinary one no Ivy League education and no powerful career But when her father tries to ma Amy Lyndon is tired of being the Poor Little Rich Girl of Shenandoah Falls In her prominent family she's the ordinary one no Ivy League education and no powerful career But when her father tries to marry her off she knows it's finally time to stand up for herself despite the conseuences Now that she's cut off from the family fortune her first A Small PDF \ challenge is to fight her attraction to her handsome new bossWhen Amy shows up looking for work with his landscaping crew Dusty McNeil thinks there's no way such a pampered princess will ever get her hands dirty But as Amy proves him wrong and gets down to the nitty gritty Dusty's admiration turns to like then lust and then love But can a high society woman like Amy ever fall for a man like him.

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  1. Carrie Carrie says:

    Amy Lyndon has spent her life being the spoiled rich girl of the town with the only skills she learned growing up was how to shop When Amy's father insists that the twenty eight year old accept a marriage proposal from a rich man that she doesn't love or he will cut off her allowance and throw her out of the house Amy however decides to take her life into her own hands Living out of her car with only the clothes on her back Amy decides the way to defy her father is to get a job and stand on her own two feet Amy finds herself getting a job working on the landscaping crew for minimum wage for Dusty McNeil While Dusty finds Amy a bit naive he can't help but respect her dedication to teaching her family a lesson and standing on her own for a change A Small Town Bride by Hope Ramsay is the second full length book in the Chapel of Love series Along with the full length books there are also a couple of novellas available from the series Each book in the series is set in the picturesue town of Shenadoah Falls and features a new couple falling in love and can be read as standalone novels When starting out reading A Small Town Bride I wasn't sure if I was going to like the main character in this story of not being twenty eight and begging for daddy's help But once Amy is off on her own she grows into a rather strong determined young woman that I couldn't help but root for The relationship between Amy and Dusty was one to watch as they both dealt with the problems in their lives and found what they needed was each other In the end I became a fan and would definitely recommend this one to any romance fan I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit

  2. Jen Ryland Jen Ryland says:

    I wasn't sure about A Small Town Bride at first When I do read romance I generally read Regency and this to me felt like the contemporary romance version of a cozy mystery novel Amy is a spoiled and aimless member of a large Virginia family and after she refuses to marry the very successful hedge fund manager who just proposed to her Amy's father cuts off her credit cards and phone and goes on vacation locking her out of the house Ha that does sound kind of like the modern version of a Regency plot where the evil father tries to force the daughter to marry the fat old balding guyBut as I read the dynamic of this book started to remind me of one of the contemporary romance authors I have read Susan Elizabeth Phillips you know Phillips' books with the scrappy formerly cushy now down on their luck heroines women like Francesca in Fancy Pants or Sugar in Ain't She Sweet or Daisy in Kiss an Angel Phillips' heroines are MUCH vivid and her books pack MUCH of an emotional punch but I still think the similarity is thereOut of money and out of options Amy takes a job as a member of the grounds crew on the estate of one of her relatives Her boss is the attractive Dusty McNeil who doubts her abilities at first but slowly begins to be drawn to her This is part of a series about the larger Lyndon family I do like books that incorporate family but because I hadn't read any of the prior books I had some trouble keeping all the uncles and aunts and cousins straight The book also has a side plot featuring Amy's cousin Danny and his upcoming televised reality TV wedding to a Vegas showgirl Is this relationship part of another book? I don't know but the subplot added some needed oomphI did like Amy's character development In the first few pages she's written as spoiled but the story uickly reveals that she is really just someone who is constantly underestimated by her wealthy family and thus has low self esteem One of my favorite parts of the story was watching her confidence grow And the dogs I'm a sucker for dogs

  3. Anna& Anna& says:

    Reviewed for herding cats burning soup at that cover It's gorgeous I was so excited for A Small Town Bride I was all grabby hands and eagerly dove into Amy and Dusty's story Aaaaaaand instantly hated both the hero and heroineHold on Hold on Keep readingWhich is exactly what I did Because I love Ramsay's romances and I had faith Though I'll be honest I was working up a good character rant with each page I turnedBut I was proven wrong Amy and Dusty were truly amazing characters Ones that were full of heart strength intelligence and the ability to change They were characters I wanted to know Characters I would be honored to be friends with Characters that proved first impressions can be so very wrong And who showcased Ramsay's talents as an author A Small Town Bride was a lovely romance between two characters who have been weighed down by the expectations and opinions of others And who have maybe found the person who will help them break out of all the boxes they've been put in and live the life the really want to liveThese two Yes early on he was an asshole towards her and she was the epitome of a spoiled brat But things uickly changed as Amy found herself homeless and literally living in her car after her father kicks her out And Dusty realizes that the spoiled little rich girl he'd looked down on has grit and steel in her spin than anyone could have guessed and he was wrong about herI LOVED these two together Seeing them both grow and become better people as they were forced to work together she gets hired on as one of his gardeners Watching Amy gain her independence and find her worth Watching Dusty break away from his bad reputation and that of his family They did not have easy paths and there were some very hard moments but it was stunning watching these two change and grow and stumble there way thereI truly hated some of their family members Loved some of the others Adored the setting and the animals and just watching a romance develop between these two There's very little heat the only thing I think would make this better but there's some tension and kissing and a tiny bit before fading to blackAll in all A Small Town Bride was a beautiful adventure and everything I love about romance

  4. Blodeuedd Finland Blodeuedd Finland says:

    Ha that blurb is so not telling the truth Amy loves spending money she loves the easy life but then her father throws her out and tells her to marry her boyfriend And here the truth of the blurb comes in Sure she is all wtf? at first But she does not go running to her bf cos she decided she wants love and he is not that And she does not go running to family either She buckles down gets a hardworking job and tries to fix her lifeAmy was sure a spoiled princess at first but she truly changed fast because she had no other choice And she was angry she was upset proud and mostly stubborn She would not give in she would show them I liked that about her I also felt bad for her cos even her family called her stupid so she saw herself as no good not even pretty and not really worth muchDusty does not know what to do with this spoiled princess but he grudgingly starts to appreciate her And fall for her of course but it takes a while he is a player And he has his own trouble with familyOne thing that I did not care for was the sudden appearance of a side story with her cousin I was all who are these people? It stole from the main story I do not mind a side story but it was even wrapped up in a happy ending It could have been in the background and then there would have been a story about them instead in another bookBack to this story It was a cute story They fell in love They found out what they wanted from life and lived happily ever after

  5. Susan Susan says:

    Very good story of love family expectations and growth Amy is the youngest in her branch of the Lyndon family She is looked at as a spoiled princess not just by the people in town but also by her family Her greatest claim to fame is the size of the credit card bills that her father pays When her father tells her he's had enough he also tells her it's time to accept the proposal of the man she's been dating or to stand on her own two feet To force the issue he locks her out of the house and cuts off her credit and her bank account Daddy expects her to run straight to Grady who's already been telling people they're engaged But Amy doesn't want to marry Grady and has told him so After spending a miserable night in her car she overhears that her cousin's wife Willow is hiring an assistant event planner Amy heads for the inn Unfortunately the event planner job has been filled so Willow offers her a job with the landscaping crew fully expecting Amy to give up before the day is outIn the previous book Amy definitely came across as uite an airhead and started this book the same way But that didn't last long as Amy's pride refuses to let her give into her father's demands especially as she doesn't love Grady So she sucks it up and reports to head groundskeeper Dusty Like everyone else Dusty doesn't expect much from her and her first assignment seems to prove him right Amy is afraid to look stupid by asking for clarification on the task She also takes it upon herself to do something else which backfires on her To teach her a lesson about asking uestions Dusty decides to send Amy on a snipe hunt Completely unaware of the truth about snipes Amy does as she is told The result is hilarious and somewhat heartbreaking and Dusty winds up feeling incredibly guilty But Amy is so earnest and determined to be the best she can be that Dusty finds himself unwillingly drawn to herDusty has the reputation of being the Casanova of Shenandoah Falls He is strictly a love 'em and leave 'em guy as he never intends to marry Dusty has been fighting for his reputation his entire life thanks to a no good drunk of a father It seems that most people expect him to be just like his father Dusty also owns a piece of land that has been in his family since the town was founded He has plans for that land as soon as he has the money to carry them out He is also fighting the county who wants to take his land and turn it into a park The court of public opinion is against him and he's worried that they will succeed His friends David Lyndon and his wife Willow are on his side and trying to help him The last thing he needs is an unexpected attraction to Amy the town princessI loved the development of their relationship Amy is stubborn and determined to make it on her own When Dusty finds out she's sleeping in her car another hilarious scene he works out a way for her to stay in a local hunting cabin Amy has learned her lesson about asking uestions and has discovered a wonderful thing called a library where you can find books about anything for free I loved seeing her put that newfound knowledge to use and she uickly starts to earn Dusty's respect There is also an increasing undercurrent of attraction between them that occasionally leads to some smoking hot kisses and finally a little bit With all the time that the two end up spending together it isn't surprising that they really get to know each other In spite of her apparent naiveté Amy has an amazing amount of sensitivity when it comes to Dusty She sees through the Casanova persona to the somewhat lonely and insecure man inside I loved seeing her show Dusty that he is than his father's son Amy herself is pretty insecure also Her family has spent so much time telling her that she's stupid and ridiculous that she believes it too I loved watching Dusty show her that she is neither as she succeeds in training a dog everyone else had given up on finds ways to help the event planner with some real Bridezillas and other crises and even inspires Dusty to finally prepare a business plan for his land She realizes that she's falling for Dusty but expects nothing from him Dusty fights the idea that he's falling for her And when Amy's father and brothers interfere Dusty makes a mistake that drives a wedge between him and Amy I ached for both of them until Dusty gets some things explained to him and finally sees the light I loved his big moment at the end which was sweet and romanticThere is a secondary story involving Amy's cousin Danny and his upcoming wedding to a reality tv star Danny's intentions are honorable but the whole event is a disaster in the making The whole Lyndon family is involved Pam is just as obnoxious in this book as in the first one and I keep wanting to push her into a closet somewhere Amy's brothers and male cousins are clueless and can't seem to see past the bride's physical attributes I loved seeing Willow deal with the tv people and their demands I loved how devoted Danny was to his little girl though he was a bit blind to his options I was surprised by the actions of a character from the previous book who turned out to be much different than she appeared in that storyThe theme of family and expectations was strong Dusty had to deal with the reappearance of his father and the trouble that he brought with him I ached for Dusty because he was torn between what love he still had for his father and his disgust at his demands I was furious with the way that the police chief and others treated Dusty after the fire It was so satisfying to see the way that Amy stood up for him As for Amy I really wanted to smack her entire family for the way they treated her Besides the way they put down her intelligence the way they all kept pushing her at Grady was disgusting Even though she didn't love him they expected her to marry him anyway because he was rich and could take care of her What they did to her at Easter dinner was infuriating I loved seeing her confound them all by standing on her own and being good at what she did

  6. The Book Junkie Reads . . . The Book Junkie Reads . . . says:

    Sweet not so simple romance between an unlikely pair The towns poor little rich girl and the man that was not right for her but challenged her Amy was than anyone would have figured I was hoping to have than just another rich spoiled female as that lead Amy shows that she was made of than just the life she lived I personally felt like dad and the rest of the family was selling her short Just because she did not conform to what they wanted her to do say and be If you are looking for a read where the heroine grows and becomes of herself You will enjoy this one Amy grows She gets that something that she needed to show the world or just her family that she was not the spoiled do nothing rich girl everyone assumed her to be Another piece of the puzzle falls in to place The series carries on

  7. Gail Gail says:

    I received a free copy of the book from Net Galley for my honest reviewWhat a heartwarming romance story about life growing up and second chances A fast paced story that was very hard to put downI loved every minute of it and hated to see it endLooking forward to the next story in the series

  8. books are love books are love says:

    Received in exchange for a honest reviewThis is a delight to read I love how Amy and dusty both grow but also learn from one another For Amy in order to take control of her life after her dad kicks her out she proves to her family and herself that she can stand on her own and make it For Dusty we see how he falls in love and shows others that he isn’t what they think he is Both help each other learn to grow mature and loveDusty was a stand up guy He had everything be a learning opportunity and he had a heart of gold He wasn’t looking for love but found it with the spunky and determined Amy I loved watching Amy change She goes from spoiled rich girl to one who is determined to be on her own and sees the value of a dollar That vegas wedding show scenario was funny but sobering as well It shows us what some will sacrifice for the love of a child and how cold and selfish some can be as well We see how vapid some people are and how love is just a word for it is attached to what you can give themAmy and Dusty don’t start out liking each other but grow to love one another Neither looking for a relationship but trying to prove something one to family and the other to a town One showing that they are not the horrible person he is made out to be and the other trying to gain respect from the family We get some really precious scenes where we see the tender side of Dusty How he is encouraging and supportive How he shows his love and doesn’t realize it We see the patient side of him With Amy we see her become determined and independent She gains respect and sees the value of a hard days work She learns to stand on her own and be proud of who she is Dusty helps her gain confidence in herself and her job helps her gain  Their story is sexy and entertaining We see two people help one another mature and fall in love Two people believe in each other and support one another Two people accept love and fight for it They stand up for each other and themselves and show the town and themselves they are than what is thought of them A love story that is sweet sexy full of surprises sass and vinegar growth of characters and entertainment that has you smile

  9. Sophia Sophia says:

    The Delight Poor little rich girl loses it all and then comes into her own to find out there is to life than money with an irascible commit o phobe angler loving landscaper A Small Town Bride is the second installment in the Chapel of Love series working well in order or as a standalone highlighting the small town antics of the wealthy Lyndons the uirky wedding situations at the Inn and a few unlikely romancesAmy Lyndon really was a spoilt and sheltered rich girl but she was also to be pitied because she was dirt poor when it came to her kinfolks particularly her dad and brothers treating her like she was a ditzy simpleton only good for blowing through the money And she was but then getting kicked out and forced to shift for herself and really think for herself was the making of herI'm always a fan when an author portrays characters who grow and comes into their own In this case Amy wasn't the only one Rusty the hero had to do his own amount of soul searching too which included his dawning respect and interest in Amy and need to live down his family's bad reputation in townThis isn't a deep story and the Lyndon family antics could be over the top There was also a side story with Amy's cousin Daniel that really had me bemused But it was fun and light Not really challenging but just such a story to offer an engaging distractionAll in all this was cute one and I'm looking forward to the next installment to see who finds love and just how the zany and snobby antics of the Lyndons will crop up next This book is for those who want something light and easy yet slightly spicy in their contemporary romancesI rec'd this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review

  10. Meaghan Meaghan says:

    Amy and Dusty were perfect She was dynamic and interesting and really stuck to her guns as far as standing up to her family Dusty went out on a limb to help her and she not only didn't let him down but they found something special with each other

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