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10 thoughts on “My Mom's a Mortician (Kevin Kirk Chronicles, Vol. 1)

  1. Teresa Teresa says:

    My son wanted to read this so I read it first to see if it was okay as the summary of it made me uestion a few things Not for kids Maybe teenagers? Being an LDS book it was clean and had some moments he would have liked but for a 9 year old I wouldn't want him reading about the crushes relationship conversations there were a few sad deaths since she was a mortician bullying and a sad fighting scene that was too intense and detailed even for me It'll be haunting me for a while I'll probably read the second one to see if it is still for the older kids or better for him since it's called Funeral Home Evenings and probably about his family coming back to church

  2. Taco Taco says:

    I loved it It was funny and yet sad at the end I read it in third grade and i am kinda scarred It has some abuse in it Depending on you or your child’s maturity i would let them read it in 5th or sixth grade

  3. Fyre Fyre says:

    I like to listen to some stories on AuCD while I do things around my room This is the one I finished most recently It is about a boy and his family moving to a new place He meets some new people has new experiences and starts to see a new faithHe is able to communicate with someone that he meets and really shouldn't be able to communicate withI think this story compelled me because it is about dealing with changes and looking at things from different points of view There are always things that you aren't going to know about people and might not learn You have to respect people and there decisions You never know what experiences they have been through in the past

  4. Princess Princess says:

    I found this book on the audiobook shelf at the library when I was looking for Hank Smith talks to listen to in the car My daughter 9 years old and I loved it Kevin Kirk is an interesting character and had several specific experiences I could relate to and share with my daughter We would pause the book often to discuss the plot the characters the experiences to relate our own life stories We had so many great conversations while listening together It was also fun to teach my daughter about foreshadowing and helped her make predictions based on what we heard I really appreciated the humor as well

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    My Mom’s a Mortician written by Patricia Wiles The genre for this book is Realistic Fiction this story takes place in Armadillo Arkansas The main character is Kevin Kirk The plot of the book is his mom and dad both tell him on the last day of school that they are moving to Arkansas to be a Mortician Kevin freaks out why would my mom be a mortician he thought that just didn’t sound like her

  6. Heidi Heidi says:

    This was alright A little kids book about death really Kid moves with his family to a mortuary His parents are the morticians It's mortifying for the kid at first but comes to grips with it I don't think the characters were developed enough But it was an interesting enough storyI'd say for kids about 10 12 years old

  7. Desiree Desiree says:

    This is a fun young adult book It's written by an LDS person so there are references to the LDS religion It doesn't have a lot about the LDS religion in it; it would be a great book for anyone of any faithI found this to be a fun and uplifting story It teaches great lessons and it's an interesting story I really enjoyed it I have listened to it twice

  8. Megan Williams Megan Williams says:

    So my grandparents gave me this book There are two other ones If you're not mormon you won't understand itbut it was good Random at some parts so if you like randomness about morticians then it'll be good lol

  9. Rayni Rayni says:

    Some people might shelve this book as paranormal as you have dead men talking sightings of dead people But it is also about a boy becoming a young man family dynamics how communication plays such a huge part in those dynamics

  10. Katherine Katherine says:

    This is a fun and uick read My sister turned me onto the series and I am working through them It is interesting to note how the author is cleverly integrating the gospel into the series delicately and without slapping it in your face I have enjoyed the story line so far

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My Mom's a Mortician (Kevin Kirk Chronicles, Vol. 1) ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ My Mom's a Mortician (Kevin Kirk Chronicles, Vol. 1) Author Patricia Wiles – It’s bad enough that Kevin’s mother is about to graduate from mortuary college but when his parents tell him they’re moving to a small town in the Arkansas delta to run the Paramount Funeral Hom It’s bad enough that Kevin’s mother is about to graduate from mortuary college but when his parents tell him they’re moving to a small town in the Arkansas delta to run the Paramount Funeral Home Kevin is certain it’s his My Mom's Epub / life that’s over After all normal people don’t live in houses with dead bodies downstairs Once in Armadillo Arkansas Kevin tries to adapt to the family business When he’s targeted by the biggest bully in the seventh grade Kevin begins to “hear” advice from an unlikely source — Cletus McCulley an old Mormon fisherman and one of his mother’s dead customers Cletus’s messages from beyond the grave lead Kevin to uncover not only the bully’s secrets but the truth about a family tragedy that shattered his parents’ faith and led them away from God It’s up to Kevin to find the courage to face the bully and to find a way to help his family heal Winner of the Middle Grade Fiction Award from the Association for Mormon Letters“This portrayal of small town Mormon life sets an excellent example for future children’s novels set outside the highly concentrated Mormon communities of the West”—Association for Mormon Letters.

  • Paperback
  • 249 pages
  • My Mom's a Mortician (Kevin Kirk Chronicles, Vol. 1)
  • Patricia Wiles
  • English
  • 16 October 2014
  • 9781591564331

About the Author: Patricia Wiles

My first series of books for middle grade and young adult readers about a boy growing up as a Mormon in the south has been honored twice by the Association for Mormon Letters I am the Assistant Regional Advisor for My Mom's Epub / the Midsouth region of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators My essays have aired on public radio and have appeared in Writer’s Digest The Writer and The Writer’.