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Missouri Bride ❮Reading❯ ➳ Missouri Bride ➬ Author Eugenia Riley – From the #1 Kindle Bestselling Author in Victorian and Western Romance WED TO A STRANGER In 1873 St Louis Amy Harris and her younger sister Hannah lead desperate lives terrorized by their cruel mental From the Kindle Bestselling Author in Victorian and Western Romance WED TO A STRANGER In St Louis Amy Harris and her younger sister Hannah lead desperate lives terrorized by their cruel mentally unstable mother When a powerful handsome gentleman comes calling an instant attraction develops between Amy and newcomer Matt Kendall Amy soon sees the prosperous farmer as the answer to her prayers Agreeing to a marriage of convenience Amy weds Matt and moves with him to his farm in the Missouri Ozarks Only then does Amy realize the enormity of her hasty decision She finds herself wed to a mysterious stranger a man whose barely repressed violence simmers just beneath the surface of their marriage Much as she desires her masterful bridegroom Matt’s passions frighten Amy and the secrets haunting him leave her baffled and in turmoil Yet Amy soon finds herself willingly in Matt’s bed and overwhelmed by their intense and addictive lovemaking She discovers her husband’s demons are rooted in the Civil War “Bloody Kansas” and the outlaw gangs that evolved from uantrill’s Raiders Yet past has also become prelude as the feared James and Younger Gangs ravage the region once again Desperately in love with Matt Amy feels terribly torn Does Matt want to avenge the rekindled lawlessness or is he a part of it Can their love be saved or will it be consumed by the fires of age old vendettas and hatreds Missouri Bride is a passionate and sweeping Western Frontier Romance of approximately words Author Eugenia Riley is the renowned bestselling author of dozens of historical contemporary and time travel romances including the classics A TRYST IN TIME and BUSHWHACKED BRIDE She has numerous romances available in Kindle EDITORIAL REVIEWS Four and a Half Stars A beautiful tender love story The manner in which Matt woos and wins Amy will melt every reader's heart leaving a very warm feeling Romantic Times.

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  1. Carol Carol says:

    Excellent Read This story is a Western Frontier romanceThe setting is St Louis Missouri in 1873 The story beginsat the Harris home Amy and Hannah her younger sister live there with their alcoholic mother Their father returned from the war only to be driven away by his wife He abandoned the child and has not be heard from in yearsAmy is engaged to a peddler who travels around selling his wares He also gambles heavily Three times he has promised Amy to marry her but never shows upMatt Kendall one of her father’s war buddies who is now a prosperous farmer comes to visit the father He decides upon meeting Amy that she would make the perfect wifeShe is smitten and agrees They are married then are off to the farm in the Missouri OzarksWill their marriage work out with Amy being so naïve?Will Amy be able to handle the chores of a farm wife in the wilderness? What will happen to Hannah now that she is left alone with her mother? What will happen when Amy’s former fiancé finds her married? Will Amy’s fatherever return? This is a fast paced well written story There are a lot ofunexpected twists The characters are all well defined and well developed The flavor of each character mixes together to make a good readDescription is deftly woven into the story You will feelas if you are part of each character livesThe author deals with many social issues child abuse alcoholism abandonment post war stress gamblingbroken promises x3 personal adjustments train robberiesAn exploding bank robbery notorious outlaws Jesse James and his gang kidnapping suspense and so much There is also a powerful message of forgiveness faith trust friendship and loveThank you to the author for this eBook My opinion is my own

  2. Cathy Geha Cathy Geha says:

    Thank you to NetGalley and the author for the copy of this ARC in exchange for my honest reviewThis historical romance takes place in 1873 and begins several years after two young girls were abandoned by their father with a mother who leaves much to be desired Amy Harris has been waiting some time for her beau to come through and marry her but with him still missing and a new rather intriguing man suddenly on her doorstep eager to marry her she hastily marries and moves to his home hoping for a better life At eighteen she is not really sure what being a farmer’s wife or even what a being a wife might entail so is thankful that Matt Kendall has promised to “give her time” Matt is rather distant and opinionated while Amy is saucy and outspoken Their time is not easy together and it takes a LONG time for them to actually start getting along There is someone from the past that shows up her sister’s situation to think about train and bank robberies taking place new neighbors to get to know and a whole lot going on before everyone ends up with their happy ending This was an okay book with plenty of story to read although I found it difficult to believe that Matt would wait as long as he did or that the two together could or would behave as they did in many places in this story It was entertaining and solid and typical of books of this genre

  3. Amanda Richardson Amanda Richardson says:

    I really liked Eugenia Riley's Missouri Bride it was a heart warming story that was sweet and passionate Amy's life hasn't been easy since her father never came back from the Civil War She has a younger sister and a crazy drunken mother She is kind of engaged to marry Lacy but this is the third time he stood her up and didn't come back to town when he promised he would to marry herEnter Matt he was a younger friend of her father's before and during the war and stopped by to see her father on his way to Virginia He didn't know Amy's father had never come back from the war and doesn't know if he is alive or dead He sees Amy and instantly decides he wants her he thinks she will make an excellent farmer's wife out in the countryAmy gets a little than she bargained for when marrying a stranger She isn't uite ready to be Matt's wife in every way she doesn't think she knows him well enough Matt doesn't share a lot with her he doesn't talk about the war or her father and his relationship with him Amy also worries about her younger sister back homeAmy and Matt do have a lot of chemistry but there was something missing for me The author told the reader that Matt was mysterious but I didn't feel it It didn't take away from the story too much but I wanted to know of his thoughtsThere is passion in the story which is well done and a little steamy the story drags a bit in the middle before it picks up again Recommended read I enjoyed it and I think other readers who like western historical romances would tooI received a complimentary copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  4. Samantha Samantha says:

    This book won't be everyone's cup of tea This is really important because some people won't get where the story is going or anything and will absolutely hate it While I didn't love the book I respected how the author was staying pretty close to real life in this setting while still spinning a romance story I did find it enjoyable and did find I liked the struggle and realness The reality is life for women in this area and time wasn't all peaches and cream The story showed that with the heroines desperate feelings and marrying a man she just met in order to leave her mother and live somewhere else Granted the two were attracted to one another so at least her husband wasn't hideous hold or anything of that kind Also for the most part she lucked out with a decent man who wouldn't abuse her and would love her The story is gritty real and not for someone who expects fluff

  5. Sandy Sandy says:

    In this story you have a young woman who has taken care of her sister all her life She hopes for a better future but the person she trusts is nowhere I guess you can say he towing with her like you would a cat and a piece of string Now do to pure fate in walks someone who could change everything for her Will she have the courage to go for a better future? What about her sister leaving her was so hard to do? For the most part this is a story about the journey of Amy and Matt and all the ups and downs Yes there is a truly bad guy in the mix but also what turns out to be a wonderful surprise for the sisters You cannot help falling in love with the characters it is a book I highly recommend I am part of this author advance reading group and I am volunteering it to leave an honest review as a thank you for letting me read her stories

  6. Michelle Michelle says:

    Amy Harris and her younger sister are living in fear from there unstable Mother they never know when she will go crazy but just one day this stranger comes a calling he was handsome good nature and stimulating he asks her to marry him Agreeing to a marriage of convenience so she goes and when she is with him things go a little crazy he has problems from the war and soon she finds him dominating in the bedroom but she is scared of it at first but then welcomes him in bed but things happen the out laws called uantrill’s Raiders come and start destroying everything what will happens so hot and sexy read exciting too I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book Michelle

  7. Barbara "Cookie" Serfaty Williams Barbara "Cookie" Serfaty Williams says:

    Missouri BrideThe love story of Amy and Matt When Amy met Matt it was love at first sight When Amy abusive mother saw that Matt like Amy she begin to play to get Matt to marry Amy One it was so she was giving money for Amy but she refuse to let her second daughter go with them even though she hated her Can Amy rescue her sister?Matt and Amy marriage is not going well They are fighting a lot and they have not consummate their marriage and now he is tell her she will not leave the farm until she keep her word Can two very price people make their marry work? Great story

  8. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    This is an entertaining story that tells of the trials and tribulations of a newly wed couple Amy and Matt They have many misunderstandings mainly due to pride and lack of discussion There are interesting secondary characters in the shape of their neighbours and Amy's sweet younger sister It includes plenty of action in the storyline that will keep you reading until the last page I received a free copy which I voluntarily reviewed This is my honest review

  9. Barbara Barbara says:

    I received a free book and voluntarily chose to review it This book is than just a story about a new bride and her husband She has an attitude that could be called very strong willed aka stubborn She will need this to get safely through her story You may need some tissues There were several places that I used tissues

  10. LaGina LaGina says:

    Matt and Amy are such a good couple if they would just be uiet and let their hearts speak for them I'm really not one to read books that have any kind of war theme to them so I was so happy that I was able to get into this book and enjoy it without having that part damper my read The bond Amy had with her sister was so great I just loved it I think that was the best part for me

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