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La vita felice ⚣ [PDF] ✅ La vita felice By Elena Varvello ✰ – La vita felice è un meccanismo a orologeria il ticchettio inarrestabile che avvertiamo pagina dopo pagina è uello di una famiglia che sta per essere travolta Accade tutto in una notte e uella che er La vita felice è un meccanismo a orologeria il ticchettio inarrestabile che avvertiamo pagina dopo pagina è uello di una famiglia che sta per essere travolta Accade tutto in una notte e uella che era una minaccia diventa una ferita che non si può più cancellare«Non ne sapevo niente allora dei modi in cui l'a può manifestarsi né della forza con cui può spingerci in un angolo La vita PDF/EPUB or e toglierci il respiro»Elia ha sedici anni ed è un ragazzo solitario Suo padre è stato licenziato e ha cominciato a comportarsi in modo strano sparendo per ore a bordo di un furgone chiudendosi in garage scrivendo lettere che denunciano un complotto di cui si sente vittima Elia prova a decifrare ciò che accade mentre sua madre sembra non voler vedere Fino alla notte d'agosto dopo la uale nulla sarà più come prima la piccola comunità di Ponte già segnata dall'omicidio insoluto di un bambino si sveglia sconvolta per il rapimento di una ragazza salita la sera precedente su un furgone e poi svanita in mezzo ai boschi Ma uell'estate per Elia è anche segnata dall'attrazione per Anna Trabuio dall'amicizia per suo figlio Stefano dalla scoperta lacerante dei propri desideri e dell'istinto di sopravvivenza A raccontare tutto uesto è Elia trent'anni dopo un uomo che tenta di ricucire lo strappo del passato e illuminare il buio nella mente di suo padre immaginando cosa sia accaduto davvero uella notte e cosa significhi perdere se stessi Ma soprattutto tenta di rispondere a una domanda com'è possibile dopo una ferita così profonda sperare di essere felici Tra La settimana bianca e Io non ho paura Elena Varvello ha scritto una storia di formazione diversa da tutte le altre che cattura il lettore con una lingua cesellata dura e trasparente.

  • Hardcover
  • 200 pages
  • La vita felice
  • Elena Varvello
  • Italian
  • 21 July 2014
  • 9788806231408

About the Author: Elena Varvello

Elena Varvello nasceu em Turim em Publicou vários livros de poesia e os seus contos valeram lhe os prémios Settembrini e Bagutta para primeira obra Foi também selecionada para o prémio Strega Publicou o seu primeiro romance em .

10 thoughts on “La vita felice

  1. Dannii Elle Dannii Elle says:

    Northern Italy is brilliantly imagined in this dark insight into on young boy's awakening to the truth of his family's buried secrets As he begins to discover about himself so too does his knowledge of his father's nefarious dark side growWhilst a dark and twisted tale I felt this introduced the ultimate intrigue of the tale far too soon and instead of being a thrilling tale became of an insight into a mentally unwell individual from one closest to him Not to say it was any less impactful because of this it just wasn't what I had come to expect from the synopsisI received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author Elena Varvello for this opportunity

  2. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    Can you Hear Me? is an emotionally intense and I thought extraordinarily beautiful coming of age tale that focuses on one teenage boy dealing with his own life awakening and a mentally ill parent There is a crime element but that is not what this is about Going to stay with me this one a fuller review will follow nearer publication by Two Roads in July

  3. Karima chermiti Karima chermiti says:

    “In the August of 1978 the summer I met Anna Trabuio my father took a girl into the woods” Few are the writers that can draw me to a book from the very first line Elena Varvello is now one of those authors The author is waving a story that comes from the past shining the present and revealing a heartbreaking future; a future you wish you could change but deep down knows it’s a fixed point in the life of our narrator This book is like a dance than a story a dance that’s both coy and mysterious and despite revealing early on what’s going to take place; you can’t help but be invested in the lives of each character “On the edge of the pool – he told my mother – he’d sometimes start screaming into the silence to prove he wasn’t afraid and his cries suddenly moved the stars and the wind the leaves and the water and the creatures the white tired face of the moon In those moments he was God” The writing style is beautiful and full of light and darkness It complemented the story and gave it extra wings The words were hard to read sometimes because they carried this sense of longing and loss that was honest sad and genuineOur story takes place in the summer of 1987 and it revolves around a father Ettore Furenti and his son Elia Furenti and its defining poignant genuine and utterly realistic relationship and a summer night that changed both their lives in a way impossible to ignore or shake down It’s the story of a family incapable of letting go of a promise of hope and love and the truth that shattered that possibility And in its core it is the story of a boy coming to the realization that he never knew his father never truly understand him and despite that distance between them and the horrible thing his father did that fateful summer night he still loves him and that love is never really going anywhere “I knew nothing back then of the ways in which love can show itself of the force with which it can push us into a corner and take our breath away” What’s also fascinating about the story is how it gives up its secrets right from the first chapters and yet it still manages to keep my attention till the end The mystery is not what drives the story forward; it is the characters and the different dynamics between them all that gives the book its heart and soul It is not a murder mystery or a psychological thriller that hangs everything on its twists This book is much than that it’s the tale of a boy having to grow up in the midst of a tragedy and it’s about a father losing his way ad being misunderstood and never really knowing how to fix the void inside of him it’s about a mother loving unconditionally and losing that love in the worst way possible and it’s the story of real people searching for what is missing in their lives and maybe never really finding it “If you keep things to yourself they don’t seem as real” Poignant genuine and deeply melancholic Can you hear me is a beautifully underrated story about family love and loss You should definitely give it a chance

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    Can You Hear Me? by Elena Varvello was originally published in Italian in 2016 under the title La vita felice The Happy Life and was recently translated into English by Alex Valente It's part thriller part coming of age novel set in Northern Italy in 1978 and follows a sixteen year old boy Elia Furenti whose father is suffering a mental breakdown after being laid off his jobI'm struggling to get my thoughts together on this book and I think it's because it felt like a first draft than a finished novel to me and it's hard to critiue something with such abundant potential It's gripping and eerie and the setting of this small Northern Italian town is brilliantly realized and the examination of mental health at a time when the vocabulary and resources for Elia's father's breakdown weren't readily available was handled very wellInterestingly most of this book's tension came from a subplot whose climax is spelled out to us from the very beginning Can You Hear Me? opens with Elia telling the reader that his father kidnaps a girl and drives her into the woods and then in a series of chapters scattered through Elia's own narrative he speculates on what exactly happened in his father's van what the girl was thinking and feeling in those moments There isn't much of a mystery here but these chapters are filled with such a sense of foreboding that I found this techniue stating the resolution and then backtracking to hypothesize on the details uite effectiveWhere this book fell short for me was the coming of age element which was just so paint by numbers Elia meets a boy his age Stefano and is drawn to Stefano's young mother Anna who according to this book's summary 'propels Elia to the edge of adulthood' I mean we can probably all fill in the blanks from there There's also an undeniable sense of detachment from all of these characters who all speak in abstract fragmented sentences this is where I'm wondering if I should have opted for the Italian text instead of the translation and walk around all in varying states of apathy Elia's teenage ennui just felt so generic to me it was like Varvello took a handful of bildungsroman protagonists and put them in a blender to achieve peak indifference but then forgot to imbue her creation with any sort of personality of his own And then multiply this vacuousness by ten and you get AnnaVarvello says in an afterward that Elia's father was loosely based on her own father and this shows in how he is clearly the most intriguing figure in this novel And while her decision to tell his story from the point of view of his teenage son clearly came from her own personal history Elia's own narrative just never came to life in a satisfying way This novel just felt too short and fragmented to pack a real emotional punch and I think it could have benefited from fleshing out the majority of these characters But I did race through this and find it sufficiently tense and engrossing Thank you to Netgalley uercus and Elena Varvello for the advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review

  5. Bookread2day Bookread2day says:

    In the August of 1978 in the summer Elia Furenti's father Ettore took a girl into the woods Ettore stopped the van and asked the girl where she was going he told her to get in The girl accepted the lift because she knew him When he left the road and stopped the van Ettore made her get out he then dragged her along with him The authors own father suffered from bipolar disorder and this is where when writing Can You Hear Me the author began transforming reality into fiction

  6. MardyBum ★★★★☆ MardyBum ★★★★☆ says:

    When in doubt rate it three stars

  7. Claire Fuller Claire Fuller says:

    Very intense coming of age story of a sixteen year old boy and his relationship with a neighbouring friend his family and most especially the boy's father All of the pared back writing is cut through with a feeling of menace and brilliantly uncomfortable tension

  8. Angela Groves Angela Groves says:

    This is a book that isn't just about the mystery it's about the relationships It's about the breakdown of someone's mental health and how when It is triggered it can affect those around them The story is gripping you are given just enough throughout to keep you hooked You need to know A very well written book

  9. Ithil Ithil says:

    Waterstones thriller book of the month June 2018First of all from my point of view this is not a thriller nor I am recommending it as one If I had to describe it it would be as a coming of age novel or even as a psychological drama but definitely not a thriller The main reason being that you know from page one kind of who is the culprit of the kidnapping The main character is a boy who lives in a small and uneventful town so he is very bored of everything and the typical 16 year old To be fair all the characters were ok but I did not specially connect with any of them I felt mostly indifferent towards all of them There are some things that I just did not get at all like the fact that the phrase ‘can you hear me?’ is repeated all over toward the beginning of the book and then it stops It is a very light and easy to read novel If you are considering it for a holiday read of a sunny afternoon in the garden it may be ideal It is not very gruesome and especially if you like drama it may be a great option for you I do like a lot the way it describes what it is like to live with someone who has a mental health problem I felt it was very accurate as then it is clarified it comes from the own author experience and I do really do recommend it if that is your interest The way it describes how it affects the family and all its members is simply too accurate

  10. Renita D& Renita D& says:

    Thrilling tense and haunting

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