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Trevor ❮Reading❯ ➽ Trevor Author Catherine Lievens – Sometimes you have to get over bad memories to create new onesTrevor has known who his mate was for years but he’s so painfully shy and insecure that the most he’s done to woo him has been leaving Sometimes you have to get over bad memories to create new onesTrevor has known who his mate was for years but he’s so painfully shy and insecure that the most he’s done to woo him has been leaving him cupcakes on his porch He knows he’s going to lose him if he doesn’t finally make a move though and with a not so gentle push from two of his friends he calls MicahMicah is still dealing with bad memories from his shifter ex boyfriend and he’s glad when he meets Trevor Trevor looks unassuming and sweet and Micah is thrilled until he finds out Trevor is just like his ex He runs thinking he’ll never see Trevor againFamily and friends conspire to get Trevor and Micah together and it works until Micah discovers his father has been hiding a secret that could put Trevor and the entire pride in danger Will Micah and Trevor’s fragile relationship survive or will the past push them apart.

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  1. Rachel Emily Rachel Emily says:

    3 3 this story I think it's one of my favorites in the whole series SO many good things in this storyI have wanted Trevor's story ever since we found out he was leaving cupcakes for his mate in Darin's story He was shy and adorable And I loved his friendship with Keenan and Nysys how they were always there for him and supporting and encouraging him And I also liked Micah as a character I loved his back story with his previous relationship and what made him so nervous about being with a shifter it definitely gave some depth to him and to the story And I was totally NOT guessing about what was up with Micah's dad that was a surprise Micah and Trevor were sweet and lovely to read about together but I think what I loved most in this story was all the interaction with other characters Nysys and Morin Keenan Dominic and Ani Casey and Nolan it was great getting to see them all together I will miss this series when it ends

  2. Aղցela W. Aղցela W. says:

    This was book 21 in the Whitedell Pride series Trevor who is Casey's uncle has known who his mate is for years but Trevor is painfully shy and he has low self esteem from years of abuse from his father and his former Alpha Trevor has been leaving cupcakes for his mate and his father Keenan and Nysys helped him meet his mate Micah Riggs is human his he takes care of his father who was hurt when he went hunting Micah is friends with Casey When Trevor calls him to have him come and fix his computer they meet and Micah is attracted to Trevor right away When he tells him he is a shifter Micah runs off and tells him he doesn't want to see him again Turns out Micah was hurt by his ex who was a shifter who told him that they mates he was abusive This was a really good book and funny when Nysys gave a few of the cat shifters catnip it was funny Keenan and Nysys helped Trevor get his mate When Trevor met Micah's father they learned how he really got hurt and who he was hunting This is a really good series I have liked all the book's in it Like the rest of the book's in this series this book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series

  3. Kelly H. (Maybedog) Kelly H. (Maybedog) says:

    35 starsI like that Trevor has a paunch I can't even imagine a French toast cupcake I would be freaking out if my date told me he had followed me and moved from Canada to the Midwest US I don't like that Trevor suddenly became a lot less shy It was part of his personality and now he's like everyone else Well except Keenan and Nysys No one's like them So if he's 62 and he'll live a hundred years if his mate is like 25 and will also live a shifter lifespan would his lifespan would 37 years shorter Or do they keep going after the shifter dies of old ageWow There was hardly any sex There wasn't even any penetration

  4. MyzanM MyzanM says:

    Nice fluffy but sadly too predictable This author spreads the overall story arch of the series thinner and thinner Growing tired of the status uo

  5. Donna Donna says:

    Trevor is a cheetah shifter and probably one of the shyest people to ever walk the earth He’s been watching his mate for three years but is too afraid to actually introduce himself He just knows that he will make a disastrous first impression and Micah will think he’s a complete loser So instead of talking to his mate Trevor leaves him cupcakes as a way to woo him Trouble is Micah has no idea who is doing the wooing When the two men finally come face to face thank you Keenan and Nysys they form an instant attachment and Trevor couldn’t be happier But he can’t bring himself to lie to Micah and confesses to his mate that he’s a shifter Unfortunately shifters aren’t a new concept to Micah and he’s heard all about mates before from his last boyfriend Micah bolts and Trevor is left heartbrokenI kinda loved Trevor The scene where he’s made himself a nest of blankets on the bed and is crying with Nysys and Keenan was so bloody sweet I just wanted to hug the lot of them It was also nice to see gentler versions at times of Nysys and Keenan who toned down their exuberance somewhat while in Trevor’s presence I liked that the fact Trevor forgave Micah so uickly was explained because otherwise I would have been majorly pissed What can I say I’m a bit of a drama ueen and I usually need the character that’s in the wrong to grovel than Micah did But I always appreciate it when authors take a different route to the one I would choose and then convinces me that they were rightThe bit of drama with Micah’s father was what I was expecting but was an interesting twist none the lessAs this series draws to a close I’m interested to see how the author intends to wrap it all upThe Whitedel Pride series should be read in orderReviewed for Love Bytes Reviewshttplovebytesreviewscom2016061

  6. Morgan Skye Morgan Skye says:

    Trevor is Casey’s uncle Casey mated Ronan and he’s a very shy Cheetah shifter He’s known who is mate is for years but has been too shy to approach him He’s been leaving Micah cupcakes for the last year – his attempt to woo the humanMicah is Casey’s friend and previously dated a shifter named Erik who abused him When he meets Trevor he feels the attraction and is grateful Trevor is a human tooWhen Trevor confesses that he’s a shifter both men feel a broken heart Neither understands the other’s reaction but Micah runs away and tells Trevor to never contact him againThis was a very low steam story – especially as compared to others in the story – but I’m not sure that matters The basic premise and the plot flowed really well and there just wasn’t a strong need for the sexI love Keenan and Nysys and thought this was a pretty great addition to the series4 of 5 stars

  7. Brandilyn Brandilyn says:

    This title was originally reviewed for Prism Book Alliance® Trevor's story is a bit heartbreaking Certainly the scene where he finally gets up the courage to reveal his nature only to be rejected is heartwrenching For complete Review see

  8. Virginia Lee Virginia Lee says:

    the whitedell pride series is a must read just keep falling in love with the character and all that live at the mansionWe finally get to see Trevor shell open up and finally get his mate even with some bumps in the road along the wayhighly recommend

  9. Julie scott Julie scott says:

    Trevor Whitedell Pride Book 21This was just as good as the ones before and I can't wait to read the next one in this series I hope it's soon

  10. Isha Isha says:

    Way better than the last couple of books

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