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  1. Seana Seana says:

    I tried Someone in my life with whom I do not share political views suggested I read this In trying to garner understanding for a differing perspective I set out to with the best of intentions I really tried but between the scarcity of factual information few citations and only one an actual reputable study logical fallacies rampant hypocrisy and the political pandering I finally decided this particular rant was not worth my time Everyone is entitled to their opinion but to suggest that this rather uninformed and ironically narcissist tirade against the Left is a treatise on political culture and ideology is ridiculous

  2. Charlene Mathe Charlene Mathe says:

    This book is a mental health tonic that I can't recommend enough It is a delightful social commentary on contemporary America with succinct insights in every chapter It's about US and it has important things to sayHollywood mystery writer turned PJ Media CEO Roger L Simon says that the OJ Simpson trial started him uestioning America's direction Then 911 accelerated his analysis and drew him into political commentary It was like a mystery that he wanted to understand I KNOW BEST is the distillation of his analysis of We the People and it is spot on This is a book that needs to be read and discussed widely There are a few brief YouTube video's that discuss parts of the book Much can be gleaned by scrolling through reader comments on the product page for the book I can't think of a better book to share in a reader discussion group If I had teen or college age kids I would definitely want to talk through some of the chapters in this book with them This is a book for our people and for our times Check it out

  3. Bobbie Bobbie says:

    Good book explaining what the author calls moral narcissism which is the disease which leads us to attempt to control others forcing them to adhere to our way of doing things since we tend to believe that we know best He notes that we all suffer from said moral narcissism to one degree or another

  4. Nicholas Nicholas says:

    Although at times I strongly disagreed with his stances on issues and as a reader you should be able to I thought that every aspect of this novel was well researched and all of the author's ideas had excellent reasoning I think this is a great book to give you a bit of a wake up and explanation for what is happening in our societyGot me thinking about a few things

  5. Joseph P. Burke Joseph P. Burke says:

    Awesome Read A brilliant orange lifesaver tossed into the political and cultural dysphoria of the contemporary US Well worth the read great insight

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