Ever Wonder Why? and Other Controversial Essays PDF/EPUB

Ever Wonder Why? and Other Controversial Essays ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Ever Wonder Why? and Other Controversial Essays Author Thomas Sowell – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Thomas Sowell takes aim at a range of legal social racial educational and economic issues in this latest collection of his controversial never boring always thought provoking essays From gun control m Thomas Sowell takes Why? and PDF ☆ aim at a range of legal social racial educational and economic issues in this latest collection of his controversial never boring always thought provoking essays From gun control myths to mealy mouth media to free lunch medicine Sowell gets to the heart of the matters we all care about with his characteristically unsparing candor.

10 thoughts on “Ever Wonder Why? and Other Controversial Essays

  1. Cory Cory says:

    Love reading Sowell's columns and happy to come across this collection of his works Even though it's a bit dated from the current events from when he put it out the lessons are still as relevant as ever I really appreciate his arguments and historical perspective of how not only politics and government should act but why so many problems exist today Why would anyone expect better decisions to be made by third parties who pay no price for being wrong is one of the mysteries of our timeThe time is long overdue to judge beliefs and the policies based on them by what actually works not by what sounds good or what makes people feel good

  2. Emily Emily says:

    Collection of Mr Sowell's columns and articles grouped by general topic economic issues social issues racial issues etc As with many collections of previously published work this one gets pretty repetitive and could easily have been pared down to less than 460 pages without losing much contentWhile I have significant libertarian leanings and I'm especially sympathetic on educational issues and property rights Mr Sowell seemed to do much griping and complaining than offering solutions and that got old Then when he did offer solutions many seemed awfully simplistic and occasionally smacked of the elitism of which he liberally accuses liberalsOf particular interest though was Mr Sowell's take on racial issues Being a successful African American whose views are somewhat at odds with the Democratic party his assertions provide a refreshing counterpoint to the normal rhetoric on raceI appreciate his emphasis on critical thinking hard facts and the idea that political correctness is no substitute for thought Solid collection of libertarian thought on many topics though after reading the first few essays in a given section you could probably just skim the rest without missing muchFor book reviews come visit my blog Build Enough Bookshelves

  3. Mark Alexander Mark Alexander says:

    Full of his conclusions; his other books have the dataThomas Sowell never fails those who look for data rather than assumptions to support his arguments It’s only worth engaging with others on race ineuality education and economics when they have actually read Sowell rather than merely dismissing his

  4. Michael A. Simmons, Sr. Michael A. Simmons, Sr. says:

    A gem of a bookOnce again the master of common sense strikes a blow against stupidity Dr Sowell is a national treasure and should be reuired reading in our nation's classrooms God bless you Dr Sowell you have done it again

  5. R Blades R Blades says:

    Shame that this book is full of so many inaccuracies and lack of facts The author proposes that a hurricane in the 1800s caused casualties than one in the 1950s because of the wealth of america What about Katrina? The wealth of the country had zero to do with the high casualty rate The area was an island and the hurricane happened before there were adeuate warnings so people didn't know to evacuate Only one example of the absolute random made up reasoning Indefensible positions if you check the suggested facts I was really hoping for some alternate fact supported views that I could use to challenge false beliefs that I might be holding but this book is full of half truths and no supporting facts Read this as fiction if you want a good laugh

  6. Fran Cullen Fran Cullen says:

    A book of rare clarity and insight for allThomas Sowell is a wonderfully clear thinker and writer You will be surprised to learn how much of your common assumptions are absorbed from the 'freuently mistaken but never wrong' media culture that surrounds us rather than actual facts I look forward to reading of his books

  7. Ryan Ryan says:

    The format disappointed me It was essays that were written off the cuff without depth of analysis Would be interested in reading something substantial to try and grapple with his actual ideas

  8. George Polansky George Polansky says:

    A collection of columns Thomas Sowell writes with a clearness that makes his subjects understandable and enjoyable

  9. Karen Cowgill Karen Cowgill says:

    An excellent book Definitely MUST READ

  10. Wodin Wodin says:

    Should stick to pure economics because the uality of the other essays in here are highly variable mostly for the worse

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