The Complete Soul Guardians Collection Soul Guardians #1 8

The Complete Soul Guardians Collection Soul Guardians #1 8 [EPUB] ✰ The Complete Soul Guardians Collection Soul Guardians #1 8 Author Kim Richardson – For the first time all eight novels in the award winning fantasy series are together in one eBook bundle Enter the world of Soul Guardians with this great collection to Kim Richardson’s best selling For Soul Guardians Collection Soul PDF/EPUB or the Soul Guardians eBook ¸ first time all eight novels in the award winning fantasy series are together in one eBook bundle Enter the world The Complete MOBI :º of Soul Guardians with this great collection to Kim Richardson’s best selling series an immersive entertainment experience unlike any other MARKED BOOK Complete Soul Guardians PDF/EPUB è ELEMENTAL BOOK HORIZON BOOK NETHERWORLD BOOK SEIRS BOOK MORTAL BOOK REAPERS BOOK SEALS BOOK MARKED Book Complete Soul Guardians Collection Soul ePUB ´ READERS FAVORITE AWARD WINNER Sixteen year old Kara Nightingale’s ordinary life is suddenly turned upside down when she dies and wakes up in a strange new world with a new career—as a rookie for the Guardian Angel Legion Kara is pulled into the supernatural where monkeys drive the elevators oracles scurry above giant crystal balls and where demons feed on the souls of mortals There she finds not only friends but enemies All is about to change when a mysterious mark appears on her leg and worse an Elemental child has been kidnapped by demons Shunned by the Legion Kara battles to become accepted and sets out on a uest to prove her loyalty and find the missing Elemental child To succeed on her uest she will discover truths about herself about a special gift and a great destiny that’s been waiting for her.

10 thoughts on “The Complete Soul Guardians Collection Soul Guardians #1 8

  1. Emma Green Emma Green says:

    GOD these books were torture to read I could only get a few chapters in at a stretch before constantly thinking 'you stupid girl' got to be too much and I NEEDED to put the book downFirst off who proof read these? It seems no one did as the grammar and double up of words was appalling and it became harder and harder to see these books as created by an author and not as fan fictionSecondly out of the 8 books the last is the only one that actually captures your attention in the beginning or even middle the first 7 books only become interesting used liberally in the last 4 chapters AND still leave you with SO MANY uestions that the only answers are dumb luck and unimaginative writingLastly what a joke I mean how can anyone read these and think the main character is stable she moves between rude ignorant bigoted and just plain blind as a mortal to understand tolerant smart and resourceful as an angel its preposterous And one point thinking to the reader 'this feels like a trap' and then walking into said trap and saying to the bad guys 'you set a trap I didn't even realize'Overall and putting aside the above the story line was difficult to follow as a plausible time line even given Oracle interference and memory erasing and it was beyond belief that the events could play out the way they did in the supposed time frame time and again and that somehow everyone comes out unscathedWill not be even slightly tempted to pick up another book by this author

  2. Jill Jill says:

    SnoooooozeSorry but I can't join all the adoring fans on this one I'm an avid reader probably average 2500 pages a month I really tried to like this seriesgot through the first two repetitive drawn out books and finally said No The afterlife and angels are like kids at a middle school judging each other immature antics outbursts etc I kept hoping the characters and story would improve but it was the same ideas over and over and then again I had to uit reading this although doing that goes against my every fiber

  3. Tiffanny Tiffanny says:

    First bookseries that I didn't finish Forced myself to finish book 4 because I started it but struggled to get even that far The books are slow and although I started reading them knowing they were for teens I found them to get boring very uickly The idea of Guardian Angels caught my attention as something different than the usual supernatural or fantasy but lost my attention after the first book I would have been happy if it ended after Marked

  4. Dorothy Dorothy says:

    This is an 8 book bindup of the complete series all but the last two doesn't blind together with the first six all could be a stand alone book they all start off roughly the same way and end the same waynow each book as a stand alone is very entertaining and has that satisfying feeling of it over other than the seventh book overall as a series it a bit repetitive as a stand alone they are kind of okay

  5. Alicia Alicia says:

    Immensely long drawn out start but ends uite wellAlthough this last book was a page turner the first 5 books were excruciatingly painful to read The plot of the series became somewhat interesting in book 6 but it was mainly book 7 and 8 that were the saving grace of the series I for one am glad to be finished

  6. Noxwitchbooklife Noxwitchbooklife says:

    I uite enjoyed reading this There's a lot of the main characters dying over and over again so if you're a sensitive soul to those sorts of things i wouldn't read thisPlenty of angel and demons fighting each other drama and having to stop what amounts to almost armageddon

  7. Kirstie Ader Kirstie Ader says:

    I LOVED this series Kara and Davids story stole my heart one book after the next All of the books pull you in and then you don't want to stop reading I loved how Mr P always found a way back to Kara The oracles made me laugh along with David very well done Kim

  8. Julie Rein Julie Rein says:

    Absolutely brilliant series Loved them allGreat characters and the twists and turns keep coming Vivid characters you fall in love with cheer for and feel like they're your friends Highly recommend this series

  9. Brenda Williams Brenda Williams says:

    Must readI fell in love with the characters I wanted to keep reading to make sure Kara and David made it out Then she kept getting called back It was great writing and story telling Loved it

  10. Leah fehrmann Leah fehrmann says:

    AwesomeI loved this book Its like the mortal instruments but evil Kept me interested throughout Amazing read A must for any shadow lovers

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