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The Kindness of a Rogue ❰Reading❯ ➽ The Kindness of a Rogue Author Nancy Butler – The last two governesses disappeared without a traceMiss Sara Cobb has accepted a position as governess at Tregallion House in remote Cornwall But while traveling to her new home by coach the former s The last two governesses disappeared without of a PDF ✓ a traceMiss Sara Cobb has accepted a position as governess at Tregallion House in remote Cornwall But while traveling The Kindness PDF \ to her new home by coach the former schoolteacher receives a cryptic warning from a fellow passenger The roguish stranger clearly has no ualms about making Kindness of a PDF/EPUB ã Sara ill at ease Still she's intrigued by him in spite of herself—even so when she discovers there is a good deal of truth behind his warningsGrenville Martyn is not welcome on the grounds of Tregallion House An admitted poacher he is rud to have seduced—and abandoned—the family's eldest daughter creating an irreparable scandal After witnessing Gren's generosity to those in need Sara cannot believe he is guilty Yet she fears her judgment may be clouded by her growing affection for him—an affection that is sorely tested when the secrets of the old house rise up and threaten them both.

About the Author: Nancy Butler

Nancy Butler also writes under her of a PDF ✓ real name Nancy J HajeskiNancy Butler has been an Anglophile since she was nineteen when she traveled to England The Kindness PDF \ to see Carnaby Street “I blame it on the Beatles” Her freuent visits to an American friend living in London have furnished her with enough inspiration Kindness of a PDF/EPUB ã to keep writing Regencies well into the new millenniumButler resides in northern New Jersey.

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  1. Linda Linda says:

    This is my third historical romance by Nancy Butler but The Kindness of a Rogue is now my favorite Grenville Martyn ’The Rogue’ first met Miss Sara Cobb while traveling on a coach She was to start her new job as a governess in Cornwall They did not know each other but he issued a warning You’re making a mistake She hissed he repeated his statement she frowned he warned her again she raised her chin and he laughed Needless to say they started their relationship with verbal uips and swords It was refreshing that neither MC was a member of the ton Even though the romance moved at a slow pace in the first half I liked Gren and Sara or Miss Crab as he called her When they were together they got under each other’s skin There was a bit of suspense and as my GR friend Rane wisely pointed out the epilogue was out of place Do as she suggested and read it before tackling the last chapter You will be happy you did

  2. Rane Rane says:

    A great mystery a delicious romance with a strong plot makes 'The Kindness of a Rogue' such a treat to read Miss Sara Cobb is on her way to become the new governess Tregallion House when a stranger on her coach warns her to turn back or beware Whle she pays no heed to his warning she's still intrigued by the handsome rouge Rumors swirl around Grenville Martyn whose not welcome on Tregallion House A well known poacher is not his only crime but supposedly he seduced and tossed away the eldest daughter of the Brashear Sara is at odds with hearsay and what she witness with her own eyes when she's with Gren And she's going to have to trust insight and the growing attraction and affection that is growing between the two when trouble comes a calling and Gren and Sara must work together to put a stop to it Butler adds a dash of this and a dash of that to make the right recipe for a completely entraining read The most appealing was the lack of titled leads Making them their avenge people who he stuck trying to figure out some shady business of young girls disappearing that is going around the Tregallion home Sara and Glen can be both stubborn while Glen doesn't want Sara involved at all and at first can come across as what the hearsay said about him Of course he's no where near as a near doer but kind and caring whose searching for a place to belong Sara knocks down each brick in the wall around Glen's heart Sara has always been contained and with a life as a governess can be at times bleak She finds a love and freedom with Glen The romance is at times sweet and the urge to knock some sense into them just added to the spice The side characters were fleshed out enough to add to the story even the villains The trouble I had with a whole of the book was the epilogue Now I love me a good epilogue this one felt like it was added on and took away from the HEA My suggestion to anyone that picks this up before the last chapter read the epilogue first then go back and read the last chapter That way it feels like it ends on a happier note Nancy Butler's books are always a fun journey that any reader will love to travel and enjoy

  3. Kitcatscratch Kitcatscratch says:

    I loved this book First I just want to express my good fortune in discovering Nancy Butler I am a diehard Joan Smith and Barbara Metzger fan I now add Nancy Butler to the list Each author has their own uniue style and story type I think Butler is much deeper than the others and yet not without some truly witty observations and dialogueI first loved her through the Ramshackle Suitor I have a hard time with insta love but she sold me on it Then I read Prospero's Daughter Better still Keeper of the Swans? Written like a strange lyrical dream or fairytale But this I loved it because it was such a grown up book I mean these two characters Gren and Sara interacted with such maturity They accepted that there was something that drew each to the other When she sees him washing off at the water pump she blatantly appreciates the view and guess what? He knew she did And she knew he knew she did And yet it's a subtle acknowledgement and doesn't cause any awkwardness and they move on Do you know why? Because they're adultsAnd Sara I did adore her I loved how she had such a rough introduction to the lady of the manor who while berating her mentions her thick waist I also love it how later when Sara breaks down in front of the friendly cook because she had just passed the worst twenty minutes of her life However was she to stay on here with a mistress who belittled and mortified her who spoke to her as though she were a lackeywho thought she had a thick waist? I laughed out loud at that because the thick waist comment pops up throughout the story either in her thoughts or in an offhand comment I mean that's so human I mean if someone pointed out a flaw in my body then yeah I would hold a little resentment because of it This is just one example There were so many throughout the storyOr later when she realizes that she love the H and that it was no girlish infatuation but a grown up love Because it was not based on any heroic illusions but with an awareness of the H's flaws and that she loved him in spite ofbecause of it She loved the total package flaws and all I justwant all her stories And to not go to work until I have binge read all of them

  4. Kate Kate says:

    I enjoyed that the hero and heroine were different in this book than the typical Regency heroheroine The hero isn't titled or wealthy and the heroine isn't an heiress spoiled or uirky They are two ordinary people thrown into extraordinary circumstances The plot itself focuses on the trafficking of young women to brothels in London and the ending seemed a little bit too drawn out and far fetched although it didn't detract from the overall enjoyment of the book The epilogue however I could have done without entirely I understand that the author wanted to tie it all up neatly and give the villain a just dessert but it took away from the HEA a bit in my opinion Still overall I liked it and thought it was a satisfying book Good if you like historicals but would like a change of pace from all the aristocrats that populate so many of them

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