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Writing Books For Children Young Adults [PDF / Epub] ☄ Writing Books For Children Young Adults Author Marion Crook – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Whether picture book or novel fiction or nonfiction writing for a young audience is about establishing a connection with the young people who read your work To create that connection with your young r Whether picture book or novel fiction or For Children Epub ß nonfiction writing for a young audience is about establishing a connection with the young people who read your work To create that connection with your young readers you need an understanding of the fundamental elements of a Writing books Epub / children's story and the craft of writingThis book will show you how to create stories that will inspire and educate young readers and meet the needs of your publishers From learning to find their own voice to finding markets within the many genres of youth books For Children eBook ´ writing this book is invaluableLoaded with illustrative samples and helpful worksheets this book will show you how to transform ideas into stories that will delight intrigue and satisfy readers and ultimately result in a manuscript that sells.

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  1. Heidi Heidi says:

    There are many writing books available to help people learn how to write This one by Marion Crook does a nice job of explaining what writing for children and YAs is like and the things that need to be considered depending on the particular audience and genre of book The basics are covered regarding character setting and plot with examples from her own works as well as others to demonstrate the points she makes I appreciated the fact that the author makes clear that who you are and the experiences you've had as well as your values and beliefs are likely to shine through in your work and that's okay as long as you are ethical about it This also needs to be carefully considered when crafting a story so that theme and message don't overwhelm the story Children like most adults don't like to be preached to and young adults really don't like it Advice about style techniue and the hows and whys are all presented honestly and simply giving the beginning writer a good place to start and plenty of things to think about I think what I liked most about the book is the down to earth tone that made it seem that I was talking or listening to a friend who is trying to help This makes for a great book to help a writer polish those writing skills and that manuscript into something truly amazing

  2. Lisa Pineo Lisa Pineo says:

    While this book was very helpful I found the author a bit outdated with some advice Even though this is the third edition 2016 she is still telling writers that there will never be books where the main character isn't confident and happy and by no means write about him being a wimp Apparently she's never heard of the extremely popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid series I think this book could do with a younger author updating it who is in tune with current trends in the childmiddle gradeYA industry

  3. Robyn Robyn says:

    I received an email to review this book and of course I checked out the author before agreeing What I found was a woman who loves teaching the craft to children's and YA writers She was updating an already engaging writing book I read the book and even learned some things What I learned peopleTo read the contract carefully yes for most people that is a given but Robyn is a skimmer of such boring documents and Robyn knows now that this not the time to skim sigh“The author must send his or her Christmas book to the editor for the first editing job by the first of March which means the editor should have received the proposal and uery letter by July of the previous year” Isn’t that great? This is something I have never read in craft books“While some writers read their stories to classes and take the response of the class as evidence of interest or no interest I find that an unreliable test I can detect when a class is not interested in a story or when description goes on too long for them but I find their positive response is due to me that is to my enthusiasm and personality than to my writing I’m not sure I couldn’t make a recipe sound interesting and get a positive response from a class So class response doesn’t necessarily critiue the writing I do give my completed manuscript to young readers before I send it to the publisher and ask them to write comments on it They will mark unfamiliar words and unclear sentences as they read it when they would probably forget those or ignore them if I read it to themWork out a system with your audience your age specific readers that contributes to the excellence of your writing Perhaps give them your manuscript and have three readers meet and discuss it as a group Alternatively each reader could return the manuscript to you with comments written on it I find that older teen readers will write on the manuscript but the younger nine to 12 year olds give me comments if they can meet with me and a group of other readers” Isn’t that fantastic? I’d never thought about the fact that with me there the kids would rather give positive comments than negativeMs Crook is a very knowledgeable author who is uite ualified to give us craft lessons Her book engages in a memorable and exciting way You can tell she loves teaching writing and she loves writing Her style captures you and holds you until the very endDid you know that if you write “I have no ideas” over and over eventually you will write something? I tried it It worksPlease consider buying this book You will be so thrilled you did that you will stop by here and leave chocolate in piles OH YEAH

  4. Karen Karen says:

    Writing for Children and Young Adults inspires educates and motivates The book comes with a download kit containing an extensive list of resources full of direct links to helpful websites There are writing samples and worksheets which contribute to understanding the points being presented I highly recommend this up to date writing resource to both new and experienced writers It is much like having guidance from a personal tutor—one who is empowering and realisticTo read my full review please visit my blog post on the Children's Writers and Illustrators of BC Society blog

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