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  1. Denise H. Denise H. says:

    There are two stories here #1 Stepbearther Lively opening chapter where the troubled stepbrother tattooed muscled Jax comes home from Shifter Boot Camp He and his stepsister met when young she's his mate but she and her Mom do not know he's a bear shifter Addie's passion is photography and would like to get to know Jax During the next months they share talks goofing off and having fun His control of his bear in her vicinity is amazing After a failed New Year's Eve party they get their chance and have a steamy sizzling night of passion wow her first time How is he going to tell her about his bear? Well written fast paced plot with never a dull moment Terrific characters deep feelings hot sexiness and a fierce bear who needs his mate plus a mate who wants her man Cam is a badass bear We get escape adventure couple bonding and suspense Great shifter story Addie gets her chance to be a bear find a clan to join learns a lot and there's Highly recommend this hard to put down shifter tale Well done ENJOY #2 Jax's Mate Mia curvy now CEO of a company the Bears do not get along with There is a history of bad events concerning Mia's father Mia's brave and goes to the Tavern to meet the shifter she needs to make a deal with Jax is big muscled sexy and the Alpha whose Clan protects the historical trees He's got a trimmed beard black hair and caramel eyes that lure her Her deal is a terrible one that will not help the bears at all only her company We get some violence a fight and eventually Jax must turn Mia and then the action really jumps up You'll be surprised and have great fun with this story A new deal is struck and you'll be happyHighly recommended ENJOY Each tale can stand alone Plus there is an offer for a download of a free book

  2. angela angela says:

    Very enjoyable book easy to follow with likeable believable characters Goes to show that we just can't help who we fall for and for shifters it's just that certain one If there lucky enough to find him or her This book is passionate with great sex and a gorgeous bear shifter man This is a book I'm glad I read and recommend it I don't think you'll be disappointed

  3. Merissa (Archaeolibrarian) Merissa (Archaeolibrarian) says:

    As a young child Addie befriends a solitary boy Together they have an 'adventure' with a stone which gets turned into a necklace Addie only sees him once to give him the necklace before he disappears from her life Years later she is introduced to her new stepbrother and is shocked to realise that it is the same personNow I am probably in the minority here but I don't have issues with the taboo of step family most probably because I had a step family of my own and although there was definitely no attraction to any of them there was also no familial connection So long as they are not blood related I don't have a problemThis is a funny and fast paced story moving smoothly from one scene to the next If you are looking for a hot and spicy coffee break book then I can definitely recommend this oneMerissaArchaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books

  4. Susan Burgess-Ryan Susan Burgess-Ryan says:

    This isn’t the first book I have read of Aurora Reid’s and it will not be the last Aurora Reid is a very good author of the paranormal romances Her book “UnBEARlievable” has everything a good book should have It has the cocky HUNK hot SEX step siblings in love supposedly taboo love romance and did I mention AWESOME SEX? What else could you ask for in a book? I love it This book is recommended for mature readers 18 and over because of explicit sexual content I definitely recommend this book to those looking for some SPICE I thought it was a good thing that she added Jax's story in here since he and his clan are mentioned in unBEARlievableAddie meets Cam when they are young and Cam gives her a stone that she has made into a necklace for him She gives it to him the next time she sees him then she doesn’t see him again until years later when fate brings them together Addie’s mother human marries Cam’s dad humanCam is a bear shifter whose bear is giving him problems and therefore his father labels him as unruly He had so much to deal with his bear and living in a human home and the hardest thing was dealing with being a bear shifter when his father was human and wanted him to be normal So he was sent off to a Shifter Behavioral Camp to learn how to be normal That was where he learned about fated mates and he knew he has met his and she was his step sister His dad is already threatening to send him away again if he doesn’t conform to his rules He is supposed to keep his hands off of Addie who is now his step sister but he finds that hard to do because he finds her so irresistible He just feels like he doesn’t belong living with “normies” humans He keeps wondering where does he belong?Addie is Cam’s stepsister and she is human She has a hard time resisting his ripped muscles and awesome body She is hoping that he will keep the heat off of her so that she can practice photography like she wants too He is hard to resist when he struts around with no shirt on It is as if he does it to get under her skin knowing it gets Addie all hot and bothered Even though he is mean to her and acts like a big jerk she knows there is a secret he is keeping and she intends to find out what it isSince Cam knows that Addie is his fated mate will he be able to fight his attraction to her? Will Addie discover Cam’s secret? Will Cam and Addie ever be happy? No Spoilers ARC free book given in exchange for honest review

  5. Racy Racy says:

    I received this for a honest review This book you get not only a shifter book but also a taboo book Addie was excited that she was going to get a stepbrother She was surprised to find that her stepbrother was going to be Cam Cam was a boy she use to have a crush on I found it funny that she was determined to try to keep the girls away from him It was plan to see she still was holding a flam from CamI actually felt sorry for Cam He was a bear shifter He was having anger issues and was not able to control his temper or his bear at times He was put in a Shifter Boot Camp I felt that his father did not show him any type of compassion His father did not understand the struggles that Cam went through I have to wonder if this did not cause some of his anger issues The moment Cam had saw Addie he knew that she was his mate He had been told that shifters have fated mates but did not believe it until he saw Addie His bear was dying to get out and claim her Things get hot and heavy between Cam and Addie Cam’s protectiveness toward Addie causes him to get in some serious trouble They find themselves on the run Both Addie and Cam have always felt like they never had a home Now on the run they have to wonder if they will ever find a place they will ever belong This was a great story and glad I got a chance to read it

  6. Leslie OBrien Leslie OBrien says:

    I received a review copy of “UnBEARlievable” from the author Aurora Reid This stepbearther fated mate story is very sweet and is probably about a mild R rated coming of age and falling in love story Only with bears and a profound difficulty being normal in a world where humans don’t know about you And it doesn’t help that Cam is a bit on the unruly side Okay a lot on the unruly side Bit of a chip on his shoulder but you can’t blame him And Addie is very well intentionedReid tells a great story I loved the bit about Cam being Addie’s first crush It’s almost as if they were fated to begin with Oh wait The story was well plotted out and everything seems to work well – from the age appropriate dialogue to the other characters to the plot drivers to Cam and Addie It was an overall good and fast read And yes the play on words made me chuckle

  7. Dawn Dawn says:

    This story was full of twists and turns Taking place in a society where shifters are not as accepted and treated much differently than others The th throw in an attraction between step siblings that is very taboo in most areas and we are off on an adventure They start out at each other's throat as they have a history from when they were young Fighting their attraction and what they feel is wrong Cam and Addie finally realize that they want to be together but in order to do that they will end up on the run Read the story to find out what is going to happen next Keeps you on your toesReceived a copy for an honest review

  8. Rebecca Grove Rebecca Grove says:

    Addie' mom just got remarried and Addie is living alone in her stepfather's hoise while her parents are traveling One day Cam arrives the stepbrother she never knew she had and also a childhood crush She is shocked and excited at once However Cam trats her like dirt and mostly ignores her Cam is very attracted to Addie but he know he is no good for her He is a bear shifter who has poor control over his bear He has been in many shifter reform programs and is expecting to go back anytime The two get together but they end up on the run I found the end of the story very abrupt and rushed

  9. Barbara Barbara says:

    Given to me for an honest review Cam has been away trying to learn how to live with humans and not go bear on them Cam has come to live with his father and his father's wife and her daughter Addie was an only child so she was looking forward to having a stepbrother When he arrived he had an attitude and didn't say a word until his father asked him where he was going Cam said that he was going to his roomand what he didn't tell anyone was that he found his mate He couldn't tell anyone because his mate is his stepsister Will he follow the rules or will he be difficult like before?

  10. Brandy Harrison Brandy Harrison says:

    This book is so good it had me twisting with emotions I couldn't stand how his dad treated him and her mom treated her I had to put my phone down for a while so I would throw it against the wall I was so mad I have a love hate relationship with this book The story takes on a journey not to be missed So glad they got their happily ever after I received this ARC copy in exchange for an honest review

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UnBEARlievable [Download] ➸ UnBEARlievable ➽ Aurora Reid – I thought fated mates were bullsht until I saw her UnBEARlievable is a steamy paranormal adventure a ripped tattooed bear shifter meets his match upon returning home Cam I’ve been chasing after fate I thought fated mates were bullsht until I saw her UnBEARlievable is a steamy paranormal adventure a ripped tattooed bear shifter meets his match upon returning home Cam I’ve been chasing after fate Now that I’ve found her I’ve got to keep my naughty paws off her This wouldn’t be a problem except she’s too damn irresistible and importantly my new stepsister They sent me away to Shifter Behavioral Camp tried to tame me but no one can tame me or my bear Now I’m back home and I’m already being threatened with being taken away again I know I don’t belong here with the normies But then where do I belong The only thing I’m sure about is that Addie has turned my world upside down I didn’t trust myself before and I certainly don’t trust myself now that we’ll be sharing the same walls Addie Once Cam arrives maybe the pressure will be off me to get a normal career I can study photography like I’ve always dreamed While Cam does end up taking the heat there’s an even bigger problem Cam struts into my room without a shirt like one of the posters on my wall come to life He’s got a spectacular talent of getting under my skinand getting me hot and bothered The he talks to me the less I understand him He might be a jerk with an awesome body but he’s got a secret One I intend on finding out A stand alone bear shifter novella from Aurora Reid with no cliffhangers or cheating Includes the bonus book Jax’s Mate Wood Bear’s Unexpected Mate.