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  1. Christine Christine says:

    What kind of doctor gives a recipe for natural cat food that includes grains? Cats are obligate carnivores I would just stick with supermarket corn kibble then I'm not a vet but I don't hear many vets recommending that homemade cat food be mixed with millet Some stuff in the book is useful such as how to give your pets medicine and information on different illnesses But most of it is the alternative medicine pseudoscience in pet form Not falling for this any

  2. Pamela Jo Pamela Jo says:

    This book has lots of healthy natural recipes for dogs and cats My personal experience with using the book came when one of my dogs became diabetic She was terrified of needles so I knew there was no way I could put her through daily insulin shots I found this book and exclusively used the recipes and extended my beagle's life by a number of years That is my experience Others will have to decide for themselves if they think that natural foods are the way to go I know that when I went online and looked up the major brands of pet foods I was appalled at much that I read Our pets are family members and deserve the best food available I believe that natural food is the way to go This book offers a variety of uality recipes to provide your pet with the best possible natural diet

  3. Renee Renee says:

    There is some really really valuable information in this book I appreciate the holistic approach to dog care in terms of not only physical health but emotional and mental health as well Many people discount the feelings of animals but dogs are man's best friend and we would not feel such connections to them if they did not have the ability to at least reflect back to us some of our own feelings It is a grave disservice to pets particularly dogs I believe to treat them as though their emotional or mental environment does not have an impactSome of the chapters are informative then others I especially liked the chapter about what is really in dog food Although I already knew most of the information from my own research it is validating to see and literature on the gross atrocity that is accepted as pet food today The big pet food industry has perpetrated against unknowing consumers and pets for far too long We need vets to reject the all mighty dollar and promote true and species appropriate feeding for our animalsThe allergy section is also a very good portion of the book I think as our pets are poisoned and by pet food and chemicals allergies are becoming epidemic than ever I see and pets surrendered due to poor health and allergies are often part of that Finally the reference section is a very useful tool Of course it does not replace a vet's opinion or common sense but a nice section to reference symptoms or minor ailmentsSo why only three stars? This book is grain heavy in the recommended recipes feedings Point blank no dog or cat needs grains Sure they are a cheap source of protein inferior but that does not make it right He offers vegetarian recipes for pet owners Get a freaking clue If you want a vegetarian animals get one Dogs and cats ARE NOT VEGETARIANS Feeding beans to a dog is about one of the stupidest things I have ever heardCome on Dr Pitcairn You had such a wonderful thing going and you ruined it by not insisting on a holistic species appropriate diet Your book is a landmark in pet care ditch the grains and other non carnivorous meal plans

  4. ~☆~Autumn♥♥ ~☆~Autumn♥♥ says:

    Some good advice but as many others have written in their reviews don't feed your dog or cat grains They are NOT good for us and they are not good for dogs or cats either This vet pushes them so buy another book on caring for your dog or cat

  5. Deb Deb says:

    This book was an interesting read but both myself and several friends put our dogs 11 total on the recommended diet and dry food brand ALL dogs reacted badly despite a slow taper to the new diet and we ended up back on our old system I have since read elsewhere that domesticated dogs have evolved a different digestive system and do not tolerate raw meats well which Pitcairn recommends And all of our dogs did very poorly on the book's recommended dry food brandNote I highly recommend Purina Pro Plan Selects dry dog food which is what we were all originally using and went back to It's an excellent high grade dog food Btw I'm not a Purina spokesperson And we supplement with a little helping of cooked meats; whatever we're having for dinner And giving fish oil capsules as recommended by my vet has made a huge difference in my dogs' coats and jointsmobility

  6. Mary Tuley Mary Tuley says:

    This is a huge encyclopedia of a book for dog and cat owners and it's a tremendous source of alternative information I'll be using it as a reference work but it's also sensitive humane and wonderfully thorough

  7. Pat Pat says:

    Dr Pitcairn's book fails to recognize significant dietary and metabolic differences between cats and dogs His home made diet section is an excellent example of this Would not recommend

  8. Aeron Aeron says:

    I should probably give this 5 stars but thought it a little too strict and slightly unrealistic by offering things like homeopathic spaying alternatives WTF? That said it's been a great resource The book includes a lot of information on pet health not just diet although Pitcairn is very big on feeding your pet the right diet to keep your pet healthy It also includes a section of common health problems and holistic treatments We've switched our dog Cleo to a fresh foods diet not all raw meat but we do incorporate raw meat and have seen an immediate improvement in her health She doesn't sleep as much as she used to and she just has bounce in her step and seems so much happier I don't follow Pitcairn's exact recipes but used his advice as a guide complemented with other sources to get the balance of meat grainspotatoes veggies etc and now I cook up a batch of Cleo food every 4 or 5 days and she gets that in the mornings along with raw food usually a chicken thigh from Costco at night It's easy and actually cheaper than her old dog food

  9. Andrea Partee Andrea Partee says:

    Lots of good information in this book including specific homeopathic and herbal treatment options The only reason I don't give it five stars is I don't agree with feeding pets grains and legumes What I found was after a while grains such as brown rice and legumes such as pinto beans were simply coming out undigested After trying it his way I found my dogs were much healthier and energetic once I got rid of the grains Healthier meaning no health concerns and also no fleas which is a sign of ill healthSince digestion and the actual use of food to strengthen the body is the best way to prevent disease I was disappointed in his menu plans On the other hand his homeopathic and herbal suggestions are uite goodI still keep it as a reference book but look up the same problems in Dr Marty Goldstein's The Nature of Animal Healing book AND The Goldstein's Wellness Longevity Program for comparison

  10. Wendy Jensen Wendy Jensen says:

    Excellent coverage of all things canine and feline Courageous and careful and thoroughly researched vegan and vegetarian diets which will greatly minimize the currently terrible impact of our companion animals on our farmed animals and help heal the planet

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