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  1. Gbade Gabriel Gbade Gabriel says:

    One of the greatest fears of the human species is being rendered homeless without a roof over our heads When backed up to a corner there's no predicting what a pre homeless person will do as evident in the shenanigans plotted and executed by the tenants of Wale the protagonist in The House My Father BuiltFrom the first few pages I glimpsed the end of the book but Adewale Maja Pearce AMP managed to keep me rooted in place until I finished the book in one day and two sittings Telltale signs of veteran storytellingI found the themes addressed in this book engaging particularly the return of Wale a result of biracial marriage raised in the diaspora to the Nigerian society His initial gullibility towards the dysfunctional Nigerian system and way of life was spun in a comic manner betimes I had to pause reading for a few moments of uncontrollable laughterThe dynamic of the relationship between character's Wale and Prince is something of interest as Prince goes against the common tropes of a sidekick to assume a superior role given Wale's lack of the brutish persona largely reuired to be functional in the Nigerian societyAMP's writing style is concise and devoid of prolix Suffused with concrete facts and possessed an unbiased point of view as he will often point openly to his errors and sometimes even lay ultimate blame on himselfA short read with a polychrome of interesting characters; this book is a masterpiece of African Literature

  2. Dayo Johnson Dayo Johnson says:

    That I had met the author a few times before made this page an interesting read I think I will read a few of his books One thing that needs to be said though he was accurate about Lagos then it has changed for the better now not the best better

  3. Literary Everything Literary Everything says:

    In a saner environment it would be easier to evict tenants at the end of their lease but not in Nigeria in the pre democracy era as Adewale finds out He writes about the dysfunction in Nigeria as a whole and Lagos; corruption in the judicial system the police force and the court system Read the full review here

  4. Ijeoma Wogu Ijeoma Wogu says:

    This was hilarious and succinct in its poetic portrayal of life in Lagos Nigeria It echoed snippets of my growing up years in that city Adewale Maja Pearce is a treasure to the African Continent

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The House My Father Built ❰Download❯ ➹ The House My Father Built Author Adewale Maja-Pearce – In this memoir about a house his father built Adewale Maja Pearce captures the essence of the last decade of the 20th Century He paints in the minutest of detail the sense of transition of inevitable In this memoir about My Father eBook ✓ a house his father built Adewale Maja Pearce captures the essence of the last decade of the th Century He paints in the minutest of detail the sense of transition of inevitable change of frustration at its slow pace The reader while focused on the small details is coerced to lean back and take in the big picture But all that was The House Kindle - a long time ago now longer than the time it took me to dislodge the Alhaji and Ngozi and Pepsi and longer again since my father died the man who had willed me the house he built that made it all possible I have written about him elsewhere I had my problems with him; he had his problems with me One of them was that I wanted House My Father ePUB ¹ to be a writer not a physician an incomprehensible decision which kept us estranged for years The irony was that Nigeria was all that engaged me as a writer which was why his gift was so apt even if he hadn't imagined it that way.