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Lost Found (Undercover Gorgon #2) [PDF / Epub] ✅ Lost Found (Undercover Gorgon #2) Author R.L. Naquin – Word is getting around about Patrice’s illegal after hours sleuthing Circe a fierce and dangerous witch has lost track of her only daughter and insists that Patrice track the girl down Patrice can Word is getting around about Patrice’s illegal after hours sleuthing Circe a fierce and dangerous witch has lost track of her only daughter and insists that Patrice track the girl down Patrice can’t refuse the job since Circe is threatening to rat her out to the bosses upstairs but at least there’s a large wad of cash involved The clues lead everywhere and nowhere and the search causes serious complications to Patrice’s fledgling romance with a certain blue eyed delivery guy Unfortunately things aren’t what they seem and somebody may be pulling a fast one at Patrice’s expense.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 42 pages
  • Lost Found (Undercover Gorgon #2)
  • R.L. Naquin
  • English
  • 24 October 2014

About the Author: R.L. Naquin

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10 thoughts on “Lost Found (Undercover Gorgon #2)

  1. Dakota Dakota says:

    not bad felt very filler but I like how the author is adding dimensions to other characters

  2. Ami Ami says:

    On this second episode of Undercover Gorgon Patrice is being blackmailed hired by Circe to find her missing daughter or I’d hate for your bosses to find out what you do around here when the lights are turned off I didn't really care of this particular case What I enjoyed the most is Patrice's possible romantic relationship with the shy adorable Bart Looking forward to THAT in the next episode

  3. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    Undercover Gorgon Episode #2 Lost Found Undercover Gorgon #2 by RL Nauin is yet another wonderful fun humorous short story of our favorite Gorgon She is getting into trouble again times than not trouble just follows her I just love these short but filling stories Need They are a hoot Never dull and lots of fun Her and her snakes just crack me up

  4. Elentarri Elentarri says:

    A cute and entertaining episode that continues the tale of Patrice the Undercover Gorgon This episode deals with Circe's missing daughter

  5. Lynn Lynn says:

    Good read Abrupt endI gave this book 4 stars because while I enjoyed the story it was pretty short and left me wanting there to be to it This could be a full fledged para mystery series if RL Nauin chose to expand it

  6. Relina Skye Relina Skye says:

    R L Nauin's Undercover Gorgon Episode #2 Lost Found A Mt Olympus Employment Agency Miniseries was another fun and fantastic read Patrice's secret night job is starting to become known by the less than stellar immortals of Olympus Everything is put on the line when the goddess of magic herself Circe tasks her to find her only daughter Overall this was another exciting addition to the series I enjoy Ms Nauin's storytelling and her ability to make her fantasy worlds come to life If you like anything that has to do with mythology you'll love this series

  7. Christine Christine says:

    Perfect read over a long lunchThis is a perfectly enjoyable read for those of us who open a book while having lunch or breakfast I started with the Muse series and read the first Gorgon book as an addendum to the second Muse book I like the mini series concept But would love a third Muse book

  8. Stephaniec Stephaniec says:

    I wish I could give these a 4 I love this world but Patrice as a character is a bit flat

  9. Kevin Kevin says:

    Another good oneNot uite as edgy as the previous ones stil great

  10. Utena Utena says:

    Real Rating 45Patrice is settling into life at the Mt Olympus Employment Agency just nicely with the exception of her extracurricular activities in the after hours Now Circe the second most powerful witch has come to her needing her help She makes Patrice an offer she cannot refuse help her find her missing daughter or the big bosses will know what she is up to Patrice has no choice but to go on the hunt for Kyra Circe's daughter With the help of her roommate Lizzy Patrice will have to navigate through the worldof the Olympian night clubs to find herHave I mentioned these are just so fun to read? They really are and I always find myself wanting at the end These stories are really nice but I am sad that they are really short I would love to see them be a bit longer Patrice's character development has a lot of potential for much growing and I would love to see exactly how she interacts with the others and not just those that she has to approve their applications I mean she hooked up with the Sphinx but I want to know how did it happen? When did it happpen? I know it was short lived because of riddles but was there a bit that could have happened? There are so many uestions that have not been answered and I would love to see what Patrice is capable of and I would love to see of the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus

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