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Sandman Mystery Theatre (Sandman Mystery Theatre (1993-1999) 1) [Reading] ➬ Sandman Mystery Theatre (Sandman Mystery Theatre (1993-1999) 1) ➳ Matt Wagner – Written by comics legend Matt Wagner and illustrated by acclaimed artists Guy Davis John Watkiss and RG Taylor this first volume of the complete SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE collects issues #1 12 of the cl Written by comics legend Matt Wagner and illustrated by acclaimed Sandman Mystery eBook ´ artists Guy Davis John Watkiss and RG Taylor this first volume of the complete SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE collects issues of the classic Vertigo series and features an insightful introduction by author and pop culture historian Dave MarshThe year is and the world is holding its breath mesmerized by the onrushing storm that will soon engulf it in fire and steel In New York City one man’s sleep is filled with tormenting visions of the evils that mankind visits upon itself compelling him to act And so by night Wesley Dodds lays aside the trappings of his inherited wealth to roam the shadows as the Sandman armed with a tranuilizing gas gun and driven by an unrelenting sense of justice Haunted and obsessed the Sandman moves through a decadent post Depression landscape stalking the predators who hide themselves beneath society’s callous indifference to the weak and vulnerable No one sees him at his work until he chooses to reveal himself no one that is except the woman who is destined to be the light to his darkness.

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  1. Tristan Tristan says:

    Web like strands of death attach themselves on the edge of my dream there to ensnare innocence and hope Mention the name 'Sandman' to a comics enthusiast and that person will than likely immediately recall Neil Gaiman's version The original Sandman however a rather obscure character from DC's Golden Age unfortunately doesn't leave that much of a footprint in the popular imagination Not even Matt Wagner's film noir inspired reboot which partly coincided with Gaiman's legendary run in the nineties was able to rectify this And this is a damn shame for these comics thank you Vertigo for reprinting these provide uite the intriguing reading experience Perhaps this collection will be a first step towards creating an entirely new fanbase Fingers crossed Set in post Depression New York Sandman Mystery Theatre tells the story of Wesley Dodds a reluctant inheritor of great wealth who plagued every night by nightmarish prophetic? visions of darkness and evil takes it upon himself to rid his city of its corrupt criminal and greed filled denizens Insomniacs in search for an inspiring role model look no further Donning a trench coat fedora hat an eery WW I gas mask and armed only with a gas gun which fires a sleeping gas other rudimentary inventions and his wits the Sandman haunts the decadent streets of New York to track down those who abuse the weak powerless and poor Like other DC superheroes the Sandman has a strict no kill policy and gives them over to the authorities This is a set up I simply adore Dodds has no superpowers and isn't exacty a prime physical specimen He's actually rather schlubby unassuming and averse to violence yet fiercely intelligent and resourceful More of a private investigator with some uniue tools than anything else This makes what would otherwise just be a cheesy proposition feel grounded and believable It accepts and embraces its pulpy origins but does something new with it As for the tales themselves this collection contains 3 story arcs I have few criticisms All of them are hard hitting don't give this to kids folks tightly plotted well written and feel authentic Especially in Dodds' ominous monologues Wagner's feel for poetic language is apparentAdditionally Wagner inserted some great social commentary in here Racism sexism urban apathy and capitalism the variety bereft of any moral considerations are criticized yet in a not too obtrusive or preachy manner The one bone of contention I have and which explains the lower rating is the overall artwork The first story arc The Tarantula has this gorgeous moody cartooning by Guy Davis and I so wished he could have done all three of them The other artists' work is decent enough but looks rather uninspired and inconsistent in comparison Davis clearly is also the better storyteller I'll let you decide for yourself which is better From first to last Guy Davis John Watkiss RG Taylor Hopefully the art uality will see a significant improvement in the next volume Except for the first arc only the strength of the writing and characters are keeping me interested for the moment Perhaps that is enough but we'll see It's a visual medium after all Still this is a strong recommendation to those thirsting for well executed crime and noir fiction

  2. Kosta Voukelatos Kosta Voukelatos says:

    I read Sandman Mystery Theatre off and on for the past months Overall it was well written and the characters were likeable and interesting There were certain instances in the novel were it was very graphic and disturbing which i was not prepared for However the middle story was not as captivating as the other two Generally this was a great graphic novel and worth picking up

  3. David David says:

    Collects issues 1 12 of Sandman Mystery Theatre written by Matt Wagner and Steven T Seagle which ran from 1993 1999 The story takes us to the 1930s to follow the adventures of Wesley Dodds a uiet stay at home millionaire by day who donned a suit trench coat fedora gas mask and gas gun by night to fight crime on the streets of New York City This incarnation of the Sandman originally appeared in the golden age of comic books a little before Batman Like Batman he has a butler and a sidekick However in Wesley's case his sidekick is an intelligent capable woman named Dian Belmont who is also Wesley's love interest The comic has a very film noir style and some engaging mysteries Often Dian herself serves as the point of view character Wesley is much relatable than Batman Although rich he doesn't have unlimited coffers for miraculous inventions plus he makes plenty of mistakes both as a detective and in his pursuit of Dian

  4. Martin Martin says:

    Finally Vertigo's Sandman Mystery Theatre gets reprinted Collecting three story arcs of four parts each this book will appeal to fans of pulp mysteries and suspense stories The writing is by far the best part the plots are intelligent; the era 1938 New York City is portrayed faithfully not that I was there at that time even down to how the people speak racist comments included The arcs are just the right length 4 issues That gives the writer time to tell a good story at a good pace without having to unnecessarily stretch it out to six issues let's sayThe art's not bad though you won't be reading these stories for the art Each story arc is illustrated by a different artist so you get the unavoidable inconsistenciesThe stories are all appealing on their own however the most powerful story of this bunch is by far the third one The Brute I like that the characters are evolving from one story to the next and that with Dian Belmont the District Attorney's daughter this series has a strong female character And you don't have to be a sleuth to figure out she'll realise at some point that Wesley Dodds and The Sandman are one and the same personI can't wait for Book 2

  5. B. P. Rinehart B. P. Rinehart says:

    I guess like most folks I ultimately picked this book up after completing Neil Geiman's The Sandman but my first time hearing of this character and being interested is his important cameo in Kingdom Come one of the greatest superhero stories of all time Wesley Dodds was created in between the Superman and Batman but is of the rich vigilante type of heroes He's not the perfect crime fighting machine but he is good at thinking on his feet The original advent of this character is not that interesting but this not for kids reboot in the 1990s is very interesting to read The world of this hero is a morally corrupt late 1930s New York City The book does not shy away from the reality of this world's crime which is not creepy clowns but gangsters white supremacists on both sides of the law incestuous gangsters pedophiles serial killersthis is a pulp noir with a guy wearing a mask who is fighting crime with the help of a then imprisoned Lord of Dreams giving him tipsI have to say despite the extreme nature of the stories and the shifting art styles of the collection the story stayed on point and really explored called out things about the good ol' days that people still try to deny and which most superhero comics try to down play or gloss over Matt Wagner does a great job with the story which improves my feelings of him from my last encounter in BatmanSupermanWonder Woman Trinity There were different artists for each three story archs but Guy Davis was my favorite because his style brought a refreshing realism that gave the comic a true crime noir feel

  6. Morgan Morgan says:

    I really love this comic book Glad to see Vertigo reprint this series in deluxe books Book On collects the first three stories that's a total of 12 issues I found these stories a little heavy with writing which I actually like by the way so best to read a story a day maybe Felt like reading a collection of short stories in a weird way These are really good tales for people into crimedetective fiction I wasn't really a fan of the art in this book but like I said before the reading is heavy so I'm glad the art is simpleSandman Mystery Theatre is about Wesley Dodds for those who think this might have anything to do with Neil Gaiman's Sandman series Wesley Dodds fights crime on the nighttime streets of New York City in 1938 I don't know much about the origin of the Sandman but I know he first appeared in 1939 so I'm guessing this is kind of his origin note to self find the archive version of SandmanI think the strongest part of this book is two things one the relationship with Wes and Dian and how Wagner writes NYC There are a ton of comics that take place in NYC and honestly not many actually make you feel like you're there with the characters they make it feel like NYC is this fictions city However I think this comic book does an awesome job portraying 1930's NYC The city is almost a character itself than just a backdrop When they actually go to the Algonuin Hotel is when I got all excited and mentioning Dorothy Parkerthought I was reading Dorothy Parker againI also love the relationship with Wes and Dian in this book too He waited a good amount of time before they actually kiss I already knew they were a good comic book couple I like how Dian is written too She's literate can do things on her own but she still lives with her daddy and sometimes get into trouble Interested to see how they handle the rest of the relationship in the booksspoiler they stay together I know that muchNow why as this never been made into a movie? It all that DC wants in movies now Darkness and realismbut it has a better story with better characters I did pick up it's similar to the original golden age Batman at times that is if that Batman actually made sense Maybe that is why Sandman never really became popular but who knows I would love to see this comic book as a movie or TV show if it was done by the right peopleNow I'm excited to read the rest of this 70 issue series I can't escape the Sandman's dark dreamsOh I should also note that yes Morpheus Dream does make two brief cameos in this book but only see with his helm I haven't read the full series but don't expect this to be anything similar to Neil Gaiman's work

  7. Fantasy Literature Fantasy Literature says:

    4 stars from Brad read the full review at FANTASY LITERATURE Disclaimer just so you know some of the books we review are received free from publishersThe Sandman Mystery Theatre is a near perfect noir comic book series written in the 1990s by Matt Wagner though the stories are set in the late 1930s In some ways Wagner is making a return to the older original Sandman character created in 1939 who also went by the name of Wesley Dodds but the Sandman has had various incarnations since then including Kirby’s in the 1970s And of course Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is the most famous of them all but he simply took the name and completely reinvented the character as an immortal entity also known as Morpheus and Dream Wagner takes us back to the physical world grounds us in reality and writes the most subdued somber and plain Sandman ever to appear in comic books and this approach is the genius behind The Sandman Mystery TheatreWagner is no stranger to pulp stories His most famous creation Grendel is an evil criminal mastermind based on pulp models and some of the writer’s best work is his telling origin stories of The Shadow The Spirit Green Hornet and the Lone Ranger not to mention stories set in the early years of Batman’s crime fighting days All of these are well liked by readers and critics and The Sandman Mystery Theatre is of eually high uality4 stars from Brad read the full review at FANTASY LITERATURE

  8. Alex Alex says:

    This comic didn't work for me at all I found the artwork unattractive and offputting the stories simplistically edgy and the whole thing a grind I'm not on board for Volume 2

  9. A.M. A.M. says:

    Kid 1 grabbed this at the library and insisted I read itThis edition has three full stories The Tarantula the Face and the Brute and covers issues #1 12A different artist did the first storyIt was only after I’d finished it that I read the foreword and realised that this edition is a reworking of the original comic from 1939 Reworked again by Neil Gaiman into it’s current form Gaiman’s Dream appears in this Sandman’s dreamsWhich makes the fact that he has a human female sidekick pretty ground breaking Dian Belmont is the daughter of the DA and gets some inside information via her father but she’s also smart inuisitive and at a loose end after finishing college She dates and sleeps with gasp a Chinese man goes nightclubbing in Harlem and seems pretty liberal for the time She even kicks a guy in the groin when he tries to force himself upon her you go girlShe is the love interest of the Sandman Wesley Dodds and she knows his dual identity she’s well on her way to working out by the end of the third story According to Wikipedia “Later stories would reveal that the two remained together for the duration of their lives though they never married”Ha independent to the endThe adventures expose her to a world of racism incest and child abuse on top of the usual crime it is pretty brutalWesley Dodds is also human; his secret weapon is a gas gun that allows him to uestion people before they fall unconscious But he’s not immune to it’s effects that’s why he wears the gas mask as well as it hiding his face His wealth allows him privacy and access to influential people like Dian’s father He can also purchase microphones to lower down chimneys and so The bat gadgetry of the time I suppose4 stars

  10. Nate Nate says:

    DC Comics have had several characters named Sandman over the years and Wesley Dodds was the first A Golden Age urban crimefighter Dodds has no superpowers; he dons a gas mask fedora business suit and wields a gun that emits sleeping gas He looks awesome I’ve seen Dodds here and there most memorably in James Robinson’s Starman and have always been intrigued by him So I was happy to learn about this series a Vertigo title from Matt Wagner that takes place in the late 30’s when Dodds debuted As such Sandman Mystery Theatre is chock full of pulpy goodness All three stories collected here are supremely dark crime yarns; incest torture decapitation and rape feature prominently Wagner seems to be examining the pre Code era when horror and murder were entirely fair game and superhero comics had not yet overtaken the industry This series actually reminds me most of another crime comic From Hell Especially the first story drawn by Guy Davis whose sketchy style evokes Eddie Campbell The feel of these stories is similar to that masterpiece even if they’re on a smaller scale and less cerebralWhile Dodds’ namesake adorns the title Dian Belmont gets just as much page time She’s a socialite and daughter of the District Attorney tangling with Dodds and developing her sleuthing skills Wagner makes these two interesting on their own and together As protagonists they’re neither boring nor overpowering which is a good thing when dealing in the steely seedy genre of noir Sometimes the storytelling is a bit convoluted but again the characters and crimes are compelling enough to keep me reading This is a very cool series

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