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Unfinished Business ❰Reading❯ ➿ Unfinished Business Author Carlo Angelo – Buyprobolan50.co.uk REBORN by Carlo AngeloSeveral days ago Ilya confessed his feelings to Ridley and since then matters between the two men have been strained With Ridley sick and their case about disappearing men still REBORN by Carlo AngeloSeveral days ago Ilya confessed his feelings to Ridley and since then matters between the two men have been strained With Ridley sick and their case about disappearing men still unsolved Ilya is almost relieved to take on an easy case of dispelling a rogue at the Netherworld estate But the of the estate he sees the he realizes the easy case might just leave him deadYOU MAY NOW KISS THE CORPSE BRIDE by Stephanie RabigNora is at her wit's end She died several months ago and knows she should move on but can't get thoughts of her husband out of her mind Though ghosts technically aren't allowed to contact the living she finds a Private Investigator Sanaa who's willing to bend the rules for her Sanaa's willing to help but she has shadows in her past including a vengeful former client Just because she's dead doesn't mean she won't need herTHE THRILL OF THE CASE by Cassandra PierceAt first Geordie thinks his case will be run of the mill an aging millionaire wants him to tail his sexy young boytoy to see if he’s been cheating Expecting to be bored even than on most surveillance missions Geordie follows his target to a private nightclub and manages to slip inside What he finds turns his whole world upside down But he's got a job to do even if it's not nearly as routine as he'd anticipated and being discovered as a detective will get him killed fast The attraction to the club's owner isn't helping mattersGODFREY AND THE DETECTIVE by Megan DerrGodfrey makes a point to live a uiet unassuming life—mostly because vampires are a lot less likely to get dead that way Finding a dead body in his yard is very much the last thing he wanted though he can't be entirely upset about the hot scruffy detective assigned the case The problem with humans however is that they don't know when to uit.

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  • 23 October 2016

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  1. Seregil Seregil says:

    Godfrey and the Detective Megan Derr

  2. Sarina Sarina says:

    Review written for Love Bytes ReviewsANTHOLOGY REVIEWThis was a really fun read full of a good variety of stories While you get the type of stories I’m used to involving vampires and other paranormal creatures it was nice seeing the variations presented as well as getting to read things by three new to me authors I enjoyed the entire book from start to finish and if you enjoy a good paranormal story with a dose of mystery I can guarantee you’ll like this anthologyREBORN by Carlo Angelo 45Really great start to the book While the beginning of the story read a little choppy to me the rest uickly smoothed out and was actually a really interesting and enjoyable read I liked the main characters and how even though you didn’t see them together as much as I would’ve liked you could feel the connection between them I liked how the story went in a direction I wasn’t expecting yet still managed to connect back to the investigation at the beginning Very well done I’ll happily read this one againYOU MAY NOW KISS THE CORPSE BRIDE by Stephanie Rabig 35This was the story that had the most interesting concept in my opinion I found the afterlife concept presented here uniue and something I would’ve liked to have explored The story itself was well written and enjoyable but I just didn’t feel the connection between the main characters at all which is a shame; as the only ff story in the anthology I expected it to stand out a little than it did I will say that the twist at the end was awesome and my absolute favorite part of the entire story DTHE THRILL OF THE CASE by Cassandra Pierce 4I can only think of one other instance where I read a story with a similar concept to this one but I think I liked this one a bit I liked Geordie’s character uite a bit and would’ve happily read about him if given half the chance The investigation itself didn’t have a great deal to it but I still enjoyed it though that was for the chance to watch Geordie’s blatant disbelief about what was going on around him The ending was a bit of a surprise but was also slightly disappointing in that things seemed to wrap up too uickly and I never got the complete resolution that I wanted This was still an entertaining story however that I wouldn’t mind reading againGODFREY AND THE DETECTIVE by Megan Derr 45This was a fantastic story to end the book with I loved all the characters including the secondaries who I’d have loved to have seen of and there was a fully defined start middle and end to the story that made it feel much longer than it actually was Godfrey and Shelby fit well together in a way that left me feeling as though they’d have a nice long life together after the story had ended The mystery portion was interesting and I really enjoyed it and while there were still a few uestions left unanswered at the end I was really happy with where the story left off Great story wonderful way to end the anthology and I look forward to reading this again in the futurehttplovebytesreviewscom2016103

  3. Magnolia Magnolia says:

    From Magnolia Reviews Four PetalsI really enjoyed reading all the stories in this short paranormal detective themed anthology Each had a uniue take on the theme and were very well written I definitely recommend this anthology Read the full review on Maggie's website

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