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Dragon Star (Shifter Football League, #1) ❮Reading❯ ➻ Dragon Star (Shifter Football League, #1) ➳ Author Aurora Reid – Buyprobolan50.co.uk After the fans turn on their star dragon uarterback Nico’s ready to live his life in isolation An injury and stagnant healing powers send him in a downward spiral leaving him determined to count his After the fans turn on their star dragon uarterback Nico’s ready to live his life in isolation An injury and stagnant healing powers send him in a downward spiral leaving him determined to count his gold hoard for the rest of his days Then Cass a brilliant shifter therapist offers to help His dragon soars but she’s claimed by another Jae his teammate and one of the only twelve dragons alive Nico’s ready to fight for Cass He’s just going to have to get through her training first It’s going to be tough As tough as ignoring what his dragon’s telling him—Cass is his fated mate She lives her life in a golden cage Cass is one of the top doctors when it comes to shifter therapy but she’s resigned to being a personal assistant for Jae May a cruel and possessive dragon When she finally meets Nico he’s half naked on a massage table The elusive uarterback of the LA Outlaws seems to be hitting on her He’s got lines of fans after every game who want to see his treasure room and she’s guessing the dragon in his pants too Cass thinks she’s going crazy from being cooped up too long until he offers her a chance to escape But Nico’s distrust of others and obsession with gold are getting in the way So is the other dragon that she’s spurned who will do anything—or destroy anything—to get her back Will their love burn forever Find out in Dragon Star a Shifter Football League Novel filled with fiery passion and action Jax's Mate is included as a bonus book.

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  1. Zeinab Dh Zeinab Dh says:

    I chose to read and review this book I enjoyed the shifter book and this one was great It was well written and had some nice characters The couple had great chemistry with each other the plot and were nice I liked seeing how each one evolves in each chapter and how that affects how they interact together Great one

  2. Susan Burgess-Ryan Susan Burgess-Ryan says:

    Aurora Reid is fast becoming one of my favorite authors Her books are very well written and so far I haven’t read one that disappointed The story line is awesome and the characters are drawn out wonderfully This is a story the you do not want to miss Who can resist and gorgeous dragon shifter? A book I would definitely recommend“Dragon Star” is about Cass a shifter therapist and Nico a dragon shifteruarterback Nico is on a downward spiral after the fans turn on him for a loss by the team when they didn’t realize he was playing injured Now his healing capabilities are not working as they should and he has decided that may he could spend the rest of his time counting his gold Cass is a shifter therapist and she very good at what she does She is claimed by Nico’s team mate Jae who like Nico is one of only the twelve existing dragon shifters He is abusive to Cass and tries to keep her locked up in his home with all his hoard Nico witnesses Jae’s abuse of Cass and offers her a way out But his inability to trust others and his obsession with his gold get in the way of what he could have with her He has to get through her training if he is going to be able to defeat Jae for her He also knows that Jae will stop at nothing to have Cass either He also is listening to his dragon telling her that she is his fated mate so he feels he has at stake in winning Cass Cass is a top notch shifter physical therapist and very good at her job Her problem is Jae Mae He has made her resign to being his personal assistant He is cruel possessive and very abusive to her Then the coach of the team asks her to see if she can help the uarterback of the team He didn’t seem to be healing like he should be for a dragon shifter Cass agrees and when she sees Nico for the first time his almost naked on the massage table She couldn’t believe that he was hitting on her Especially when he had fans falling over themselves to his gold and his little dragon hid in his pantsCass wants to get away from Jae She is tired of being cooped up in his home and not allowed out unless he says so Now she is faced with two dragons who want her But she knows Jae will do anything and destroy anyone and anything who gets in the way of him having Cass Will Cass by condemned to living in terror with Jae? Or will Nico be able to keep Nico from hurting Cass any? Will the love of Nico and Cass win over Jae and his hostility?No Spoilers ARC free book given in exchange for an honest review

  3. Cheri Cheri says:

    Cass thought she was getting a great break in her career  Little did she know that being new to the brand new medical field of shifter sports medicine would put her in danger  Oh she knew she'd be working with ultra strong shifters of all kinds  Football is a rough sport and shifter players has taken it to a whole new level  Little did she know she'd become the captive of one of the few dragons left on earth  She did not count on being a part of his treasure When Cass was called on to check another player another dragon she was happy just to be free for a little while  Little did she know she would become the desired one of another shifter player  She was not falling again Jae had seemed so nice at first but that didn't last long Only there was something about Nico could she trust him?As an employee of the league they send her to help Nico recover his nagging injury without Jae's knowledge  But he isn't letting her go so easily  Find out if Cass is safe or if Jae uses others to regain his treasure  As a strong woman can she find a way to escape him?  What about the two dragons  Will they fight for their treasure?  I liked the story line shifter athletes  I liked the woman compared to treasure  There are some loose ends however it was a good read with action steam and a different side of dragonsI was provided an ARC for an honest review  

  4. Racy Racy says:

    I received this for a honest review If you love dragon shifter story you will fall in love with this one This has a good dragon and a bad dragon Almost like a fairy tail where the princess was kept in a tower against her will except this was a mansion Cass was hoping someone would see the danger she was in She was looking for a knight to come and save her A good dragon to fly in and rescue her from the bad dragon I loved how she did not compare ever shifter to Jae She knew that Jae was a bad seed Nico and Jae were dragon shifters that played football for the Shifter Football League Nico was smitten when he first seen Jae’s prized possession Cass Nico knew there was something wrong between those two and was determined to find out and help her Nico was injured and was not healing like he should There were a few things that could keep a shifter from healing one of those reasons being stress It was Cass’ job to find out what was wrong with Nico Nico jumped on the chance to make her his personal physical therapist until he was better Only if life was that easy Jae is no so uick to let Cass go he will fight tooth and nail to keep her Jae in my eyes is pretty unstable There is nothing he will not do Jae seems to have a deep hate for Nico and will do whatever it takes to hurt him This was a sweet story and happy I got to read

  5. Leslie OBrien Leslie OBrien says:

    I received a review copy of “Dragon Star” from the author Aurora Reid and it was a fun read The idea of having a shifter football league was marvelous and you can’t help but notice how despite being as popular as they are shifters are expected to adhere to human codes of conduct or risk fines imprisonment and possible termination Makes it a bit tough to be yourself in a world controlled by those who aren’t like youWhen we first meet Cass she’s “escaped her golden cage” which immediately sets the tone for how Jae a dragon treats her As a possession and not a partner Her world is thrown into upheaval when Nico the team’s uarterback and a dragon falls hard for her As in fated mate hard And a bit of a spoiler here but Cass feels the same wayUnfortunately there are so many things thrown at them it almost makes you feel as if their love simply can’t happen In fact with the exception of sloth the hurdles they must leap all seem to include aspects of the 7 6 deadly sinsOverall this is an entertaining read The story moves uickly and I found the characters enjoyable

  6. Ana Ana says:

    This is a good series although there were a lot of things in the story I wasn't expecting from this author I love all her books Hence the ratingThere were a lot of unbelievable things in this book but for the most it was good and had a great HEACass is a human Physical Therapist for a shifter football team only she is only seeing to a dragon shifters needs the need to have as part of hi hoard But she is far from being treated as a gem by Jae but a piece of property And the worse thing is she can't escape him not even go out for a stroll she is literaly his prisoner Until she comes face to face with the other dragon shifter Nico then she is willing to face the wrath of JaeNico is not healing as he should and it's not physical either When he was hurt on the field he was booed and he never expected that from his loyal fans then when he meets Cass something deep down inside him stirs and he realizes that he has to save her from JaeThe fight is on Nico fights for the love of Cass but no matter how many times Cass escapes Jae it is always futileWill Nico give up trying and risk happiness or will he win the girl and the championship too?

  7. Merissa (Archaeolibrarian) Merissa (Archaeolibrarian) says:

    If you like Dragon shifters then this is one for you In this world shifters have their own American football league In one team there are two dragon shifter Jae a red dragon and Nico a silver one Cass is the human therapist on the team's payroll but seuestered away at Jae's side where she does not want to be A chance meeting with Nico is the spark to long thought out plans to make her break away from Jae However Jae has a big portion of anger along with a side of psychotic so things won't be as easy or straight forward as Cass or Nico would likeThis is a well written story with no editing or grammatical errors that I could see However the constant to and fro of whether Cass would be with Nico and just how 'strong' she actually was seemed to go on a bit On the whole though this was a thoroughly enjoyable and fantastical read brimming with shifters of both good and bad definitions I've also read about an alligator shifter for the first time Definitely recommendedMerissaArchaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books

  8. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    This is the second shifter story I’ve read by this author Her style is a little different than I’ve read before but I like it When the story refers to the character’s shifter version it’s as if it’s a different personality I’ve never seen that before but it’s an interesting take on the shifter type storylines The human community in Dragon Star knew all about the existence of shifters In most stories I’ve read the shifters are a secret where a human only finds out when it is determined they are the “mate” This story deals with issues of an abusive relationship Cass is a strong heroine who finds a way out of that relationship in order to be with her “fated mate” Nico This is a great story and I’m looking forward to reading by this author I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review

  9. Dawn Dawn says:

    Received a copy for an honest reviewThis was a totally different view of dragon shifters than I have read before Very interesting that they are so very solitary and paranoid These ualities make it very challenging to them to be in a shifter football league A good picture is painted of their houses and lives as they deal with things Most people think that being in a golden cage would be a good thing unless you are the imprisoned person Cass had started out just doing her job for the shifter football team Then one of the dragon shifters decided that he owned her Not a good situation This story will take you through the trials and tribulations that she deals with while dealing with a good and a bad shifter Keeps you on your toes waiting for the next thing to happen Thank heavens for me there was my happily ever after Very interesting story

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    Nico’s a dragon uarterback and he is playing for the Oulaws shifter team he hurt himself and is not healing so he is getting help from the team top doctors she knows everything about the shifters and Nico is one of the 12 dragons that is left and Case is his mate Case is Doctor therapists for the team but Jae May a cruel and possessive dragon is keeping her to himself and hurting her when she tries to escaped and threatens her family This is a great book I loved and hated the red Dragon Jae May But loved the silver dragon Nico this is a book you do not want to put down but keep going I got this free for an honest review and I loved it she is a great writer can't wait to read of these books Michelle ASINB01HFYFFN0 Dragon Star A Shifter Football League Novel

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