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  1. Sheziss Sheziss says:

    This is my first Brandon Witt book and it’s like nothing I expected it to beBut I loved it nonethelessIt wasn’t the typical love story Suffice it to say the romance is “solved” during the first 40% or less No it’s not that the following 60% is there for nothing just to reach the length of an average novelThe reason why is that Noah and Randall knew each other when they were teens They had their first kiss at 13 and have never forgotten each other ever since “It’s just that it’s you you know?” He shrugged and I thought he was going to look away but he didn’t “I’ve always known you were the one I wasn’t sure if you’d ever come back into my life or not but that didn’t change anything And then you did Out of the blue With no forcing the situation on either of our parts” Randall decides to buy a dog Not because he longs for some canine company but to satisfy his niece’s wishes She’s not allowed to have a dog at home so Randall decides to make her happy adopting it himself And so he goes to the animal refuge his mother is holding a benefit forAnd there he meets Noah A grown up Noah Was there an application to take him home?As if He comes home with a rather ugly dog called Harper I fell in love with the dog tooI must say Randall sense of humor amused me since the very beginning He’s a witty man indeed Promise me to call him if I had problems? Call Noah Carroll Yeah I had no issue with that Hell sign me up for ten dogs – that would guarantee a problem and a phone call “Sure I promise” So as I mentioned above the romance develops very uickly Insta love? For some reason I didn’t really care here It’s not just the “old” flame of love they experienced in their early youth but I really could feel their attraction and their chemistry I could feel them complementing each other and that “destiny” awaiting them And I was enchanted with Noah since the very first page he enters the scene “You ask that after you kiss me”“Like I said it didn’t look like you two were together to me”“And if we are?”He shrugged “You won’t be any”Another bark of laughter “Wow Not sure if that’s arrogance or supreme confidence”“Oh sorry I don’t mean it that way” Noah looked abashed “So are you? Are you together?”I shook my head “No Definitely not”“Good” Noah and Randall don’t waste the time with big misunderstandings or with holding their feelings back just because They are honest with themselves and with the other one naked emotions on the surface There is no sense in hiding when they both know what they are looking for It was that way the whole while and I really appreciate the author didn’t beat around the bush just for the sake of it “Sorry I’ll cut it out I’m just nervous and really happy Did I mention nervous?”“Why are you nervous if you’re so sure about everything?”“We’re human We can fuck up what’s meant to be”The words made my heart hurt which seemed ridiculous “And we’re meant to be?”He simply nodded No other assurance or clever uip One thing is true there are not many sex scenes or at least explicit sex scenes I must say I was a little disappointed with this because there clearly are sparks between them two and I really wanted to see than a glimpse of this What a pity Still there is no time to get bored so I didn’t miss it too muchI liked the photographer’s aura in the book How the sessions are How casual photos can be exactly what oneself is looking for How that person feels something in the air and foresees a life changing moment close to come for his camera to capture How the following process is displayed in order to emphasize the best aspects of the photo And Randall himself in that roleNoah drives his proverbial ark an animal refuge It can be kind of forced but I could really picture him taking care of abandoned dogs and finding them a home I really liked the method to find the perfect match for every person Or better said the perfect match for every dogReligion takes an important place here It’s not that we find bigoted people left and right but it was what drove Noah and Randall apart when they were teens Noah’s family is devoted to charity and helps people from socially disavantaged environments which leads them to travel very far away when their sabbatical year ends I liked this aspect of the story and how it shapes Noah’s character throughout the years Noah’s gaze sharpened seeing me again “And God took you I couldn’t have you” So which is the real “conflict” there? A myriad of things that are indeed the same crappy people Randall is a professional photographer but to make ends meet he combines his dream job with massage and erotic photograph sessions Randall loves sex so he had no problem in indulging himself if the occasion arises and he was attracted enough to the men who paid for his services That earns him a “slutty” reputation when one of his clients decides to cause a big scene out of it just out of spiteAnd Randall’s family is not supporting at all In fact it’s one of those with whom you wish not to find enemies in your life because you already have your family for that The Morgans are portrayed as a disgustingly rich and powerful family with a few skeletons in the closet Translation they were truly fucked up The father is a manipulating bastard who manhandles his other son Dustin at his will The mother was a social climber who is all the time looking down her nose at anyone who doesn’t meet her standards She doesn’t exactly make an effort to include Dustin’s wife Kayla in the family Kayla is the so called “trophy wife” but she still struggles with that definition and with giving her daughter Bailey some kind of good example but can’t avoid Bailey from being expected to behave as an adult in this constrained environment Her uncle Randall is the only one who lets her be a childSo when the shit really hits the fan lots of conflicts appear and Noah and Randall have to find it in themselves to overcome all these obstacles and difficulties in order to build a new life together I liked seeing how their relationship is put to test and how they manage to solve things and go on with their life Noah puts lots on faith on them whereas Randall is a bit insecure Despite reading his feelings well he’s scared of “fucking up what’s meant to me”This is my first experience with Brandon Witt and I must say it was a good beginningMore picsview spoiler hide spoiler

  2. Renée Renée says:

    This is not mm romance So I'm not sure if it was just tagged incorrectly or what The first 35% was great All romance there Then the remainder of the book was Dynasty with a gay MC There was no mm romance It was all about the MC and his fucked up family drama The end Not for me I'm surprised I finished it to be honest

  3. Sandra Sandra says:

    So this is only my 2nd book by this author I suck I know In my defense though I was mightily impressed with the first one I read because it was so awesome and it made my Best of 2015 listThen this came to me via Dreamspinner as an ARC thank you and I devoured it just the sameBecause Brandon man this was fabulous Two magnificent MCs a fantastic romance holy hot and dirty boysecks Batman and a bit of suspensedrama what's not to love amirite?Randall has disinherited himself from his rich and super controlling family He's basically the black sheep works as a photographer and masseur and some of this clients get extra benefits While this may sound sleazy at first I assure you it's not Randall doesn't accept payment for sexual favors and he certainly doesn't give every client those extracurricular activities but hey he's single young and why the hell not?He stays in touch with his family mainly because he loves his controlled and emotionally abused sister in law and his little niece Bailey whom he adores He's not rich but he's happy MostlyIt's because of Bailey sort of that Randall decides to adopt a dog if her daddy won't let her have one Randall can do the next best thing right?So Randall is chosen by Harper who must possibly be the ugliest dog I've ever seen described in the pages of a book But she loves Randall and Randall can't help but fall for herI pretty much fell for Randall from the start There was just something about him how he lived by his convictions and how lonely he felt sometimes that drew me inAnd then there was Noah Holy shitballz people Noah was amazing Direct communicative supportive sweet kind and totally in love with Randall He works at the Humane Society where Randall gets Harper and then is pulled into the suspense plot by association as the story unfoldsSpeaking of the suspense dayum Brandon Witt you had me clueless until the end as to who was behind it And then utterly shocked when I found out I loved loved the relationship between Randall and Noah and the one Randall had with his niece and sister in law And I loved loved LOVED that well read this for yourself No spoilers hereAs this is a romance it will not be a spoiler to let you know that we got our HEA so there's that Expected that didn't you?The writing brilliant I was drawn in from the start laughing hoping fearing and crying with the characters fanning myself during the sexy times and on the edge of my seat while they figured out the whodunit And the author while writing super hot sex scenes does so sparingly and only to further the plot None of it is gratuitous and I for one appreciate that very much The scenes while definitely reuiring cold showers after are also rather emotional which is much important to me in a romance I want to see the emotional connection so than how tab A is inserted into slot B and I got that here in drovesFabulous just fabulous and highly recommended I received a free copy of this book from its publisher A positive review was not promised in return

  4. Elsbeth Elsbeth says:

    BR July 22th with Julie and Momo35 starsNoahRandall I'd longed for him all those years Looked everywhere for him even though I hadn't realized In every date In every hookup In every hope and dream I had part of me at least was searching for him

  5. Vallie Vallie says:

    I’ve only read one other book by this author The imperfection of swans but it was a bit meh for me I am so glad I tried Son of money Randall’s family is pretentious and controlling as all get out He chose to be cut off from the inheritance to live his life the way he wants –including being a photographer and a masseur His massage clients tend to leave with a happy ending but Randall tells himself that he is only paid for the massage not the extras and he feels good about it He keeps in touch with his family mainly because of his sister in law who is trapped in a mostly unhappy marriage and his adorable niece Bailey It’s because of Bailey that Randall decides to adopt a dog from the humane society And that’s where he reconnects with Noah the childhood crush to end all crushes And not only is it reciprocated but Noah pretty much tells Randall that Randall is the one and that they belong together KA CHING You want to talk holly hotness? This is Noah ”Tall with dark brown hair pulled back into a messy man bun Heavy brows Thick close cropped beard over an angled jaw” Are you drooling yet? I was Plus Noah is an absolute sweetheart He wants to take things slowly He asks Randall out on a proper date – no funny business at the end of the night He is considerate kind caring and the list goes on And when they decide to be a bit not so proper?“ He held up three shiny fingers then lowered his hand With each of the next three thrusts he shoved a new finger in beside his cock And it hurt And like the slutty bottom boy I was I begged for another” Diiiiiiiiiiiiirty And so so so hot Mind you the sex scenes are sparse and carefully placed at the right times to advance the plot This is no sex fest But they are just enough to make you feel their connection and believe that the whole “you’re the one” and “we were always meant to be” deal is no bs Highlights• Harper Harper is the ugliest dog you could ever picture but also the sweetest and most loving She became a part of Randall’s life and comforted him when he needed it• The who dunnit Randall’s life was turned upside down The plot dealt heavily with how destructive the power of social media can be to a person’s reputation and livelihood A good chunk of the book was all about how Randall Noah and their relationship was affected by the drama that would not die down as well as who was the puppeteer behind everything It was done really well• Noah Honestly I don’t know if anyone could ask anything from a partner He was unflinchingly loyal to Randall no matter how bad things got in Randall’s life But he was no doormat He could withstand almost anything but he did draw the line and showed that even though he thought Randall was the one he wouldn’t tolerate everything I highly recommend this to fans of hurtcomfort who enjoy their romance a bit dreamy but also hot You won’t be disappointed ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review See this review on Gay Book Reviews

  6. Debra Debra says:

    Check out my full release day review at SinfullyThe Morgans are a family in the grand tradition of the Carringtons and Ewings okay so I’m showing my age with references to over the top 80’s soaps Rich and powerful and lording over all those around them especially their own blood with sticks firmly wedged you know where Youngest son Randall made it clear years ago that he wants nothing to do with the control that came with their money Cut out of the family fortune he forged his own path as a photographer and masseuse while continuing to acuiesce to some of his family’s wishes showing up at benefits and participating in family events with all appropriate decorum in order to remain a part of his beloved niece’s life His personal and private life bear little resemblance to the formal stiff scheming and social climbing lives of his father mother and brotherAfter a rash outburst in an effort to further subvert his family’s control and make his niece happy Randall finds himself at the local humane society attempting to adopt a dog when out walks Noah the man who gave him his first kiss He last saw Noah when they were 13 and 14 years old but he has never forgotten their one and only kiss and he has compared every man to him since even without realizing it They uickly reconnect and Noah is very forthright with his strong feelings for Randall and the conviction that Randall has always been the one man for him Their relationship is as intense as it is easy and though Randall fights it he is pretty certain about Noah as well As things have simmered for about 20 years I hesitate to call it insta love but things move very fastWhen rumors and allegations appear on a local website Randall owns up to having sex with some of his massage clients His father once again demands Randall do what he says to fix things or face the conseuences As the story grows and the allegations become severe Randall’s family and professional lives crumble Noah is a strong steady influence a lifeline for Randall but even he may not be enough as Randall starts to withdraw and hideThough it sounds heavy this is the lightest of the Brandon Witt books I’ve read While things get seriously screwed up the angst level is low as the relationship flows rather smoothly It’s the rest of Randall’s life that provides all the drama Money and power and love and family are the great motivators battling it out in this storyAs far as the relationship between Randall and Noah I really did feel they clicked Yes everything moved uickly but I felt the chemistry between them There were things I would have liked to have had explored in depth Noah’s obviously been through a lot of change in his life and appeared to be a complex character but we really only got to know him on a surface level I also wanted to know a bit about their relationship before their first kiss as teenagers I wanted to feel the teen angst and know why that first kiss was so life changing They were obviously both affected the same way but I didn’t feel it come across The relationship did work for me because I did feel their connection in the present and the sex scenes were some of the most descriptive I’ve read from this author so farMoving onto the family while Randall’s father is the biggest beast the rest of the Morgan family is no picnic either Sister in law Kayla is Randall’s best friend It took me a while to warm up to her as she initially came off as a money hungry bimbo who can’t keep her mouth shut but as the story went on and of her character is revealed she turned out to be a staunch ally and both smarter and stronger than I expected There is also Dustin his brother from another mother who is following in daddy’s footsteps and spews venom at the rest of the family with seemingly not a second thought Randall’s mother is just as bad as his father maybe even worse knowing where she came from It’s hard to believe he actually is a product of those two heartless peopleWhile the story has the soap opera family it doesn’t completely devolve into soap opera hysterics although there is a good face slap or two until the Daytime Emmy worthy last uarter of the book as Randall has a chance to confront the man who started it all and things just snowball from thereI just adore Brandon Witt’s easy writing style The scenes where Randall was working his photography shoots especially one in particular with his niece and the dogs vividly came to life and played like a film through my mind as I read Though it had its ups and downs for me I enjoyed the story I wanted Noah and Randall to have that HEA and I wanted to know just who was involved and what their end game was and of course see that those who deserved it got what I was hoping for in the end

  7. Kazza Kazza says:

    Just so no one feels the book has been spoiled for them by my review it's all hidden view spoilerI love Brandon Witt's writing He's a favourite author of mine So it's pretty damn sad for me to say that this book is a DNF at the 55% mark Because this is a review copy supplied by the author I'll outline why I DNF itI'll just lead in with some positives about the book That cover is gorgeous There were moments I was involved Moments where the writing was a flash of what I love about the author's writing style There were sex scenes on page I am glad that Brandon Witt went there because he often fades to black and in contemporary romance it's better when fade to black doesn't occur What I didn't like First and foremost the characters I didn't care for any of them Not a one At the risk of sounding like a recording characters are key for me in any book I read If I don't care about them then the book is doomed The primary MC Randall thinks he has freedom from the Morgan money but he doesn't He has made sure he is disinherited to be out of their clutches but he stays for his niece Bailey It's a lovely sentiment but at times it comes off as a cross to bear Don't get me wrong he loves her and is good with her but there are strings attached to anything to do with the family and he can't escape that while living in Seattle He is very much at the family's beck and call when they want him for functions and benefits or when they summon him to the house to hear their disdain outline repercussions for said disdain That he has freedom via his own money from sometimes erotic photography and sometimes sexualmassage for clients he's physically attracted to is really an illusion So is there likely to be true freedom for him by the end of Son of Money? Possibly but I don't care enough to see if there is One thing there is a paragraph where I feel Randall is dismissive of something he shouldn't be To be completely fair he is relaying the information but his way of relaying it and the outcome of the event didn't sit well with me I'm not highlighting it as a uote or the exact situation because I feel it is up to the individual reader Randall had me off side from that moment but he pulled me back a couple of times and I wanted to like him but I just couldn't warm to him If I heard Randall use the words slut and whore about himself one time I would have screamed I just kept thinking 'please stop the self flagellating slut shaming' It telegraphed a lot of the primary arc as well If I drank and if I played a drinking game as I heard another disparaging remark from a family member or client as well as Randall himself I'd have been smashed by the book's end Noah is okay But that's it for me Okay I appreciated his love of dogs and that he was a cool enough guy but in a sea of irritating characters okay doesn't cut it That he's understanding of the fact that Randall ran two sensual and erotic sidelines to his legitimate businesses massage and photography is none of his concern anyway they weren't dating so he's not being magnanimous Randall is a grown man and could do what he liked in his life pre Noah He can still do things he likes if they have an agreement or no terms of exclusivity but I know the genre and that would have been the kiss of death there is no cheating in this book just so readers know I actually believe the majority of MM romance readers will really like Noah For me he comes off pretty strong in the 'we were meant to be' stakes which means there's no chase and catch in this book Kayla I know I was supposed to like her but I found her superficial and too too cutesy I am also well over human Barbies That she asked Randall if her daughter his niece knew about the erotic side of his businesses was disconcerting Um call me weird but friends know their friends If I'm being brutal and blunt that she stays with someone for basically money means she doesn't get to ask uestions about prostitution however cutely framed The family are painful caricatures of the rich cold arsehole family with political aspirations and skeletons of their own so I'm saying hypocrites They have too much page time for a bunch of annoying characters and when you combine that with the lack of chemistry and passion and my lack of connection to the MCs and a plot that didn't grab me it's simply not for meStewart is another secondary character who annoyed me no end That Randall thought taking a guy he massages and has sex with to a Morgan family benefit as a friendly date just lacked common sense That was on purpose never going to end well There's so much melodrama with Stewart for the portion of the book he was in And as for the plot and other pieces I would have liked the sensual and erotic side of Randall's business explored before Noah came along and they fell into love It's insta love you can't gloss over that by the fact that a thirteen year old Randall and a fourteen year old Noah kissed before Noah had to choof off to Haiti with his missionary family I do love the idea of a kiss so meaningful so powerful that it withstands the test of twenty years of separation but it then has to be backed up with some powerful adult chemistry and emotion That powerful chemistry happened in the wonderful Under a Sky of Ash but not here One thing I want to be shown how beautiful people are in my books not told Describe characters and I'll get a feel for how they look or how they are Yes sure let a character tell me that they adore a partner or someone else important in their life Let a character share their total enchantment at how gorgeous they believe their intended is their lips their eyes but don't keep telling me how you feel they're beautiful this includes secondary characters like a best friend sister in law or niece It becomes superficial Please just let the clever and evocative writing speak for itself and guide my thoughts about the charm and beauty or not of the characters So I'm sitting here a bit lot gutted because I've not really met a Brandon Witt book I didn't love and I've read them all I'm generally excited to delve in when I have one of his books in my hand but Son of Money and I had relationship issues I feel this is probably going to be a case of it's me not the book If you like sweeter contemporary MM romance then you'll probably enjoy this one For me however #Imfeelingbummed In the wash up Artie Fry? Help yourself to my review hide spoiler

  8. Lelyana Lelyana says:

    This is a new to me author my first Brandon WittI loved the idea of the story when I read the blurb You know good cover good blurb Got me captivatedHere's the thing with this book It's too long and too many twist and betrayal I don't want to give you any spoiler but it's too hard not to give a spoiler view spoiler Randall is too weak Noah is too easy There's no conflict between the two heroes because Noah told Randall that they're meant for each other since the first kissYes I get it that Noah loved Randall for 22 years since he was 14 year old But doesn't make sense to me about true love when you're just 14 Skip that part They're meant to be let it beHere comes Randall and his profession so many conflict about it and his dependable to his niece is too much The betrayal among family is overrated IMO I mean come onI know it's parents job to humiliate your children but dragged Randall to hell and made a family's name bad? Not so much With a doormat mother Randall couldn't expect much from her Good thing is Kayla stand for him Kayla The in law Not Noah All Noah's do is being there and being a patient boyfriend and be there for Randall It's not that's bad either but I don't know I think he needed to do what Kayla's did for Randall hide spoiler

  9. Christy Christy says:

    I'm embarrassed to admit that 'Son of Money' is the first book of Brandon Witt's that I have read I know I should hang my head in shame There was something about the description for this novel however that pulled at me and insisted I read it It didn't hurt that it's set in and around Seattle Washington where I lived for a number of years and featured a pugchihuahua mix named Harper with horrible teeth and a loving heartI pretty much fell for Randall immediately My heart went out to him and the way he was raised by nannies and staff members with little love or affection from his parents The über rich of Seattle is what he was born into and it's their way or the highway He loves his niece Bailey who is seven and already being forced to learn the rules of comportment according to her grandparents In fact if it weren't for Bailey he would have removed himself from the family flytrap long ago His sister in law Kayla is his best friend and she's just as miserable fulfilling her role of Barbie for his brother Randall decides to get a dog to make Bailey happy since she isn't allowed to have one and who should he meet at the Humane Society but Noah his first kiss as a teenager and someone Randall has thought of often but hasn't seen since he was thirteen Of course he does get Harper that day so it turns out to be the best day ever After four days of Harper invading my space I couldn’t picture any other way to live She was the least feminine girl I’d ever met; she never stopped farting and snorting And I was completely in lovePlease find my full review at Rainbow Book Reviews

  10. ⚣Michaelle⚣ ⚣Michaelle⚣ says:

    4 StarsThe insta love was strong with this in that very young teenage friends are reunited as with Noah's insistence that they were always meant to be But somehow it workedThat said the story was a bit over the top with an almost Dynasty like antagonists in Randall's father brother that one stalky clientplus the heavy dose of Matriarchal Bitchdom from his mother OMG I wanted to stab them all and light them on fire Major kudos for having the female best friend FINALLY putting her foot down and declaring no ; I worried for her little girl's future mental stability given what seemed to occur in their householdI'm not a pet person but I can definitely see why some people are dog crazy after the way the pups were portrayed hereEdited to add Forgot to mention why it got such a good rating when it didn't seem like much in my review above Mainly I love how BW handled that whole sex on the side business between Noah Randall before they became romantically involved I loved how Noah didn't judge how even if it were prostitution with Randall charging for the sex rather than just getting off with clients who then left big tips then it was still not really any of his business because hello consenting adults LOVE THAT Also how BW had Randall not ashamed of his actions in and of themselves even taking those generous tips from the guys he did bed and showed him only struggling with how other people might view his behavior Oh and struggling with still wanting to AND CHOOSING NOT sleep with other people after they started dating THAT is so realistic and I love it LOVE IT People don't stop finding others attractive or wanting to screw other people once they commit; true commitment is CHOOSING not to act on that attractionAnywho yeah That's mainly what impressed me

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Son of Money ➬ [Ebook] ➧ Son of Money By Brandon Witt ➸ – Randall Morgan youngest son of one of Seattle’s wealthiest families rejected his family’s money to live free of their control and pursue his career as a photographer To make ends meet Randall does Randall Morgan youngest son of one of Seattle’s wealthiest families rejected his family’s money to live free of their control Son of PDF/EPUB or and pursue his career as a photographer To make ends meet Randall does erotic photography and massage—a secret he keeps from his family so he can remain a part of his young niece’s life But the price of that relationship is high and Randall is once slipping under his family’s thumb Noah Carroll is the spokesperson for the Seattle Humane Society and the city holds a special place in his heart When fate intervenes during a pet adoption Noah finds himself face to face with his first love—Randall While Noah and Randall are not the teenagers they once were the flame of a first kiss long ago draws them together Their romance is beginning to grow but someone is out to destroy Randall and expose all he keeps hidden When secrets and rumors thrust Randall into the public eye his relationship with Noah isn’t the only thing that comes under threat.

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