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Bill Ted Go to Hell [EPUB] ✻ Bill Ted Go to Hell By Brian Joines – Bill Ted return in a brand new adventure pitting History versus Hell It's time to get the band back together Bill Ted and the Princesses reunite with their historic friends to knock down the Devil's Bill Ted return in a brand Go to eBook ´ new adventure pitting History versus Hell It's time to get the band back together Bill Ted and the Princesses reunite with their historic friends to knock down the Devil's door and save their Bill Ted Epub / friend and bandmate Death from a formidable foe of great stature  Fan favorite characters from  Bill Ted's Excellent Adventure and  Bill Ted's Bogus Journey return including Rufus Billy the Kid Joan of Arc Abraham Lincoln Station and many in a Ted Go to ePUB ¹ showdown that will rock the supernatural world.

8 thoughts on “Bill Ted Go to Hell

  1. Jaime Jaime says:

    “Dude he should totally be called Abraham Thinkin’” We're going to ignore that I accidentally read the second volume first and instead focus on the fact that this comic fucking rules My expectations for any comic that's meant to tie in to a movie franchise are so incredibly low because they almost always feel like cash grabs that had little to no thought put into them This thankfully was not the case here This was a comic written by someone who loves Bill Ted and you can see that on every page This comic is set after Bogus Journey and has Bill Ted the Princesses Rufus and a bunch of their friends from throughout history trying to save Death by going to Hell With each few pages the conflict escalates to crazy lengths something which I feel is very in keeping with the spirit of Bogus Journey and the franchise as a whole Easily the best part of this comic is how much it centres all the side characters we love In particular the Princesses get a much prominent role in this than they do in the movies and are the absolute coolest In the movie's Bill and Ted's relationships with Joanna and Elizabeth are already the absolute cutest and they really just double down on that here But it's not just the Princesses that have expanded roles; all of the historical figures have mini character arcs and seeing them support each other is so heartwarming Then there's Death who remains maybe the funniest character ever created while never losing the depth he has The art is also fantastic I've never read anything illustrated by Bachan but I look forward to discovering in the future because despite not being what I typically like in comic book art it really worked for me As with the Bill Ted movies this has no right to be as good as it is and makes me extremely excited for Face the Music even if it is kind of funny to read this now because of all the things they're clearly retconning in that movie

  2. Jeannette Marie Jeannette Marie says:

    Same silly antics as the films The comic did a great job of staying true to the voice of the source material

  3. Malcolm Cox Malcolm Cox says:

    Well this was silly Just like the films If you don't like the films give this a miss If you do enjoy them for the light hearted jaunt through time and space that it is this is a lot of fun If you don't know Bill Ted is basically Doctor Who but with a different phone box and two dim nitwits instead There is a Doctor character called Rufus but he or less just operates the time machineThis is book 2 in the series so I'm not sure if I've missed much having not read the first one but don't let a thing like continuity get in the way here This is Bill Ted after all This volume seems to have just about every single character from the two films and not feel overstuffed which is uite the achievement A lot of fun and very very sillyThe artwork wasn't the best but its zany style did fit with the theme

  4. Marcelo Soares Marcelo Soares says:

    Alguém mais se lembra do Bill Ted? Eu lembro da fila do Cine Vitória na esuina da General Vitorino com a Borges num sábado frio no início dos anos 90 e eu achei auilo tão divertido tão engraçado na sua simplicidade bestaClaro os protagonistas eram burros continuam burros; os convidados especiais da viagem no tempo não fazem o menor sentido continuam não fazendo; mas não faz muita diferença porue continuamos com o Bill e Ted perdidos no tempo no universo e em tudo maisA linguagem do uadrinho é muito parecida com o ue eu lembro dos filmes o ue é positivo mas falta um momento ue me diga porue eu tô lendo isso e aí não tem e só nostalgia mesmoSe vocês não conhecem o filmem procurem vejam e sejam excelentes um para o outro

  5. Paxton Holley Paxton Holley says:

    Better than Triumphant Return Written by the guy that wrote that awesome Krampus comic

  6. Dave Dave says:

    Captures all the fun of the films for an adventure that perfectly utilizes the medium of comics Also made me even excited for Bill and Ted 3

  7. Ryan Madman Reads & Rocks Ryan Madman Reads & Rocks says:

    A most excellent adventure It picks up right where the last movie left off I thoroughly enjoyed every page It was great to see two of my favorite movie characters doing what they do best

  8. Chris Martinez Chris Martinez says:

    True to the bill and Ted story but also an unnecessary story

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