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The Slanted Life of Emily Dickinson [PDF / Epub] ☀ The Slanted Life of Emily Dickinson ✍ Rosanna Bruno – Rosanna Bruno’s speculative look at Emily Dickinson’s social media feed is so hysterical you may find yourself with a case of the vapors Alison Bechdel America’s favorite recluse just got a life Rosanna Bruno’s speculative Life of PDF ↠ look at Emily Dickinson’s social media feed is so hysterical you may find yourself with a case of the vapors Alison Bechdel America’s favorite recluse just got a life With her distinctively funky drawing style and insightful wit artist Rosanna Bruno presents a cross generational Dickinson for the st centuryEmily Dickinson said “Tell The Slanted PDF/EPUB or all the truth but tell it slant” Artist Rosanna Bruno does just as the poet asked in a series of several dozen witty hand drawn cartoons inspired by what we know and don’t know about Dickinson’s life and work The Slanted Life of Emily Dickinson explores often hilariously and always respectfully the myth surrounding the reclusive poet Slanted Life of PDF/EPUB » using her own words to skew or slant a story that is already somewhat fuzzy in detail Beginning with a line or two from Dickinson’s poems or letters Rosanna Bruno presents an image of a real or imagined event For example she imagines Dickinson’s Facebook page “Relationship Status It’s Complicated” her OkCupid dating profile “I am small like the wren; and my hair is bold like the chestnut burr” her senior yearbook page “Girl Most Likely to Talk to Birds” and several other hilarious scenes and fictional artifacts The result is a wickedly funny portrait of one of the most beloved and mythologized poets in the American canon.

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  1. Aneela ♒the_mystique_reader♒ Aneela ♒the_mystique_reader♒ says:

    Tell all the truth but tell it slant An enjoyable graphic novel with a clever idea The writer has cleverly portrayed Emily Dickinson's life story with the help of Emily's poetry The novel is divided into 5 chapters Life Work Social Life Nature and Time and Eternity I loved how writer showed how would her Facebook Instagram and Yelp profile would look like if Emily was present in modern times What would be her favorite acronyms and emojis It was a uick and fun read I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  2. Jeimy Jeimy says:

    If you merely like Emily Dickinson's poetry you will find yourself laughing aloud at some of the situations the author places her in Bruno has a vivid imagination and has given a 21st century twist to some of Dickinson's poems and lines I was going to post many of them on Litsy but ended up with screenshots of than 10% of the book Rest assured I will be buying at least one copy for my classroom library and already have the perfect activity to go with it

  3. Suzze Tiernan Suzze Tiernan says:

    Although Emily Dickinson was a recluse the author uses lines from her poems to imagine her life her thoughts even her social media presence There were some funny moments but mostly this was just okay I'm not a big fan of her poetry so would be interested to hear what a fan of hers thinks of the book Thanks to NetGalley for the copy for review

  4. Anusha Narasimhan Anusha Narasimhan says:

    I just finished off reading the complete poetry collection of Emily Dickinson With that fresh in mind it was fun to read this book The author takes the words from Dickinson's poems and tries to imagine her life from a humorous angle This book didn't make me laugh out loud but it was somewhat amusingNote I received a free copy of this book from the publisher

  5. Nissa Nissa says:

    I recognized many lines and laughed out loud at this offbeat take on Emily Dickinson the person and how she might fit into a modern society I found myself wishing for vignettes details pages

  6. Ashley Ashley says:

    SynopsisEmily Dickinson lived a pretty reclusive life from what we know of her but what would have happened if she had been given the ability to be active on social media or the opportunity to try out weird hobbies we now enjoy? That’s what Bruno explores in this short graphic novel Bruno plays with the idea of what Dickinson might have been like if she’d lived in the 21st century with all of us The Slanted Life of Emily Dickinson America’s Favorite Recluse Just Got a Life by Rosanna Bruno★★★★Genre Graphic NovelHumorRelease Date March 2017Source Netgalley – Free Copy ProvidedOn My Shelf Not Currently – Perhaps SomedayI came across this title on Netgalley and knew that I had to read it I’m so glad I didThis was such a fun little graphic novel and I enjoyed nearly every page of it I say nearly because there were a few that were a bit beyond my grasp or just didn’t make much sense to me But they may have if I’ve read Dickinson poetry than the measly amount I currently stand at I think knowing about her would have increased my enjoyment by a significant degree That of course is not the book’s fault and is completely my own so it didn’t affect my rating Although I do feel that a Dickinson enthusiast may rate this even higher than I didThis book was so uniue and I totally loved the concept of it Bruno clearly has a deep love for Dickinson and that definitely comes across in this book There’s a sort of special touch to this that I’m almost entirely sure not just anyone could pull off Bruno had me smiling on most of the pages and even chuckling out loud on many of themI highly enjoyed the journey Bruno took me on in this novel and found myself sad when I came to the final page I wanted I was really not ready for this story to endOverall I absolutely recommend this to graphic novel and literature loving readers and especially to anyone who has a love for “America’s Favorite Recluse” This book comes out March 7th–less than a month so be sure to keep your eyes open for it This was such a fun readI was provided with a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review That did not sway my thoughts; all opinions are and remain my ownReview originally published on my Wordpress blog Dreaming Through Literature

  7. Amy Welham Amy Welham says:

    I received an advanced digital copy of this book from Netgalley to review Tell all the truth but tell it slantRosanna Bruno takes a humorous approach to what Emily Dickinsons life might have been like in the 21st century based on lines from her poems The book is divided into chapters similar to the sections of Dickinsons complete works such as life nature and time eternity Each page is largely an illustration to fit in with a line of poetry we see what Emily Dicksons facebook and dating profile would have looked like A lot of humour is taken from her reclusive nature obsession with death and love of birds I particularly liked Emily Dickinson as an advice columnist which had sections of her poems in response to peoples dilemmasThis book is a very uick and funny read You will definitely get enjoyment from it the you know about Emily Dickinson I only gave it 3 stars as I found it hit and miss in parts; there shouldn't need to be filler in a book that is under 100 pages

  8. Theediscerning Theediscerning says:

    Rosanna Bruno makes a mess sometimes according to her biographical strapline Well I sure wish this one hadn't been published Not knowing nearly enough about the subject here I actually now know less due to this ungainly slapdash pile of doodah It uotes the same lines and verses multiple times leaps from one subject to another and right back again never begins to think of being funny and taught me so little I really have no idea why it got the green light It smacks of a knowing in joke when I wanted a biography without or without uirks Not just a bad unattractive book but a uite harmfully helpless one

  9. Sophie Sophie says:

    Feels like a zine in a great zine kind of way but not in a great book kind of way ¯ツ¯

  10. Mainon Mainon says:

    So this is essentially a collection of Emily Dickinson's imagined social media postings Facebook profile tweets instagram photos and the like Snippets of her poetry are scattered throughout in a way that makes them seem related to the theme of the postSome of it is legitimately amusing but I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I expected Some of the jokes seemed forced and others just mean than funny On the upside it was a short read and was a fun way to spend a few minutes even if the pages were a bit hit or miss sortof like reading a book of New Yorker cartoonsI received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review Thanks I'm really glad I tried this book even if I didn't love it

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