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The Butcher, The Baker, The Custom Bike Maker (The Myer Triplets, #2) [PDF] ✈ The Butcher, The Baker, The Custom Bike Maker (The Myer Triplets, #2) ⚣ Mathew Ortiz – Recipe for Romance 1 cup crazy Myer triplet aka Boone Myer 1 cup snobby guppie aka Robbie Gaither 2 tbsp nutty family and friends 1 tbsp epic beard no substitutions 1 tbsp sexual compatibility 1 tsp m Recipe for Romance The Baker, eBook ´ cup crazy Myer triplet aka Boone Myer cup snobby guppie aka Robbie Gaither tbsp nutty family and friends tbsp epic beard no substitutions tbsp sexual The Butcher, Epub / compatibility tsp misunderstandings Preheat sexual tension to Degrees In a large American City aka Atlanta Georgia combine the odd ball Myer triplet Boone with eual parts stuffy snobby uptight Robbie Gaither When Butcher, The Baker, ePUB ✓ mostly together add family and friends who mean well but bless their hearts they try Toss in Boone’s gorgeous beard and do not forget the intense sometimes ridiculous attraction these two bone heads have Butcher, The Baker, The Custom PDF/EPUB ² for each other and lastly throw in two lives that seem to only get in the way of these two making each other happy Mix until a Butcher, The Baker, The Custom PDF/EPUB ² complete chaotic mess and pour into a well lubed check that pour in well greased pan and bake until very very firm Bake for one hour Serve hot and eat with your fingers Very messy very funny and very tasty.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 142 pages
  • The Butcher, The Baker, The Custom Bike Maker (The Myer Triplets, #2)
  • Mathew Ortiz
  • English
  • 10 May 2016

About the Author: Mathew Ortiz

Mathew Ortiz was The Baker, eBook ´ born in Nuremberg Germany in O the son of a Army man and his Hungarian wife Spending only two years in Germany his family relocated to Fort Smith Arkansas Here The Butcher, Epub / is where he attended primary school and college obtaining a degree in Nursing He moved to Phoenix Arizona meeting his partner Tim there Matt and Tim relocated to Orlando Florida in the early s Butcher, The Baker, ePUB ✓ Mathew had b.

9 thoughts on “The Butcher, The Baker, The Custom Bike Maker (The Myer Triplets, #2)

  1. Lisa The Novel Approach Lisa The Novel Approach says:

    45 Stars Ah the Myer triplets The Baker is book two in the series and we have made it to the unabashedly openly gay power bottom Boone Myer This book is pure Mathew Ortiz; if you have read any of his other books you know you will laugh; you will cry; you will be instantly invested in the characters within the pages of this book Also as with most of his books there are a lot of crossover characters We are right back with the Gaither and the Myer families and never have two families been so intertwined I would love a family tree at this point to keep them all straight However you do not need to read any other book to enjoy this one—it is a standalone romance What I will say is that is a trilogy about triplets—get the picture?—you need to read The Butcher which is Avery Myers story and book one just because it is a good book and a great read and if you read this one first you will go back and read that one anyway; you just willBoone Myer can only be described as awesome He is out He is a size ueen and he daily proclaims that fact with the t shirts he wears that have gay sayings emblazoned across the front He’s tall and lanky and immaculately groomed from his beard to his manscaping He is also diabetic and considers himself the “broken triplet” There is so much to Boone than the persona he projects to the world His outside persona screams laid back devil may care and careless but underneath Boone is passionate about two things his bakery and his family Boone knew he wanted to be a baker from the age of eight when his mother bought him his first Easy Bake Oven and now he owns 350 Degrees Bakery; it is a business he runs his own way and if it’s a bit unconventional well so is heRobbie Gaither is uptight His appearance is pristine and so is his reputation In short he is a snob He also cannot stand men who act gay He prefers the business suit type the preppy look and Boone Myer is definitely nowhere near what he is normally attracted to Even if the man does have a beautiful beard Robbie works hard at being a top notch event planner even when he is pressured into taking his cousins wedding on as an event Unfortunately since Boone’s bakery is baking the wedding cake—because family yeah—the two are constantly thrown together and sparks flyThese men fight like two alley cats in a burlap bag and Boone loves nothing than to rile that alley cat up and make him hiss and spit In other words lose his cool and impersonal persona The chemistry coming off the page between these two men is electric and entertaining The secondary characters are endearing and interfering as only family can be Mathew Ortiz’s books are not just books they are literary experiences and I loved every second of Boone and Robbie’s journey I will say the cliffhanger at the end was unkind and completely unnecessary because I would have read Cotton’s story when it comes out regardless I highly recommend this bookReviewed by Carrie for The Novel Approach Reviews

  2. Andrea Goodell Andrea Goodell says:

    This is only the second book I’ve read by this author both are great fun sassy cute and touchingBoone is a baker madly in love with life his family and completely opposite of what anyone would think of when you picture a gay baker As they say they broke the mold when they made him well him and and brothersRobbie on the other hand is exactly what you picture when you read about this character Full of himself surrounded by self righteous friends and only wants the best of the best Not terribly likableSo when these two meet of course the attraction the chemistry is off the charts Boone can’t help but flirt and tease Robbie and Robbie can’t help but want to tame that It’s an amazing tug of war to watch The secondary cast that they surround themselves with is also a hoot to watch A little over the top a little unrealistic but completely fun The other two brothers the fathers the mothers the staffThe brides and the cake I want pictures of that CAKEMy one complaint is the way that Robbie and Robbie friends keep treating Boone the comments even at the end and yet Boone with little recourse allows it takes him back I kept finding myself saying stop settling on this jerk Boone clearly has a low self esteem issue and Robbie has a god complex both issues needs addressing Maybe in the next book? I also have a lovehate with the ending we get a HFN and a cliffy Really? Really I would have given a 45 but we aren’t allowed5 so It’s a 4

  3. Cathy Brockman Cathy Brockman says:

    This is my first book by Mathew Ortiz and it won't be my last This story landed him straight on my favorite list I love a story full of colorful uniue characters a funny and fun plot and a sexy romance This story had it all and This is a book two and I haven't read this first but am on the way to correcting that and followed it well I also fond out that some of the other characters are crossovers from other series I'll have to correct that as well but I followed along just fineThe story is told in alternating views both Robbie and Boone Robbie Gaither is a stuck up snobbish man that wants to climb the corporate ladder and is well on his way After not long in the event planning company he is working for he gets a promotion and the best contracts Since his family helped him in his first big event and in his family they all help each other; he is helping plan his cousin's wedding This is the opening scene and so funny I adored his aunt Mabelle The family is very low country and opposite of Robbie who is trying to be citified Getting the wedding cake leads him to meet Boone Meyer one of the Meyer Triplets Boone is very out and very ueenish the opposite of what Robbie likes in a man but something attracts him to Boone They meet again in a club they both freuent and sparks fly not only do they fly they ignite one heck of a flame Then Robbie's snooty friends interfere putting down Boone There is lots of back and forth where Boone is very open has no filter yet Robbie is very self confident and snobby Boone is a diabetic and dealing with that as well I also loved Boone's Mom and Maw MawI loved that neither man is perfect Robbie has to deal with his friends or love and Boone has his health There is lots of humor and heat in this story The ending is sneaky I wanted to read Cotton's story anyhow now I am dying for itIf you like contemporary gay romance out and proud flashy characters snobby businessmen Event planners bakers a sweet romance humor and hot man sex you will love this

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    This is Boone's story the second of the Myer tripletsI was looking forward to Boone's story he was larger than life funny and confident in his skin His initial meeting with Robbie was as I expected when opposites attract humorous and engaging with flusters on both sides However in my opinion there seemed to be a big chunk of the story missing It went from shy attraction on both sides to practicality being together without the middle bitthe middle bit of overcoming their issues and establishing a relationship got lost somewhereI seriously rechecked my kindle to make sure I hadn't skipped a chapter or two After such a detailed courtship with Avery it sucked not having the same applied here missed opportunities mehOverall though it was another low angst sweet tale Mawmaw still had me smirking with her inappropriate feisty comments The ending was a little bit of a cliffhanger and set up for book 3 Cotton's story and after the teaser in this book of his first meeting with Caleb I'm looking forward to reading it

  5. Ali Ali says:

    So I enjoyed this story but just a warning the he timelines don't line up with the events of the first story

  6. Manuela Manuela says:

    This book was given to me by the author for an honest review I loved it More often I laughed out loud Once or twice I sniffled a bit The characters Boone and Robbie have a wonderful chemistry and move from not liking each other to trying to make it work The supportive characters and that includes the villains and the bitchy crazy ones are well thought out Yes some of them are cliché but that makes them enjoyable Written from both Boone's and Robbie's POV I was confused once or twice but only because I did skip the chapter head that told me that we had changed the narrator Minor spelling mistakes that didn't interrupt the reading flowI am off now to get the first book in that triplet saga I need to know how it all began This is the second book in a trilogy but it can be read as a stand alone Characters from the first book are back and it ends in a big bang No spoilers from me Read for youselves

  7. Kristian Erdmann Kristian Erdmann says:

    Sexysweet and hilariousI have so much love for this book Boone and Robbie are complete opposites Boone is crazy care free and has a careless attitude Don't get me wrong when it comes to his work and his family he is all business and all in but on life ye tends to just have fun He hasn't has a serious relationship in awhile due to his strong commitment to his job and business and just can't seem this find anyone who understands Robbie is e complete opposite he is preppy uptight and very straight lased the he meets the outgoing Boone and for unknown reasons to him he is drawn to him even though he the opposite of what Robbie usually goes for The two love hard fight hard and make up harder I can't get enough of the Myer triplets and can not wait for Cotton's story

  8. Dara Nelson Dara Nelson says:

    Just as good if not better than the first because well Boone He's better than awesome He's fun funny out proud but also has hidden depth that really moved me And while Robbie seemed shallow at first he proved to be far from it Loved this book and cannot wait for the next one

  9. Denise White Denise White says:

    Love this seriesI just loved the hell out of Boone he was funny and so SpiritedRobbie was okI missed these characters and am patiently waiting for the next book

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