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The Corridor ❁ The Corridor kindle Epub ❅ Author Nicole Hart – Not everything is black and white cut and dry I know this is wrong I know this goes against everything I stand for I took an oath a vow of secrecy But I crave a world I've only read about dreamt about Not everything is black and white cut and dry I know this is wrong I know this goes against everything I stand for I took an oath a vow of secrecy But I crave a world I've only read about dreamt about and yearned for So when I'm given the opportunity to explore my darkest desires I'm torn between a physical need and a professional oath But once I have a taste of Cain Hamilton all of my sound judgement is gone The conseuences didn't matter I just wanted him All of him nothing else mattered.

About the Author: Nicole Hart

Nicole Hart is a contemporary romance author with a new love for psychological thriller and mystery She is a lover of words and storytelling When she's not writing she loves spending time with her husband and two kids She's from the one red light town of Boyd Texas and enjoys life on her old country road She survives on coffee sarcasm and old country music.

10 thoughts on “The Corridor

  1. BookBarn BookBarn says:

    ARC in exchange for honest review45 hot and steamy need a cigarette after this book STARS The Corridor is a short read I honestly wasn't expecting that but I feel like the author did it justice It kept me hooked and intrigued I'm not gonna lie I could totally take Cain The man is sexy as hell But I really loved this book and words dedicated to Cain We met Cain in Author Nicole Hart's The Hurricane if you haven't read it I highly suggest you stop what your doing now and READ it I was so excited to learn that Nicole was giving him a book I was hoping and praying we would get to find out about Cain and why he was so ruthless in The Hurricane Not only do you see his ruthless work ethic and his dominant side you see a side I didn't think he had You see his sweet side the caring and tender side It's not directed towards anyone other one person and that one person being Sierra She's a therapist She's intrigued and curious about Cain and his club Cain doesn't disappoint in showing her what she thinks she wants but Sierra invokes something in Cain and makes him reevaluate everything he's ever thought he knew and wanted in his life

  2. Diana& Diana& says:

    Omg what a book this wasIt was incredibly sexy and hot Nicole has given us a cracker Jack Box just waiting to be opened and read by every Smutty readerNow you know who you are ; I just want to say from the beginning that we need to thank Nicole for giving us the Hamilton Brothers At this point I would take either onelol This book will keep you hanging to every word on every page WOWI have just added a new Alpha book boyfriend to my listWelcome Cain HamiltonI cant wait for all my book sisters to get to meet the new Alpha in the blockMost definitely a 5 read

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I am new reader to Nicole Hartso it was great going into this Novella to get grasp of her writing style OMG first off this book is HOT Holy Hannah I fell in complete all over Cain alpha man status and Sierra strong will ways Truly enjoyed this uick steamy read I will again emphasize this is a Novella so that means it a short read but it truly was packed with everything and then some You will not be disappointed A uick afternoon read

  4. Linda Linda says:

    Curiousness Hotness Intense ALPHA Male This book has IT ALL Have every wondered what goes on after the bar closes? Pick this novella up and enter the erotic space behind closed doors Nicole has done it yet again Feels you didn't know you wanted or needed Hot Hot HOT Cain Hamilton is all the ALPHA you need and WANT

  5. Kinky Girls Kinky Girls says:

    Reviewing for KinkyGirlsBookObsessionsThe Corridor is FIVE STARS HOT Mercy This Novella is a perfect addition to The Hurricane Loved Cain HamiltonAND so will you Nicole's writing is hotter every book I'm super proud of her this new hotter a little darker writing she's brought to the table HOT HOT HOT

  6. Yvette F. Yvette F. says:

    Nicole is such a teaseI want Cain This is different from her other books but it is just as amazing The alphas just get better and better I love Ryker but Cain might be my favorite

  7. Melissa ~ Book Boyfriend and Husband Makes Three Melissa ~ Book Boyfriend and Husband Makes Three says:

    This book was a pretty uick steamy read but it was well written and I loved the characters instantly Definitely recommend

  8. Juli Hall Juli Hall says:

    I received this arc in exchange for my honest review This is a uick read I enjoyed it but it was way too short I wanted

  9. Michelle Krystel Michelle Krystel says:

    Cain had me at the edge of my seat through the whole book I'm just like omg wow holy crap This book is just that good I loved it I honesly couldn't get enough of Cain I want lol

  10. K& K& says:

    The Corridor is a fast uick readSierra has sexual desires that she wants to explore She's been researching those desires and comes across the profile of Cain Hamilton He becomes her target She seeks him out at Eclipse Bar and Lounge the club he owns She is apprehensive about going in and meets someone in the parking lot that convinces her to go in with him After a short time she see Cain and forgets about the man she walked in withWhen Cain sees her he is immediately drawn to her Can't keep his eyes off of her Of course he doesn't think she belongs in his club especially the after hours portion of the club He corners her and let the foreplay begin They find it hard to resist each other He starts walking a way and she stops him He warns her against having any involvement with him She pushes his warning asideThe rest of the book is a sexually charged fast paced romance There were also kinky sexual elements in the story I like the way Nicole Hart writes In a shorter book like The Corridor she doesn't waste any time getting the characters and plots moving I appreciated the fact that once they got involved with each other Cain was open to having a relationship and half the book wasn't eaten up with them pushing each other away The book left me lusting for I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a hot sexual romance

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