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  1. Kittykills Kittykills says:

    oh how the mighty have fallen it is a jumbled mess from being to end time jumps forward and back and pack some and then forward now in the present and then go to years later time Jump neither character had any depth at at all and the constantly how the story progressed made no sense to be honest I skimmed most of the latter part of the book the baddie after the third time they wereas mentioned I figured it out the stalking was a dead giveaway the interactions between the two main characters in the story especially the sex it was horrible I can't think of one thing that I liked about this but wait yes I can when deleted it I expected so much from this other and was very disappointed I'm not certain what the author was going for but shehe seriously needs to go back for every dude before putting out another book similar to this one guys do not waste your money if you've read this other in the past and enjoy herhim stop don't read this book it won't go in herhim for you since I got reamed by someone who didn't enjoy the way I spoke about my last review of a book apparently I sold it while intentionally trying not to I guess they were smarticle than me and got to read between the lines I tried very hard not to spoil this book but something might have slipped through

  2. Ro Dubose Ro Dubose says:

    Angel Broderick a TV daytime drama star is being stalked by a maniac The betrayal of his wealthy lover caused David Robinson to lose his LA job as an illustrator Moving back to New York David has a chance meeting with Angel and the encounter permanently changed David’s life Chances with Angel is a thriller with a touch of budding romance Well known as an actor Angel has fans who adore the character he plays on TV and David happens to be one of them However the few fans that meet Angel realize he is not like his fictional character In fact one fan’s twisted mind cannot distinguish fiction from reality The New York detectives are making little progress while the stalker is becoming bolderDavid who is just starting to get his life back on track becomes the prime suspect Not willing to have his new life destroyed David does his own investigation but will the detectives listen to David’s findings DJ Manly has created an intriguing and enjoyable saga David’s romantic betrayal in LA almost made me cry

  3. Lidia Lidia says:

    I don't like to mark one book two stars especially when the author is one that I like very much but this story has so many things that I don't like all was a bit unrealistic a farceand the MC were flat The prologue don't promised well for David and go forth and back in the plot was confusing The mystery was interesting though

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Chances with Angel [KINDLE] ❅ Chances with Angel ❥ D.J. Manly – At one time David Robinson had all he desired in life Then betrayal made him lose everything including his highly paid job as an illustrator and the man he loved Home again with his mother his bank ac At one time David Robinson had all he desired in life Then betrayal made him Chances with PDF/EPUB ² lose everything including his highly paid job as an illustrator and the man he loved Home again with his mother his bank account near empty David was languishing in the pit of despair Then one day Angel Broderick walked onto the set of Chances his Mom’s favorite soap and David’s monochrome world exploded into technicolorAngel Broderick the hot new sensation on daytime drama had worked hard to land a role on Chances but being harassed by a stalker who’s becoming and daring has seriously put a damper on his success Being stalked by a maniac is frightening enough but it’s even terrifying when the police tell Angel that the prime suspect is a man he just spent three days in bed with.

  • ebook
  • 165 pages
  • Chances with Angel
  • D.J. Manly
  • English
  • 01 September 2014

About the Author: D.J. Manly

I write not only for my own pleasure but for the pleasure of my readers Chances with PDF/EPUB ² I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t written and told stories When I’m not writing I’m dreaming about writing doing something wild and adventurous or trying to make the world a better and open minded place to live in I adore beautiful men and I know I’m not alone in this Eroticism between consenting.