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This Is How It Always Is [Read] ➪ This Is How It Always Is Author Laurie Frankel – Laurie Frankel's THIS IS HOW IT ALWAYS IS is a warm touching and bittersweet novel about a family that's just like any other until it's not For readers of WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY BESIDE OURSELVES and TH How It PDF/EPUB ¿ Laurie Frankel's This Is How It Always Is is a warm touching and bittersweet novel about a family that's just like any other until it's not For readers of WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY BESIDE OURSELVES and THE UNLIKELY PILGRIMAGE OF HAROLD FRY 'A lively and fascinating story of This Is eBook º a thoroughly modern family and the giant multifaceted love that binds them Sparkles with wit and wisdom' Maria Semple bestselling author of WHERE'D YOU GO BERNADETTE Rosie and Penn always wanted a daughter Four sons later they decide to try one last time and their beautiful little boy Claude Is How It MOBI ñ is born Life continues happily for this big loving family until the day when Claude says that when he grows up he wants to be a girlAs far as Rosie and Penn are concerned bright funny and wonderful Claude can be whoever he or she wants But as problems begin at school and in the community the family faces a seemingly impossible dilemma should Claude change or should they and Claude try to change the worldWarm touching and bittersweet This Is How It Always Is is a novel about families love and how we choose to define ourselves It will make you laugh and cry and see the world differently.

  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • This Is How It Always Is
  • Laurie Frankel
  • 09 May 2016
  • 9781472241580

About the Author: Laurie Frankel

How It PDF/EPUB ¿ Laurie Frankel is the New York Times Bestselling author of four novels ONE TWO THREE coming in April THIS IS HOW IT ALWAYS IS GOODBYE FOR NOW and THE ATLAS OF LOVE She lives with her family on a very steep hill in Seattle but she's an This Is eBook º east coaster at heart She is also a baseball fan a soup maker a theater lover a yoga practicer a comma expert and a huge reader Welcome.

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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    “Well Usually boys don’t wear dresses to preschool” Rosie admitted carefully “Or tights”“I’m not usually” said Claude This Rosie reflected even at the time was true I've been going back and forth on whether I wanted to read this for a while On the one hand the premise interested me the critics' reviews have been gushing and the average GR rating is impressive On the other hand the few negative reviews have been calling it words like sentimental and even Kirkus begrudgingly admitted that it is cloying at times Those are two things that can turn me off a book right awayBut for whatever reason This is How It Always Is was the exception to the rule Is it sentimental? I mean sure maybe but it was also a deeply emotional reading experience for me too Is it sweet nice neat? I would argue not There is much in this book that warmed my heart but to dismiss its struggles as too easy too nice and too easily solved is to dismiss the gender dysphoria and violent transphobia as something that is easyAt its heart This is How It Always Is is a book about all seven members of the Walsh Adams family I love family dramasaga style books so this was right up my alley They are a loving hilarious complex and dysfunctional family all trying to do right by one another and screwing up many times along the way I was utterly charmedAfter four boys Rosie and Penn are sure their fifth child will be a girl until Claude arrives It will be a few years before they realize that their first predictions weren't exactly wrong Drawing from her own experiences the author explores how the family reacts to the realization that Claude now Poppy is transgender Rosie and Penn instinctively try to protect their child by moving to the supposedly liberal Seattle However instead of celebrating who Poppy is they keep it a secret and urge her brothers to do the sameLike most secrets the weight of hiding Poppy bears down on all of them especially Poppy herself The characters note the irony that they are hiding the fake Poppy and the real Poppy is the one her schoolmates and neighbours have known all along Eventually of course everything blows up in their facesI found it very easy to become absorbed in the story I became angry at the transphobic and homophobic comments made by kids and adults and frustrated at the smaller acts of misunderstanding as the Wisconsin teachers tried to accommodate a trans student whilst still enforcing the gender binary “Little boys do not wear dresses” Miss Appleton tried to channel her usual patience “Little girls wear dresses If you are a little boy you can’t wear a dress If you are a little girl you have to use the nurse’s bathroom”“Meaning if he is a girl he has gender dysphoria and we will accommodate that If he just wants to wear a dress he is being disruptive and must wear normal clothes” Frankel highlights an ongoing problem in which schools try to recognize trans students but still demand they check one box or another and adopt the expected characteristics of the selected male or female The ultimate issue is about than accepting someone with XY chromosomes as a girl; it is also about being able to accept someone with facial hair and a deep voice as a girl or as both a girl and boy or as neither “This is a medical issue but mostly it’s a cultural issue It’s a social issue and an emotional issue and a family dynamic issue and a community issue Maybe we need to medically intervene so Poppy doesn’t grow a beard Or maybe the world needs to learn to love a person with a beard who goes by ‘she’ and wears a skirt” This is How It Always Is is an emotive read but it also explores a lot of practical issues Like the decisions parents can and cannot should and should not make for trans kids Or kids in general Throughout Penn keeps up a long running fairytale of Grumwald and Stephanie painting in some rather obvious messages and parallels for his kids which I suppose is what some would consider sickly sweet but hell if he isn't the best dad everI loved them all I loved Rosie and her scientist's logic as a way of dealing with problems I loved Penn and his sweet romanticism and hopefulness I loved messed up Roo and all his mistakes I loved precocious Ben and how much he cares for Poppy I loved the goofy twins who offered so much light and cheer in this book And I loved Poppy Of course I loved PoppyBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

  2. Brooke Brooke says:

    I'm really conflicted on the rating for THIS IS HOW IT ALWAYS IS because on the one hand it's great that this book has so many positives doesn't end on a pessimistic tone; we need LGBTIAP stories that don't end in tragedy We need of these books in general On the other hand at times there were such unrealistic situations taking place that I was wondering if the author was living in fantasyland you'd have to suspend disbelief to enjoy it It's clear that this is a personal story for Frankel even though she makes it clear this isn't based off one specific person her daughter or her own experiences With that in mind perhaps this is truly what Frankel wishes for herself the world which is wonderful but it's not peachy keen for many families that's where I got a bit distraught At its core though I did like this story so 3 it isThe greatest thing that felt unrealistic to me Rosie Penn They are such supportive parents I wish this was the case for everyone They are protective move the family across state lines for safety reasons Many families cannot afford to just leave when the going gets tough; safety reasons include a father who discloses he doesn't want his son to play with f Other than this family there is no blatant violence against them that is really threatening for the most part people understand or don't know Then when Claude's secret is revealed Rosie takes Claude to Thailand Again most people can't just pack up go across the globe It is for Rosie's job but still It doesn't ring authenticThe ending wrapped up way too nicely for me like everything was going to be hunky dory I liked how Claude decides they are nonconforming they are than what has been offered but honestly to get to that point wasn't worth it Frankel's prose wavered my interest I thought the middle was strong while the beginning end were on the verge of a snooze fest I would have liked to see from Roo Ben a thorough discussion on hormone blockersTHIS IS HOW IT ALWAYS IS is a good start By no means is it perfect but it opens the door for important conversations More books like this need to make their way onto shelves into hearts Slowly but surely we are doing just that

  3. Larry H Larry H says:

    I'm about 45 maybe 475 starsPenn and Rosie fell in love almost instantaneously Penn was a writer forever working on his damned novel while Rosie worked as an emergency room doctor forever on the night shift When they decided to have children especially as their family grew to four boys they adopted a tandem approach to parenting—It was just that there was way to do than two could manage but by their both filling every spare moment some of what needed to got doneOne final try for a girl landed them Claude Claude was precocious—he crawled walked and talked earlier than his brothers but he also was tremendously creative He liked to write draw play music even bake He was warm friendly and truly a special child But as Claude approached his fifth birthday he became obsessed with dresses What he wanted than anything was to be a princess and be able to wear a dress to schoolRosie and Penn aren't sure what to do Do they nurture their youngest son's wish stares and cruel comments and jibes at their parenting be damned or do they explain to Claude that boys don't wear dresses and he is a boy? For a while Claude settles for dressing as a boy for school and changing into girl clothes when he returns home but that really doesn't make him happy He wants to be a girlHow did you teach your small human that it's what's inside that counts when the truth was everyone was pretty preoccupied with what you put on over the outside too?As Claude grows and becomes Poppy they encourage her to be true to her feelings and who she is But is that the right parenting choice for a child so young in age? What are the next steps in this journey not only for Poppy and her parents but her brothers as well? At some point the burden of keeping Poppy's secret becomes too much to bear for everyone and then everyone needs to figure out where to go from thereWhat choice is the right one? How will Penn and Rosie know if they're acting in their child's best interests or the best interests of all of their children? How do they protect their child from what they know the world always seems to have in store for people who are different?Laurie Frankel's This Is How It Always Is is a truly wonderful book She draws you into the Walsh Adams family so fully that you really see how things affect each of them The book isn't preachy or heavy handed although those who believe transgender people to be less than human and that no matter what you always must remain the gender you're born into will probably not agree but it also doesn't pretend the whole situation is perfect for anyone She emphasizes that it's just as easy to make mistakes by not doing or saying things as it is by doing or saying themFrankel is a tremendously talented writer who imbues her books with beautiful emotion Her previous book Goodbye for Now see my review had me in tears and I read it a few years before my father died Frankel even brings emotion to her author's note But this small exchange in the book moved me the mostTears crawled out of Claude's eyes and nose and besides he was only five but he tried to comfort his parents anyway 'I just feel a little bit sad Sad isn't bleeding Sad is okay'Maybe sometimes things happened a little too easily but I still loved this book Read itSee all of my reviews at

  4. Kelly (and the Book Boar) Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    FLOAT Because this has been selected asREESE'S BOOK CLUB pick for October 2018 I'm pretty sure Reese chooses her books by reading my blog because I seem to always read them first jk Anyway many congrats to Laurie Frankel and her ever so lovely novel This must be like the book version of winning the lotteryFind all of my reviews at Book Also be forewarned I highlighted pretty much the entire thingI usually am a person who opts not to read a synopsis before starting a book as was the case here and encourages others to do the same However since we are living in a world where Nazis oh excuse me “Alt Righters” feel free to spew hate wherever they see fit and although I know I have none of those people on my friend list I’m not naïve enough to believe those types of deplorables won’t crawl out of their baskets in order to troll every review of this book they possibly can and dump their ignorance on the masses I’m going to tell you the basicsThis is the story of Rosie and Penn’s family Five spirited boys who each have their own delightful personalities While this is the story of the entire brood the focus in This Is How It Always Is is mainly on the youngest 5 year old Claude “He said he wanted to be a chef when he grew up He also said he wanted to be a cat when he grew up When he grew up he said he wanted to be a chef a cat a vet a dinosaur a train a farmer a recorder player a scientist an ice cream cone a first basement or maybe the inventor of a new kind of food that tasted like chocolate ice cream but nourished like something his mother would say yes to for breakfast When he grew up he said he wanted to be a girl” Penn and Rosie encourage Claude to be any and all of those things whenever they are brought up But one of his “when I grow up” wishes seemed to stick a bit than the others “When I grow up and become a girl will I start over? Will I have to start being a girl from the beginning and grow up all over again? Or will I be a girl who’s the age that I am when I’m growed up and become one?” Claude’s persistence regarding his desire to become a girl grows to the point where Rosie and Penn are faced with the decision of allowing him to do just that which lead them to uestion whether or not they’re doing the right thing “You never know You only guess This is how it always is You have to make these huge decisions on behalf of your kid this tiny human whose fate and future is entirely in your hands who trusts you to know what’s good and right and then be able to make that happen You don’t get to see the future And if you screw up if with your incomplete contradictory information you make the wrong call well nothing less than your child’s entire future and happiness is at stake It’s impossible It’s heartbreaking It’s maddening But there’s no alternative” So Claude gets a new wardrobe and handles the dreaded “bathroom” dilemma like a pro and ceases to be a sad little shell of a person instead becoming a vibrant and wonderful Poppy And when their town proves to be not uite as forward thinking as Rosie and Penn would like it to be they pack up and move across country where Poppy is only Poppy and no one knows about Claude But a secret so big can’t remain a secret forever This book was everything As I said in a status update I want to marry it Either that or I want to track down this family and become a fly on their wall so I can be a part of their life I want to dress as Grunwald for Halloween and become a night fairy in charge of all the stars after I’m sure my own children are asleep These characters were perfection Rosie and Penn were so real parents with the best of intentions that somehow ended up fucking up anyway because that’s what parenting is all about and really as long as your kids know one thing everything else is cake Poppy was absolutely brilliant “What are you then?”“I’m all of the above And I’m also to come” Carmy was the grandma every child should dream of having “You’re too old to be open minded and tolerant” said Rosie“I’m too old not to be” And although I’m pretty sure I’d put triple locks on my door if she lived next to me Aggie was a hoot “Weird” said Aggie “What do you think it means?” “I dunno” Poppy shrugged “Something There’s always some kind of secret message” Aggie considered the matter “I think your dad wants us to know it’s okay to use drugs And not to tell anyone about it” When I started this story I was having a very much this type of experience At some point things changed Making my kid look at his brother with an expression that clearly stated This Is How It Always Is shows that But you gotta do what’s true to you and for anyone who doesn’t like it???? “Fuck the bastards” I will confess the ending of this one kind of went off the rails but I loved the story so much I’m not deducting anything for it I will also say there’s a solid chance if you are not a parent or at minimum old enough to have experience with your friends' and relatives' kids you might not be able to fully appreciate the beauty contained within these pages All the Stars

  5. BernLuvsBooks BernLuvsBooks says:

    This is How It Always Is was emotional touching and at times a bit saccharine but I loved every pageThis is a story of love family and acceptance It is also the story of young Claude who has gender dysphoria Claude is the youngest of Rosie Penn's five children and the result of their final attempt at having a daughter after 4 boys Claude was a special child and a perfect addition to the family He walked and talked at 9 months and was baking 3 tier cakes and writing and illustrating mysteries at age 3 By the time Claude was 5 what he wanted than anything was to grow up and become a little girl You can't tell people what to be I'm afraid You can only love and support who they already are Rosie and Penn's lives had never been what would be considered traditional by most people They saw that Claude's desire to wear a dress wasn't a curiosity or a passing fancy Together the entire family forges ahead on the emotionally wrought path to support Claude as he becomes Poppy Although Frankel chose to make the family almost overly accepting thus my comment about it being saccharine at times the story was balanced by the honest confusion fears and emotion displayed It wasn't easy the decisions made were fraught with worry from both Penn Rosie Poppy and even the other children We see heartbreak and prejudice and mistakes made along the way There were lessons to be learned within the pages of this story I applaud Frankel for not shying away from them but for presenting them with love and honesty Frankel herself has a transgender child and you can clearly see this story was an honest work written from her heart and rooted in personal experience I leave you with one final thought made by Laurie Frankel in the Author's note I wish for my child for all our children a world where they can be who they are and become their most loved blessed appreciated selves Me too Laurie Me too

  6. Justin Tate Justin Tate says:

    This is the first novel I've read that explores raising a transgendered child note transgendered may not be exactly the right word About 6 years ago I did read Raising My Rainbow by blogger extraordinaire Lori Duron Having that background knowledge helped me appreciate this book even especially in the ways that Frankel focused on unexpected challenges in the family While they devote so much energy into supporting their son's need to be a girl they must also navigate the needs of having four other boys to raiseAt the heart of the novel is also the uestion of whether or not it's beneficial to be upfront about ClaudePoppy or to keep it a secret Should they live life trying to conform to the needs of society? Or should they live their life based on how society should be? Treat their child like someone with a disease or like someone with a uniue gift? Treat her like she's totally normal or celebrate her differences? How also do these decisions impact the other people in Poppy's life?Like all parenting situations there's never a perfect solution Even the dad's urgent desire to rush toward gender reassignment surgary which seems supportive is complicated by the issue of whether or not that is a decision a parent should make whether or not Poppy will even want to go in that direction or how long they should wait to even have that conversation Perhaps she will just want to grow up exactly as she isOVERALL I loved every moment of this book I loved that it focuses so much on complications outside of prejudice Poppy's parents are ultra supportive from the beginning and that proves to create its own issues Yes even being too good of a parent can be a sign of bad parenting I love that the plot doesn't shy away from gritty reality some moments are truly heartbreaking but it's not overblown or outlandish Also it captures the many wonderful moments too Whether or not you care about LGBT issues this is a fascinating book about family A total page turner from beginning to end Can't wait to discuss it with the Book Club

  7. Heather Heather says:

    The only reason I finished this is because I think the topic of discussion is important and I wanted to give it my attention This book is a character study and not just of ClaudePoppy but the entire family I made no real connections with any of them individually but did feel the love amongst them as a whole Character studies are just not my thing I don't enjoy it I don't want to study fictional characters this closely The writing style was horrid and I hated it There was so much unnecessary page filler and every single sentence was long winded almost beyond comprehension I'm frustrated even thinking about it These two factors alone definitely influenced how I felt about the story as a whole I did not enjoy reading this book and I will not recommend it to anyone

  8. Susanne Strong Susanne Strong says:

    5 Extremely Emotional Heartfelt StarsMy Heart is Bursting with Love for this Incredibly Well Written Insightful Novel Over the last few years I had seen several incredible reviews for this book and I knew that I wanted to read it A year ago I bought the book but I just hadn’t gotten around to it You know how it goes there is never enough time At the beginning of this year however I decided that I must make time for books I wanted to read arcs can wait a little while Shh “This is How it Always Is” was one of the first on my list Even though I owned the book I reserved the audiobook at my library because I’ve been taking long walks on the weekends and voilaThere were so many moments upon listening to this family where my heart ached and tears formed Rosie and Penn parents to four boys always wanting a girl and never having one decide to try one last time and then have yet another boy Claude Gorgeous sweet kind special Claude Claude who at 5 years old tells his family that he wants to wear a dress and wear barrettes in his hair and be a girl when he grows up Claude who at 5 years old decides that he wants to change his name to PoppyParents Rosie and Penn grapple with how to support and accept their child who has different wants and needs than their other children What do you do when one child needs than the others? Can you sacrifice for one than you do for the others? How can you determine what is fair? Every aspect of what is fair and what is right is explored with sheer perfectionFor me what brought it all home is the character development in this novel which is stellar I was immediately drawn in and completely captivated by Rosie and Penn and by ClaudePoppy and all herhistheir siblings “This Is How It Always Is” by Laurie Frankel is a novel that deserves to be cherished and savored It is wholly important and I am so glad that I listened to it There is such love between this family that I am in awe of how this novel was written Even in moments of despair there is light A huge thank you to Jan B and Liz for your stellar reviews and bringing this novel to my attentionThank you to Laurie Frankel for writing this incredibly important novel Thank you also to BookOutlet for my copy and to my local library for loaning me the stellar audiobook Published on Goodreads on 22320

  9. Skyler Autumn Skyler Autumn says:

    3 Stars This is How It Always Is is a book I don't usually gravitate towards call me a chicken but when I read a blurb about a transgender child coming into their own I right away go to all the negative and horrible people that child will have to endure in their adolescents Then I start thinking how societies the worst the obstacles the little kid is going to have to face so early on in life and then Im weeping in the middle of Indigo all because I read the back blurb of this book But that's what book clubs do they make you read outside your comfort zone and I am glad they did This is How It Always Is revolves around Penn and Rosie's family made up of not one but five boys As much as they wanted that daughter it never seemed to be in the cards for them that is until their youngest boy Claude and then Poppy tells them when he grows up he wants to be a girl This novel was a great introduction to the dialogue surrounding transgender and raising a transgender child The multitudes of steps obstacles and arguments on the proper way to handle it were all thoroughly examined in this novel Spoiler alert there is no proper way to handle the severe transformation of a child Everyone is just trying to do their best and you as a reader at no point are able to judge the parents in this novel because you realize the decisions made are never easy ones This book was interesting at the beginning and gave me information I never was aware of before like about hormone blockers vagina shopping and other things that just made me realize and appreciate how much people have to go through to be their authentic selves The first part of this novel had me completely engrossed and curious but unfortunately the last part lost me got a bit wishy washy and fairytale in the end especially since there was a running fairytale story throughout You know one those it's all ok now We solved the problem of our lives kind of endings I think with topics like this it'd be better with of an ambiguous ending because isn't that just life anyways ambiguousI also was surprised with the choice the author made with the family I thought it might be realistic to have at least one family member hesitant about Claude's transformation to Poppy I love that Poppy hit the jackpot when it came to family but it felt unrealistic Really not one person slipped up in a fit of anger and said something regretful or there's not one relative that's a tiny bit ignorant? Am I the only one with Grandfather that told me I was going to Hell when I read Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code when I was fourteen?The book also took the easy out choosing not explore actual surgical transformations or hormone blockers Keeping Poppy in adolescence this whole time instead of exploring the messier side to such extreme physical transformations And last issue I promise the third part of this book took part in Thailand and I found it boring and took the story off course I know Thailand has one of the biggest and open communities of transgenders in the world but the storyline with Poppy finding herself in Thailand felt a bit forced and honestly dull I was almost tempted to skim these chapters The whole book revolved around the family and Poppy's dynamic with them and her classmates and then the author decided to remove all these characters we were invested in and plant Poppy in a new country with new characters To me it took me out of the story for a bit and I lost that emotional attachment I was having for the novel up to that point All and all This is How It Always is is not a perfect novel but it is a good introduction into this world I'm glad I decided to read outside my comfort zone and will definitely be looking to read diverse books that involve the LGBT community in my future Reading a book like this make me so aware how under represented this community is and I'm glad there are authors like Laurie Frankel out there that are sharing these stories

  10. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    Happy New Year A gorgeous eye catching book coverA story with a lot of heartKept me reading into the New Year early morning hours I enjoyed this novel very much but it’s not without flaws The ‘very VERY’ beginning”Once Upon a Time Claude Was Born” I felt the writing was ‘too busy’ ‘too wordy’But thenIt got FUNNYreally hysterical We get a glimpse of Rosie and Penn’s dating lifeinspiring dating lifeI was impressed sex life work schedules marriage and how they manage their lives with 5 boys Very moving parenting loving open parentsALTHOUGH THEY MIGHT HAVE REACHED OUT FOR LEGITIMATE GUIDANCE Pluslater in the book I wasn’t convinced a family secret that developed withhold really was the best choice to insert in the storytelling All the children in the family needed some counseling I would have liked to have seen how that dynamic might have played out The family live in Madison Wisconsin so ‘snow’ was to consider when driving to kids to preschool Hectic mornings getting everyone out of the house Later in the story the family moves to Seattlea reason for the move Also towards the beginning we learned about Rosie and Penn’s childhood just enough which might explain why they had a large family And noit wasn’t because they were of the mormon faith They were Jews Jews have no issues about birth control Rosie was a doctorPediatrician Penn a stay at home novelist Penn’s the family storytelleras for those novels well he’s living inside his ownbusy years of child raising a gender dysphoric child “Claude” was the last birth the baby of the family He was 3 years old when heexpressed wanting to wear a dress He also said he didn’t want to be a “big boy” His immediate family was very supportive open minded and tolerant of all their kids choices Even Grandma bought him a pink bikini — when she told him he could pick out any swim suit he wanted for summer to wear to the public pool At some point Claude changes his name to Poppy There was a clear reason for this Rather touching but just one of several places in the book where it seemed to me Claude was much mature in thinking than his actual developmental age “This Is How It Is” by Laurie Frankel is a great book club choice it doesn’t always move in the directions the reader thinks it might which is great showing sides of raising a transgender that many people have not thought about debate about treating trans kids with puberty blockers or hormone suppressors for one example A little too longyetit’s easy to forgive because most important — the author took a complex subject created a loving family with wonderful child character in ClaudePoppy We feel’ empathy for this child charming loving andisn’t that what every trans child want to feel in the world loved and accepted? Recommendedenjoy this family ClaudePoppy the humor the complexity compassion the love

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