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Being Mr. Blakemore (Blakemore Files #7) [Download] ➼ Being Mr. Blakemore (Blakemore Files #7) By Olivia Gaines – What the hell just happened In this episode two phone calls arrive at the same time one in Houston the second in South America with the news that Kevin has been kidnapped Again Roget tries to free you What the hell just happened In this episode two phone calls arrive at the same time one in Houston the second in South America with the news that Kevin has been kidnapped Again Roget tries to free young Trodat but he too is taken Saxton is Being Mr. PDF \ called into action to make a rescue attempt but Odessa has calculated the odds that not all of the men will make it home alive The adventure continues to evolve as Bobby Ray Blake makes a call that changes the story line completely All soon learn that it is really not that easy being Mr Blake Olivia Gaines creates an unexpected tapestry of humor carefully handwoven around a full bodied plot and memorable characters What do you get when you merge wittiness with romance An Olivia Gaines book Tiana Laveen author of the Race to Redemption Series Olivia Gaines has a knack for larger than life characters and laugh out loud description Her poignant slice of life stories will have you laughing crying and wishing for JD Monroe.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 96 pages
  • Being Mr. Blakemore (Blakemore Files #7)
  • Olivia Gaines
  • English
  • 20 June 2015

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10 thoughts on “Being Mr. Blakemore (Blakemore Files #7)

  1. Cherryl Montgomery Cherryl Montgomery says:

    Always the interesting tale to tellOlivia Gaines just spins such an interesting story I've really enjoyed her Blake Files series I have come to know and love all of the characters The suspenseful dramas are very interesting and filled with side splitting humor Gammy Patsy's chilli seems to be the one thing that everyone agrees on and is the subject of laughter from everyone What else will the Blake Delgado and Trodat family have to endure

  2. Anino Anino says:

    This was a captivating ride to Snarkville that had me entranced for 2 hours Ms Olivia's BWWM IR novels are uickly becoming a permanent part of my top 10 Gotta Have It list of IR Romance novelsMy only issue with this book was the cliffhanger and the lack of an satisfying epilogue Other than that this series is just too addictiveGiving this one 4 stars

  3. Alice Alice says:

    Wow I remember nowIn one of the Blake stories I remember when Ryanne was in the store and Delgado was having a conversation in his head about what her deceased husband had reported to him about Ryanne I remember he invited her out and seduced her Their soon to be born child was conceived during that time Elizondo Renteria must be the other Renteria's brother for wasn't it roughly eight months earlier that they all cruised together? If this the right Renteria what went wrong to cause him to now want their blood? Intriguing and I can hardly wait till all is revealed Left me with many uestions

  4. Paulette Hilton Paulette Hilton says:

    Great seriesEach of the Balti books are a complete story but you need to start with the first book so you can learn the characters and the storyline Her books are so funny and I think without reading the other books you'd miss out on a lot of the humor and also how so characters fit into the story As always mrs Gains writes a wonderful story Once I pick it up I can't put it down until I have finished it

  5. Veronica Moffitt Veronica Moffitt says:

    Awesome bookMs Gaines you did the damn thing with this one I loved it You learned about the Blakes and you saw different side of Eddie The book had action and drama I could not put down I have read books 567 in one day It is like watching a movie in your mind as you read Ms Gaines books You are my favorite author I truly recommend this book You will truly love it

  6. Elysa Elysa says:

    One heck of a rideWow the excitement intrigue just continues on And there continue to be moments where I laugh out loud I do fear however that some of these endearing characters will die horribly and I'm saddened by that But Kudos to Ms Gainesa wonderful writer Well onto the next adventure

  7. Rhonda Rhonda says:

    I love how Olivia Gaines mixes romance drama and humor to make her characters real I love them all even Eduardo the drug king pin Her characters grow on you This story also shows that Eduardo loves family and does what is needed to keep them safe They all had me in stitches I’m coming here me and smiling trying to not burst out laughing Excellent story Can’t wait to start the next book

  8. Leanna Terrell Leanna Terrell says:

    To Be a BlakeAnother wonderful edition to the series I actually enjoyed having everyone together fighting as a team It will be interesting to see what's up with Eduardo's brother Carlos is up to And is Kevin jr really that shallow and inept? I'm looking forward to see how the newly formed friendship reacts to Elizondo's machinations

  9. T. Pag T. Pag says:

    Kevin JrOne amazing family is bringing together two amazing families This story is beautifully and hilariously written I don’t know how Olivia Gaines keeps doing it she is truly amazing at it Did I mention I just love Kevin Jr

  10. Kelly Kelly says:

    Oh my GherrdddLaugh out loud HILARIOUS Do not read this book out in public because you will be getting side eyes from everyone when they hear you cackling like a hyena

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