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  • 15 September 2014

10 thoughts on “Wanting

  1. DarienMoya DarienMoya says:

    This is a sweet love story wrapped in sexy and then packaged in hellaciously hot This one had me feeling rainbows and sunshine and provided enough stormy clouds for me to truly appreciate the rainbow and sunshineAfter a drunken night Jeremy hooks up with his best friend Ben and he doesn’t know how to move on from it He can’t get over the way Ben made him feel but he’s not gay right? The thoughts of their night of passion have him going a bit crazy and he’s finding it hard to focus However with all his struggling feelings he wants his best friend back but he doesn’t know how to move forward from the night that they had sexJeremy also has struggles with his family and being from strong southern roots he fears the retaliation of his family if he gets involved with a man and not just any man a black man So the fears are strong but he’s realizing that the feelings he has for Ben are strongerBen is I am in love with this blue eyed choco caramel He’s always been in love with Jeremy but he could accept that his best friend wasn’t into guys; until the night they hook up Now he fears he might have influenced Jeremy somehow and carries that guilt Yet he is willing to take scraps if that’s all Jeremy can offer himThis was just such a sweet story with two beautiful characters I can see Ben so clearly in my mind those blue eyes just hypnotic as shit I once had a blue eyed black friend in junior high and I was willing to rip my clothes off for him ^ So Jeremy never stood a chance when it came to BenThis novella made my heart feel super happy and I obsessed with Ben I realized that this is not first character by ML that had me losing my pants I am also uite taken with Dane from Bring The Heat She writes these vividly hot characters that you cannot help falling in love with Wanting had me wanting I really enjoyed reading this oneSideNote I love their roommate Al He is funny and sweet and I just can’t wait to read his bookMore of my reviews and ramblings at PANTS OFF REVIEWS

  2. Erotic Horizon Erotic Horizon says:

    I tried this book because I am a fan of Rhodes work – the characters I am prone to always like and the rather messy scenarios she tend to drop them in WANTING is played out in an insulated locale of a college setting Jeremy and Ben have done the unexpected and unthinkable act of sleeping together They are best friends and Jeremy had never expected their friendship to go that far It’s sweet to watch both Ben and Jeremy try to justify why it happened and over the chain reaction that followed that one actRhodes peppers this novella with family dramatic life issues and comical but rather refreshing look at college life I liked it with all its angsty moments and introspective look at a bunch of friend finding their place in each others life's as well as forming the foundation of what I hope will be life long friendships Fans of Rhodes work – no less than expected New readers I think this is a good one to start with

  3. Ami Ami says:

    While some of the plots are downward cliché the homophobic family the open mind accepting roommate it is still wonderful to read about the emotional struggle between the two main character Jeremy and Ben Reading their thoughts just tug my heart and I feel happy and smile all the way for the two young men who discover how it is to fall in love with your best friend Really lovely novella sigh

  4. Camille Camille says:

    Some skimmable parts Some highly uotable parts The kindle highlight uotable parts the tension the evolutionparticularly in relation the understanding of 'family' the resolution a good readWhat detracts are the points at which there is little dialogue and too heavy an immersion into Jeremy's whirring thoughts There the story loses immediacy in the dense narration and takes the reader out somewhat

  5. Stephen Stephen says:

    Previously straight identified college senior Jeremy is conflicted after drunkenly sleeping with his best friend and college roommate Ben Adding to his discomfort is his growing disinterest in his girlfriend and the impending changes signaled by his college graduationOverall I have mixed feelings about this novella While it had several hot well written sex scenes and for the most part able yeoman like prose advancing the story line there were some transitional glitches melding the narrative story line with the erotic scenes Admittedly these are two very different forms of storytelling and I felt that they both warranted development and smoother transitions than the short novella form afforded them Another shortcoming I perceived was the almost adeuate development of the main characters We are told a few things about each of the main characters but not really enough to allow us to get fully inside their heads and fully appreciate their feelings In part readers read to live vicariously and when the character development is stinted some of that fulfillment is short changed Again this could have been better if the overall form had not been so rushed Also on a mixed note the ability of the author to create charming supporting characters is clearly shown with Al the straight but Texan roommate but the girl friend failed to ring true on almost all levels There was no detail that allowed me to reconcile what Jeremy had originally seen in her with her nasty racist and sexist hate speech during their break up scene It just felt artificial or worse poorly written Finally the novella starts with a steamy recollectionfantasy but is then jolted back into a straight boy realizing he's not story I was surprised a bit by my own reaction to having to re imagine the boyfriend after it was reveal that he was black While it certainly didn't affect his sexiness it wasn't made clear in the initial description and my default fantasy lovers tend to be white For a while I found myself contemplating what my level of racism was rather than concentrating on the details of the story However this morphed into my speculation about how much I could have appreciated the story if I'd been given some of the build up before the major sex sceneAs with so many stories that give details like this It's a bit tricky deciding just how much detail to reveal It's a bit like being given a perfectly brewed cup of coffee with two sugars and milk No matter how great the coffee and perfect the brew if one takes ones coffee unsweetened and black it's a bit hard to appreciate the overall beverage Overall I've decided that I enjoyed it but will be curious to read something longer by the author to see if the imperfections I found here are cured when she has room to work But you should read it and judge for yourself

  6. Elisa Rolle Elisa Rolle says:

    That of Jeremy and Ben is once again one of those sweet love stories between young men that leaves you with an happy smile It’s not an easy story there are prejudices both for Ben being gay than African American and changing life decisions to take and in the end you don’t know if everything will be all right for the two of them but that is right and natural we are talking of twenty and something boys who have still to build their future life but the future perspective are good The story starts in the aftermath of what has initiated the above said life changing decision Ben and Jeremy are roommates and even if from Ben’s side it was probably love at first sight he has never said anything to Jeremy who is apparently straight and above all so shy that is almost impossible to push him into something sexual But then Jeremy’s mother died he realizes that he has no family he starts to weight what is important in his life and the only positive factor is Ben On a faithful night that we don’t read something happens between Jeremy and Ben and now Jeremy is uestioning everything he thought to know I think Jeremy is the classical example of man who is neither gay or straight he simply has to be in love to have sex It sounds old fashioned but I think it’s the right definition for him; what is creating trouble to Jeremy is not the realization that he can be gay actually I think that he has never thought to himself in that way but the difficulties that they will face if they will decide to be together A no little part of them is also the interracial relationship with Jeremy being from a deep south country where the racial prejudice is still strong If Jeremy will choose to be with Ben he knows that he will have to renounce to everything he considered home and family before On Ben’s side the only trouble he sees is that he doesn’t want to force Jeremy if he is not sure; Ben is slightly older than Jeremy and openly gay and so he fears to have in someway influenced Jeremy Ben is gentle and kind even when he thinks Jeremy is rejecting him he never once let it lack his support to the friend Unconsciously he is giving to Jeremy the substitution to the family he will loose if they will be together The story is basically a sweet romance there is a bit of angst but really not so much Jeremy and Ben already know what is better for them they need only to let the aftermath of their first night together to go down and everything else will be clear right there in front of their eyes One of the nicest thing in the story is by the way Al’s character the straight other roommate of Jeremy and Ben he is a so nice guy that maybe for the first time in year it made me almost want to read his story even if it is an het romancehttpelisa rollelivejournalcom91

  7. xbmbgrl xbmbgrl says:

    ML Rhodes is an autobuy for me I find the characters all refreshing flawed human realistic and wonderful to get to know I especially appreciate that there is rarely if ever an over the top plot device like stalkers or random unbelievable coincidences involved The characters are just normal boys in new and scary situations that they must navigate through to reach their future In this book we see Jeremy struggle with his sexual identity in painful and eventually wonderful ways We also see Ben struggle with love and desire for Jeremy that he doesn’t want to pressure Jeremy with Both boys are trying to do the right thing but are completely unaware of each others feelings in order to make informed decisions The book gives us views from both Jeremy and Ben so that we are sure of where they are and how far off they are as they make their way toward each other Once they start to communicate its amazing how easily things begin to click together At one point Jeremy was so tied in knots that I wanted to hug him and soothe him myself My motherly instincts kicked in and I felt like I had to do something to help ease his torment I consider that pretty great writing since I am not in “mother” mode when I pick up romantic gay erotic reading material Throw in Al Ben and Jeremy’s wonderfully charismatic roommate an abusive and irate father an unsympathetic and hurt girlfriend as well as all the school work pressure and you have a well written and engaging love story that is well worth taking the time to read

  8. Serena Yates Serena Yates says:

    I absolutely loved this story about Jeremy who realizes that he may be in love with his best friend BenBoth are students and have been rommmate for over four years when Jeremy uses a party as an excuse to kiss Ben One thing leads to another only when he wakes up the next morning he's confused and unsure what it all meant The description of how he deals with his ex girlfriend and finally admits his love to Ben was touching and vey emotional I hope there will be a seuel

  9. Runell Runell says:

    Actual Rating 25A cute little story with a few bitter scenes to give this short story a little nip Not a bite but a nipPlus it was GFY and we all know how I feel about that ;

  10. Major English (Laura) Major English (Laura) says:

    Not very good The word sexting has been used like 10 times Endless hypothetical uestions and internal monologue I wouldn't really consider this gay for you I think Jeremy the straight one was just confused about his sexual orientation He is only college age He just admitted to having wanted Ben his housemate for a long time and he hadnt been able to become aroused by his former girlfriend So he's been at least thinking about this The interactions between Ben and Jeremy don't really seem right Jeremy is already freaked out over circumstances in his life and his recent sexual encounter with Ben and Ben keeps kissing him Kisses don't really seem appropriate to me as their relationship is rocky for they haven't spoken to each other in a week so it doesn't seem like that would actually happen And there are other examples how their interactions just don't seem natural to me Additionally I didnt really feel their friendship other than being told that the are best friends What's weird about this story is even though I dislike 95% of it I definitely thought that there were some good uotable parts and every once in a while there were some very positive affirmations about love and family and being true to yourself I think two or three uotations stood out to me but other than that I don't like the writingI keep stopping reading this to write this review even during this part that is supposed to be a sex scene The dialogue and actions are just gross Come and get me if you dare Gross Let's go upstairs and I'll give you a place to set that big boy free to do what it really wants Gross And when I say gross I don't mean Oh that is filthy and vile I mean gross as in who talks like that making weird sexual innuendo and Come and get me if you dare Really? The list could go on and on Gross gross grossAnd they just consummated their relationship And It was just all wrong to me in an unnatural sense not in a disgusting sense but in a this doesn't seem natural this wouldn't happen this way in real life sense This is not how a college kid who had only ever been with women and was just having a mental breakdown would act like at 3 o'clock in the morning after having studied all night for finals and having avoided his gay roommate for a week It just wouldn't Not that it wouldn't happen But it wouldn't happen like that And the sex scene itself is just a rip off of every sex scene in mm I've ever read So generic The physical and emotional relationship between these boys seriously went from 0 to 100 in no time flat It's just odd Nothing seems right to me between these characters so this doesn't eitherSo yeah wasn't feeling this one I could type But I should just finish reading the darn thing I'm sorry I took a chance on this I wasn't really liking the first few pages of it in the sample I was reading but I thought I'd try it I gave it the benefit of the doubt Wrong Im still reading Jeremy's dad from out of state somehow finds his way into Ben's bedroom to find Jeremy and Ben naked in bed And then has such a stereotypical What the f are you doing boy? I came in here to find my son and instead I found a nest of ueers I mean really? I'm surprised he didnt say What in tarnations? This writing is just terrible I just rolled my eyes and said This is so bad Out loud To myself It was an automatic reaction I could barely barely get through this one

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Wanting❮PDF❯ ✩ Wanting Author M.L. Rhodes – Buyprobolan50.co.uk It started with one kiss Which led to another And another And then to a mind blowing night of intimacy Jeremy Reynolds can’t forget He can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous smart compassionate ma It started with one kiss Which led to another And another And then to a mind blowing night of intimacy Jeremy Reynolds can’t forget He can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous smart compassionate man who tilted his world Can’t stop seeing warm sexy eyes gazing at him with breath stealing intensity Jeremy tries to tell himself to let the incident go move on and chalk it up to a life experience After all what transpired between him and his best friend and roommate Ben Cross can never happen again Ben is gay and Jeremyisn’t At least he’s never thought he was before But now he’s torn and confused and not sure what the night with Ben meant—for either of them Already stressed about final exams before the holidays and his difficult family situation Jeremy doesn’t know how to deal with the conflicting feelings he’s having And the one person he’s always been able to talk to about everything is the very person he’s been avoiding for the past week because he doesn’t know how to face him after waking up in his bed Afraid he might have already screwed up his and Ben’s friendship beyond repair what haunts Jeremy even is the backlash he could face if he admits to Ben or even to himself how much the night they spent together really meant to him And how much he still wants Ben even now This novella has been previously published and has been revised since its original release.

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