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Egg Whites and Blue (Yolks on You Book, #2) [PDF] ✩ Egg Whites and Blue (Yolks on You Book, #2) By Jessica Payseur – Seuel to Shell Shocked Kiko and Dom are still getting used to settling in with each other a task made difficult by their conflicting schedules and habits With Mount Angus’ Knee High 4th of July Fest Seuel to Shell Shocked Kiko and Dom are still getting used to settling in with each other a task made difficult by their conflicting schedules and habits With Mount Angus’ Knee High th of July Festival approaching they anticipate spending some uality time together again if only for a weekend But the arrival of Kiko’s ex a well known chef who seems to be taking interest in him again after a decade throws Egg Whites MOBI :º up unnecessary tensions And when Dom stumbles across a body with a pie server in its back they find themselves drawn into another small town mystery where the dark secrets of family recipes and a generous serving of danger could very well get them killed.

4 thoughts on “Egg Whites and Blue (Yolks on You Book, #2)

  1. Donna Donna says:

    Our two MCs Kiko and Dom managed to survive the murder attempts at Easter and have spent the previous few months settling into their relationship They’ve made it all the way to the Fourth of July weekend before stumbling across a dead body and another smarmy ex boyfriend Dom is excited to once put his amateur sleuthing skills to work and hopefully prove that the killer is none other than Kiko’s good looking ex Kiko’s main concern is surviving Dom’s bakingThis book was just as well written as the first in the series as once again I was left laughing at the antics of the population of Mount Angus Wisconsin So two books with two murderers two ex boyfriends and two festivals The author has ingeniously included all of the same elements but has written two individual stories I actually enjoyed the fact that some components of the story were exactly the same yet totally different I did actually wonder if the cleverness the author exhibited in writing the “you can’t guess who done it” aspect of the first book was a fluke but she did it again here so kudos for keeping me guessingWe see further development of the bond between Dom and Kiko yet they are also still ironing some kinks not kinky kinks out of their new relationship I think the author did a good job of not having them fall deliriously in love during the interval between the first book and this one Despite the fact that they rushed to move in together they are still in a getting to know you phase In my opinion the author could definitely sueeze another book or two out of these men but at the same time if she chooses to end the series here I’m happy with the place their relationship is atI definitely recommend reading the first book in the series I guess that you could read this book as a standalone but you’d miss the story of Dom and Kiko getting together And you’d miss your introduction to the town of Mount AngusReviewed for Love Bytes Reviewshttplovebytesreviewscom2016071

  2. Natosha Wilson Natosha Wilson says:

    Another good book in this series Jessica Payseur definitely has a winning series on her hands This book contains mystery murder food poisoning a crazy ex and some insecurities But it also contains love and excitementOnce again Kiko and Dom are trying to figure out who is behind the murder of one of their fellow townies and what the motive is and who is responsible for the food poisoningThese two men are so funny They have a uniue way about them that makes them such an amazing couple And the fact that Dom is insecure about Kikos ex makes it that realisticI love how no matter what these two men have each other's back for better or worseJessica made this book exciting and left me wondering who was behind everything till the very endAnother great read and cannot wait to read in the seriesWas given this book for free from inked rainbow reads for an honest review

  3. Dale Hankins Dale Hankins says:

    My second journey to Mount Angus and it will not be my last Kiko and Dom seem to be a fun couple who manage to get involved in trying to find out who is killing people in the uiet little mid western town

  4. Nerea Nerea says:

    35I liked this book than first one I think it could be because here we already know the most of the characters the familiarity feeling reading about them and going around the different places of the townIn this one our main characters are already an established couple since 3 months ago book 1 but the relationship is still not very strong so the suddenly appearance of Kiko´s first love for the 4th July celebrations now a super famous chef makes Dominic mad and all of this with a new local murder caseI love mystery books and in this series the mystery has a lot of weight so if you only want to know about love story go away But if you enjoy the love story with the plus of intrigue I think you can love this book Actually the plot is accurate than the first one I could see an improvement And the characters are so lovableKiko and Dom what a pair Kiko is so strict hard worker serious and Dom is so lazy that sometimes I wanted to kick his ass myself xD But I found them very believableAlso say that Chad character is so cute Hope to see of him in the future I ship him with that male nurse P

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