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The Sporting Life [Download] ➵ The Sporting Life Author Charles Porterfield – Enter into the sporting life the world of prostitutes pimps madams gamblers bootleggers and drag ueens From the ritzy clubs hidden speakeasies luxurious brothels and down on their luck dives of old to Enter into The Sporting Life the world of prostitutes pimps madams gamblers bootleggers and drag ueens From the ritzy clubs hidden speakeasies luxurious brothels and down on their luck dives of old to the seedy massage parlours and back alleys of today The Sporting Life has always intersected with the culture of African The Sporting PDF or American hoodoo conjure and rootwork Now Professor Porterfield takes you into the clandestine milieu of underworld beliefs and secret practices and shows the impact that The Sporting Life has on the world of magic and spirituality With than practical spells charms recipes and authentic old style tricks The Sporting Life pulls back the velvet curtain that has for too long concealed the life times and history of the demimondePresenting the magic of the prostitutes of the Bible the working girls of Storyville and Memphis the high stakes bettors the magnetic madams the persuasive pimps the cagey corner dope dealers and members of oppressed lesbian gay bisexual ueer and transgender communities of colour — The Sporting Life is sure to startle your senses and thrill your heart This exhaustively researched book blows open the hidden world of love lust vice and danger that is The Sporting LifeProfessor Charles Porterfield is an Old Testament old school reader and rootworker His previous books include Hoodoo Bible Magic and A Deck of Spells He is a natural man who specializes in men's issues and the Biblical and historical aspects of hoodoo and conjure Texas born and raised he lives with his wife children grandchildren and two catsCONTENTSDedication Acknowledgement Preface Hoodoo Conjure and Rootwork What is The Sporting Life Slinging Slang Working Girls and Hustling WomenFancy Ladies Call Girls and Hookers Madams and Aunties Spells for Prostitutes and Escorts Flesh Peddlers and Gentlemen of LeisurePimps Loverboys and Sugar Daddies Bringing Them In and Turning Them Out Spells for Procurers and Panderers Sissy Men and Bull Dagger WomenBoy Girls ueers and Drag ueens You Sure Gotta Prove It On Me Spells for Gay Men and Lesbian Women Gamblers Runners and PlayersPolicy and the Numbers Beating the Odds Spells for Games of Chance and Skill Bootleggers Traffickers and PushersTo Live Outside the Law You Must Be Honest Keeping The Man Away Spells for Breaking the Rules While Staying Safe Dives Houses and HolesBrothels and Cathouses The Juke Joint Spells for Drawing Trade to an Illegal Business Dressing for the DemimondeNice Shoes and the Walking Blues Hide My Eyes Spells for Looking Good and Staying Sharp Bibliography .

  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • The Sporting Life
  • Charles Porterfield
  • English
  • 07 October 2016
  • 9780996147125

About the Author: Charles Porterfield

A 'Redback' Professor Porterfield is a native Texan Raised by his grandparents in the small town of Boyd he grew up among the cottonwoods and Indian paintbrushes of North Texas At an early age his grandparents decided that it was best for him to learn and experience the ways of their neighbours and The Sporting PDF or friends and so he was brought up in both the white Southern Baptist church and the black Pentec.

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  1. Steve Cran Steve Cran says:

    The sporting life is not about football soccer or even other athletics rather it refers to an alternate way of life This way of life includes prostitution gigolos pimps gambling houses alcohol running and lgbt life styleIn this book you will find several spells that can help you in this way of life Well heck most of us gamble at one period of time or another so we could probably use this magic the mostI do not think that many who read this review will engage in much of the others stuff like being or going into prostitution This stuff at the times as on the wrong side of the law but it was not dishonest You had to be honest with your client and you had to keep the law awayFor a seduction sugar bath take a handful of dried juniper berrie sugar chopped ginger boil and strain then take a bath with itGood luck aftershave you soak three pieces of frankincense some high John the conuerors root chip some nutmeg Sampson snake root and some five finger grass Load that up into Jockey club perfumeThose are just a few of the spells this short nifty book has Loaded not only with spells but also a history of hoodoo of gambling and prostitution here in America Highly recommended

  2. Onyx Onyx says:

    Warning This book is not for the timid This is about magic and the underworld otherwise known as the sporting life It's a life I was vaguely aware of when I was growing up but was basically kept ignorant of for fear of me making the wrong choices in life paths After all my dad was a professional musician once It's a very good bookit's bursting full of nice descriptive background for just ninety six pages I suppose this magical assistance to making it in a life that mainstream society rejectsyet is still fascinated withcould also be useful to those who live as artists and bohemiansthe artistic life There seems to be a number of crossovers between these two lifestyles since both sets of people tend to be viewed as undesirables So I can see artists using this book just as much as those who are inclined to sport Even politically speaking I can see at least some of this being useful in the present Black Lives Matter protestswhich is what's happening at the time of this commentarysince it also tends to fall under the realm of the unacceptable What this book offers in terms of spells and choices of curios could be made flexible enough that those who find themselves on the short end of the stick as dispossessed outcasts can bring even of a sense of liberation freedom and empowerment to their political and social causes I can see multiple possibilities for this book It's probably not what the author originally intended but sometimes desperate times reuire desperate measures In true hoodoo style there's a lot of heavy leaning on the Bible as a kind of grimoire The Black Southern form of Christianity is the backboneindeed the skeletonof this magical system The author makes a point then that this form of magic is a lot like cookingonly African American Southern styleyou really don't want to mess with the basics if you want the Southern cooking So my suggestion if you would like to do magic like this is to familiarize yourself with its rules first so you'll know the right ones to break

  3. Justin Sanders Justin Sanders says:

    This book has a lot of historical value and brought me into understanding that I never would have considered I find it uite amazing that I found out the definition of gorilla pimp meaning from here A lot of cool insights related to history of bootlegging and conjure hands rites and tools that help in various aspects related to business whether its on the legal side or even on the shady side I know for sure I will be revisiting this one Great tools for a hustler for sure

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