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  1. Lynn Lynn says:

    Jan Richardson is a very good writer about Guided Reading and makes it accessible for the education professional She provides clear instructions charts and guides to copy and use Richardson's book is great for professional development classroom use and any educational setting I definitely learned from Jan's book I highly recommend it Students with disabilities and Dual Language Learners are included also

  2. Margaret Margaret says:

    Looking for how to make your guided reading lessons effective? Jan Richardson's latest book supports teacher planning for each stage of reading There is a chapter devoted to each stage which clearly describes how to complete each step of a guided reading lesson Each step of the lesson for each stage of reading is supported by videos of Jan teaching and adaptations for DLL and Students with IEPS She provides next steps for struggling readers at each stage The book ends with 29 modules lessons to support the top 12 comprehension strategies I found this updated version much clearer and descriptive Must read for anyone who teaches guided reading

  3. Sunday Sunday says:

    This is a must have if you are teaching students to read at the Pre A Emergent Early and Transitional stages of reading When I work with school districts that want to help students at these stages this text is our anchor Richardson's approach is theoretically based in what we know about how children acuire concepts about print alphabet knowledge phonological awareness decodingencoding and comprehension Her lesson plans are easy to follow and engaging children will want to come back to your guided reading table again and again

  4. HANNAH HANNAH says:

    Note Book review was written after reading the book not after implementing what was read If I remember I may update this review in the fall winter after I've had a chance to try test it out This book is a FANTASTIC resource for any elementary ELA teacher There's a brief introduction at the beginning explaining what guided reading is and why it's so important but the bulk of the book dives into the details of the different lesson components and materials that make up the lesson based on the student's reading level Some of the information overlaps from chapter to chapter but aside from slightly tedious it didn't bother me ex when I first purchased this book I was planning on teaching Kindergarten and was going to focus on the Pre A and Emergent Reader chapter In the middle of reading this book I got a call from my principal saying I was moving to first grade so I also read the Early Reader chapter once I found that out Since the principles build on each other I found a lot of repeated text but clearly that text I still felt was relevant because I gave the book 55 stars There is an appendix in the back that contains copies of lesson plan formats and assessment guides to use There's also the code to access the website containing videos so you can see some of these practices done in real time with real students The last chapter of the book contains comprehension strategies that can be used in the lesson portion of the guided reading time I'm excited to implement this new researched based strategy as I believe it will really help the students at my school grow and succeed

  5. Kate Foran Kate Foran says:

    This book provides a practical structure for guided reading at various reading levels and decent comprehension teaching points to focus on I would be giving stars if the book just did structure of lessons comprehension The book loses all its stars for screwing up instruction on decoding Most of the word solving strategies encouraged by this book are junk Lots of meaning syntax and visual cue strategy teaching does it match the picture? what would make sense and look right? we should know better than that by now Jan Richardson especially should know better than thatWhat's The pre a plan for teaching letters and sounds is not systematic phonics and it's far too little explicit instruction Just a bad idea to locate phonics instruction in guided reading and expect it to be enough for most students Please don't do this Get Fundations or Reading Mastery or 95% Group Lessons and teach it whole class every day Reinforce in small groups

  6. Lauren Pollon Lauren Pollon says:

    This book is my guided reading bible I have found that guided reading can be the most impactful instructional time with students; however it can be extremely difficult navigating the precious minutes at the kidney table In comes Jan Richardson I cannot say enough good things about her approach to guided reading I love her lesson plan templates and I will forever use them If you have not looked into this resource and you are searching for how to better make use of the precious minutes during guided reading look no further

  7. Amber K. Amber K. says:

    Love love love this book I borrowed a copy and I definitely need to own it If my district doesn't buy us copies I will be buying it myself Everything in this book is so logical and practical No silly fluency strategies that are not authentic This book is a must have for all K 8 reading classrooms

  8. June Crees June Crees says:

    This book is amazing I have searched the web and and still struggle to organize my guided reading groups and know specific instruction for every level This book has provided me with so many resources and thorough examples I now feel confident to teach guided reading groups Highly recommend Even if you do have solid reading groups this book may give you additional ideas

  9. Marlon Marlon says:

    Guided reading What? How? Why ? The book does a great job breaking down what you should do and not do in guided reading Helps you structure and integrate word work and writing into the guided reading process

  10. Kassandra Kassandra says:

    There were some interesting suggestions to help out pre readers and emergent readers that I am looking forward to implementing in my classroom However I felt that as the book went on many of the strategies were repetitive

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The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading ➶ The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading Free ➬ Author Jan Richardson – In this resource rich book you’ll find All the planning and instructional tools you need to teach guided reading well from pre A to fluent organized around Richardson’s proven Assess Decide Guide In this resource rich Step Forward PDF Å book you’ll find All the planning and instructional tools you need to teach guided reading well from pre A to fluent organized around Richardson’s proven Assess Decide Guide framework Prompts The Next PDF \ discussion starters teaching points word lists intervention suggestions and to support all students including dual language learners and struggling readers comprehension modules that cover essential strategies—monitoring retelling inferring summarizing and many others Plus an Next Step Forward eBook ↠ online resource bank with dozens of downloadable assessment and record keeping forms Richardson’s all new stage specific lesson plan templates More than short videos showing Jan modeling key parts of guided reading lessons for Next Step Forward in Guided PDF or every stage.

  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading
  • Jan Richardson
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  • 09 October 2016
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