A Witchs Rocky Road The Craftfield Series Book 1 ePUB

A Witchs Rocky Road The Craftfield Series Book 1 [Read] ➫ A Witchs Rocky Road The Craftfield Series Book 1 By Brooklyn Shivers – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Lily Thomas runs an ice cream shop with her mom and believes her life is totally normaluntil she has a nightmare Thinking it was just a horrible dream she brushes it off Later she has a vision of the Lily Thomas runs an ice cream shop with Rocky Road ePUB ☆ her mom and believes her life is totally normaluntil she has a nightmare Thinking it was just a A Witchs Epub / horrible dream she brushes it off Later she has a vision of the same thing and freaks out when she can't get hold of her mom Across Witchs Rocky Road PDF/EPUB Ã town and stuck in traffic she calls the cops to check on her mom Sure enough her mom's dead The problem is the cops think it's an Witchs Rocky Road The Craftfield PDF \ accident from a burglary Lily's intuition won't leave her alone and she decides to find the guilty party on her own Add in a busybody a grumbling neighbor aunt’s away on holiday in the Bahamas a boyfriend acting weird and a new one showing up in town Lily’s got her hands full But the only thing on her mind is catching the killer and trying to figure out why she’s having visions with her eyes wide open and even when they’re shut A clean romance novella This is the first volume of the “The CraftField Series It is a standalone.

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  1. Tammy Goldthorpe Tammy Goldthorpe says:

    Untold Secrets Review I was graced with an advanced copy of Untold Secrets and was unable to pull myself away from it from the beginning In a nutshell it was AMAZING I totally LOVE anything to do with the paranormal and this book fit the bill perfectly I love how it was about a single mother trying to raise her typical teenage daughter Lily reminded me so much of the typical spoiled only child I want I want at the beginning of the story only to see her mature right before my very eyes upon the discovery of her mothers murder The aunts were a nice touch although they struck me as a bit closed off from the get go However once I figured out that Lily was indeed a witch the aunts hush hush attitude made perfect sense Last but not least I just know that there is something different something paranormal about the detective Jarred and I am dying to find out if my theories about him are correct I look forward to reading much about Lily and her adventures as she develops her craft and her relationship with Jarred

  2. Sheryl Sheryl says:

    Lily Thomas helps her mom run an ice cream store and is a typical teen until she starts to have visions and then all bets are off After a horrific incident at the store Lily's life is turned upside down Now with the help of a detective Lily tries to solve the mystery but who knew things would stay off kilter anyway when a secret comes to lightI received an advanced copy of this book for an honest review I loved this story and the characters This is 1 romancecozy mystery that is worth reading over again and again and I can't wait to read book 2

  3. Deborah Carter Deborah Carter says:

    I did not know exactly what to expect I did enjoy the book This story is clean The story starts out with her her mother and her two aunts purchase an ice cream shop The pivotal point of the story occurs when mom dies The new boyfriend demonstrates some paranormal tendencies I was not sure what he was The aunts were supposedly in the Bahamas but no one was able to tell them what happened to their sister The story is a cliffhanger I am very interested in the next story

  4. Lucinda Clarke Lucinda Clarke says:

    ENTERTAININGI am not sure if this fits into the cosy mystery genre but I thought it a gentle book though it had its moments I would like to think that Lily’s devotion to her mother was normal for a teenager but she went above and beyond the call of dutylove I am puzzled about one loose end which may be the opening for the next in the series Altogether a satisfying read I thoroughly enjoyed

  5. Darlene Coover Darlene Coover says:

    I just finished this book and thought it was well written and a good story line I was disappointed a little that the Aunt's didn't arrive earlier but over all really enjoyed it And am looking forward to the next book in the series

  6. Krystyna Krystyna says:

    Dreams or visions?Is she having dreams or is it ? After finding her mother dead she sets out to unmask the killer Is her boyfriend then human? Well written and I really enjoyed it Recommended for all who enjoy paranormal cozy mysteries

  7. Mystereity Reviews Mystereity Reviews says:

    See this and all of my reviews on my blog Mystereity ReviewsI was offered a complimentary copy of this book by the author and after reading the premise I was hooked Lily Thomas runs an ice cream shop with her mom Rose After Lily has frightening visions of her mom's murder it sadly comes true one horrifying day After the police close the case as a burglary gone wrong Lily knows it's up to her to find her mom's killerAlthough a novella there was a rich amount of detail to set the scene I felt like I really got to know Lily I really felt for her after she lost her mom and I admired her strength and perseverance The mysterious detective Jarred was intriguing and I'm really interested to find out the secret he's hiding The other characters in the book weren't as developed as the main characters but I'm confident they will be in later books which makes me want to read The really satisfying ending made the book for me solving the murder while making a cliffhanger for the next book You can be sure I'm going to pick that up once it comes out Overall a great debut and a very enjoyable read I'd say this is like a YA book and would be perfect for younger readers who enjoy paranormal romancesmysteries There's no bad language or sexual situations so a parent could feel comfortable letting a teenager read this book

  8. T.F. T.F. says:

    What a deliciously addictive cozy mystery I loved this book Lily her mom and aunts open up an ice cream parlour but from the get go things don't uite go to plan In fact they go horribly wrong But Lily's tenacity never lets her back down and she finds herself neck deep in a mystery she has to solve before it's too late There is so much to adore in this story in particular Lily as we watch her grow as the events unfold around her Lots of funny moments paranormal secrets a hunky detective and suspense I can't wait for the seuel and can't recommend it enough

  9. mariellen mariellen says:

    I am going to love reading this seriesLooking forward to the next book When is it coming out? Hoping it's coming out real soon Do you have a website?

  10. Cindy Cindy says:

    Unmet potentialThe characters hold a lot of promise and I would like to read about them However if there are books in the series I will probably skip themItv was difficult to keep track of time in this story For example the main character said she was taking a leave from her college classes but was in class in the next chapter This time confusion happened several times I don't want to give anything away so won't give any examplesThere was also uite a bit of foreshadowing I felt the villain was fairly obvious and I believe the author may have plans for other characters in subseuent books plans that don't interest meIt was a nice effort and not a chore to read It was uite short and could have been fleshed out a bit I hope future efforts reach the potential this book didn't uite achieve

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