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The Twilight Zone The Shadow [Reading] ➺ The Twilight Zone The Shadow By David Avallone – Picture if you will in your own world you're a fearsome crime fighter who stalks the night But you wake up today in another world where the fearsome crime fighter is just a character you play in a rad Picture if you will Zone The PDF/EPUB ¿ in your own world you're a fearsome crime fighter who The Twilight eBook ñ stalks the night But you wake up today in another world where the fearsome crime Twilight Zone The PDF/EPUB æ fighter is just a character you play in a radio show that bears his name You are no longer a man with a mission just a year old prodigy with an impressive voice and a lot of uestions an honored guest who has been invited into the Twilight Zone.

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  1. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    Kent Allard's past took him down the path of becoming The Shadow but now that path has led him into The Twilight ZoneConsider if you will a man wearing many masks cloaking himself in lies until no one is sure of the truth Such a man will uickly find himself trapped in the Twilight ZoneWhile I dig The Shadow I'm a tremendous fan of the original Twilight Zone How could I pass something like this up? I wasn't sure how the story would work but I was ultimately uite pleasedAfter a raid on some American Nazis The Shadow and Margo Lane are arguing about the Shadow losing some of his humanity when there is an explosion an explosion that sees The Shadow waking up in different realities as different aspects of himself complete with opening and closing narration by Rod Serling The Shadow's best weapon proves to be his mind and he manages to pull through of courseFrancesco Franavilla provides some sweet covers and Dave Acosta does good work on the interiors About the only thing I can really gripe about is that I wish the interior was black and white instead of color in keeping with the Twilight ZoneSometimes a man's expectations can be exceeded in strange ways and he can learn unexpected lessons in the Twilight ZoneFour out of five stars

  2. Chad Chad says:

    When I first heard about this crossover I didn't think it made any sense but it really works Each issue begins with the Shadow waking up within another aspect of his character Whether it be a voice actor for the radio show the author of the pulp novels etc It's all very meta and I dig it

  3. Chris Chris says:

    I received an ARC of this comic from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I found this compilation to be very interesting The whole concept would be fascinating for anyone really Imagine if Superman were pulled into the Twilight Zone what would happen to him? How would his reality melt or alter?The artwork was uite noirish and well done Very much to the time period involved The story line was interesting particularly to someone like me who is familiar of course with The Twilight Zone but not so much with regard to The Shadow The idea of where justice ends and mindless vigilantism is certainly very appropriate and worth considering 4 stars Well done on all levels

  4. Sarah Marie Sarah Marie says:

    The Twilight Zone The Shadow by David Avallone4 starsAnyone who knows me pretty well knows that I have a secret obsession with the Twilight Zone I love to watch the marathons that play on TV on the Fourth of July and if I get up early enough in the morning I watch a few of the timeless episodes Hell I even went on the Tower of Terror at Disney just because I love Rod Serling as a narrator and wanted to experience the ride for myself I'm never getting on it again Naturally when I saw this was available on Netgalley I hit that green button and I don't regret it Not only did this feed my love for the Twilight Zone but it also introduced me to a pretty fascinating storyline A story that I think Rod Serling would have loved to have on his show because it captured the essence of what lurks within the Twilight Zone The story is seemingly simple enough a superherovigilante under the alias of the Shadow has just shot multiple people in a Nazis American rally His friend and possible lover? Margo implies that he has lost his humanity and the man that he is under the mask After an accident the Shadow wakes up in alternate universes that uestion the authenticity of the shadow It's a complex outline that fits the Twlight Zone format uite brilliantly and for that alone I would give this novel 5 starsWhimsical Writing Scale 4But just because it's Twilight Zone inspired doesn't mean that it can completely save the story I highly enjoyed the story but it's not a favorite or anything remarkable I did love the Nazis American concept the Justice theme but the characters felt a little distant I like the Shadow but I don't care about the Shadow and don't see myself ever wanting to return to his worldCharacter Scale 3The art is the best I do like the noir crime style because it's very different It felt very retro and I think that matched up excellently with the Twilight Zone because it's a black and white show so it makes to have art reflective of the era I'm just not totally in love with but the idea is brilliantArt Scale 375Overall I highly recommend checking this one out if you are a fan of The Twilight Zone because it's a great edition to this world and something i think fans like me will enjoyPlotastic Scale 45Cover Thoughts I love the Twilight Zone so I'm digging this cover Thanks you Netgalley and Dynamite Entertainment for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review

  5. Mark Mark says:

    There is the Shadow and then there is the Twilight Zone While I know and have seen parts of the tv series called the Twilight zone and even got the odd series on dvd bargain basement release it was a show that for me was mostly hit and miss The Shadow on the other hand has remained a favorite of mine and these Dynamite releases are actually mostly good to very goodWe see the Shadow entering the twilight zone after interrupting a festive meeting of the representatives of the Übermensch controlled Party and they are not amused We see in 4 parts the Shadow traveling through the various versions of himself even the Orson Welles radio version and as the original writer of the magazines himself Easy to follow if you like me know a bit about the Shadow lore perhaps a tad incomprehensible for the average reader who got excited about the Twilight zone moniker Dynamite comics really does its best to try to give the rights they have with the Shadow a full workout and this one is original and enjoyable

  6. Laura Laura says:

    I saw this title and thought really? I used to love the twilight zone but the Shadow? That was from the 1930s and I never understood it But you know what? I was pleasantly surprised This version where The Shadow is thrown into the Twilight Zone we actually get to get inside his head The story works and is a uick enjoyable readHighly recommend it if you like though old Radio or Pulp version and especially if you didn't like The ShadowThanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review

  7. Adam Adam says:

    How many Shadows does a Shadow cast? The Twilight Zone The ShadowThe Twilight Zone The Shadow by David Avallone is the graphic novel release of four comic books issues A long time fan of both The Shadow and The Twilight Zone I was skeptical as to whether or not a combination of the two would be worth reading Putting it bluntly the idea of this crossover might strike you as bat shi erm crazySo is this crazy graphic novel worth your time? Absolutely Some background knowledge of The Shadow will help readers understand why this is such a cool idea As in the old comics The Shadow is a former WWI veteran pilot named Kent Allard known in Asia as the opium lord Yin Ko One of his disguises is the millionaire playboy named Lamont Cranston The actual Cranston lets Allard use his identity as a cover In both the radio show and the movie with Alec Baldwin there's only Lamont In the film he's portrayed as having lost his way succumbing to wanton violence and drug use Original Radio Broadcasts from the 1930s don't mind the copy of Preludes and Nocturnes below it In this particular graphic novel The Shadow's identities blend intentionally While I don't want to give away any spoilers just know that some confusion in the beginning is normal The Shadow is literally the protagonist's dark side Trained in the ways of the Orient while in East Asia the protagonist learns to overcome his own inner shadow and obtain the powers of hypnosis and obfuscation The Shadow's alter egos combined with his mastery of the mind makes The Twilight Zone The Shadow a really creative idea It explores the concept of burying one's identity to the point of an existential dilemma As the synopsis states Cranston exhibits signs of being The ShadowAllard remembering details from the others life he shouldn't know There's a lot of mind switching going on but I'll let the story speak for itself The story is very reminiscent of the 1960 Twilight Zone episode A World of DifferenceThe overarching story in the background involves combating Nazis and the lengths to which The Shadow will go to combat evil The graphic novel features racist language and is strictly for adults Rest assured that the alter egopsychological elements are the story's primary strengthThe 3rd party Rod Serling narrative the dialogue itself and character portrayals are all Shadow Another cool aspect is that the writing is very reflexive; AllardPreston notes that the turning invisible power is a myth lazy writing on the part of The Shadow designers an interesting comment since this was a real criticism after the radio show airedThe art style is really terrific Dave Acosta's panel composition is well done and favors uick action seuences Blurb coloring is uniue and changes depending on which character is speaking I highly recommend this graphic novel to fans of The Shadow or for readers looking for a creative new comic It's short and sweet but really nails The Shadow perfectly while also managing to add its own uniue flair 55 This book was received from the publisher for a fair and honest review

  8. Wayne McCoy Wayne McCoy says:

    'The Twilight Zone The Shadow' by David Avallone with art by Dave Acosta had me a little worried at first I wasn't sure how these two properties could combine I needn't have worried We meet The Shadow as he is breaking up a group of American nazis His zeal for justice overrides the personal bystanders He feels they are guilty by association but Margo sees it differently since the bystanders are women and children This event sets The Shadow tumbling into The Twilight ZoneHe is suddenly Lamont Cranston his alter ego from the radio show not Kent Allard He knows he is The Shadow but he can't convince those around him The outward spinning continues as The Shadow moves further away from his true self and into his fictional portrayals Will this journey provide the lesson in justice he needs to learn and will he ever get back to his true self?I liked what was done here I think it works because the Shadow has had a iterations and lives in print radio and now comics The Twilight Zone element is a framing element of each issue like it should be The art is okay I like Francesco Francavilla's work but the covers on these didn't do much for me All in all not a bad storyI received a review copy of this graphic novel from Dynamite Entertainment Diamond Book Distributors and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel

  9. Mike Mike says:

    I thought this pretty well captured the slightly unearthly or supernatural uality of the original Twilight Zone TV series This is a great idea A fictional character particularly a superhero type with an alter ego gets thrust into a scenario or in this case multiple scenarios that make him uestion his own reality There are so many facets to be explored Maybe because I'm not all that familiar with the character of The Shadow the intertwined stories all seemed to be edgy with a sense of mystery and strange unfamiliarity The characters embody that classic Twilight Zone feel the eerie sensation of not knowing what's happening IF it's happening while at the same time knowing it must be happening Good stuffThe art work is first rate and the stories are interesting I think the Twilight Zone aspect adds alot to the fun of the overall story Recommend to anyone with an interest in The Twilight Zone The Shadow or just interesting alternate reality type situations Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy and allowing me the opportunity to review this graphic novel even though I'm so old fashioned I still consider it a comic book

  10. Nicola Mansfield Nicola Mansfield says:

    Not bad I see this as a The Shadow book than The Twilight Zone though Being a big fan of both those series I felt it really helped to know The Shadow's history going in Shadow is working a case when Margo makes comments to him about how he's lost compassion and mercy and perhaps he should revisit Kent Allard After a car crash he enters the Twilight Zone and visits several versions of himself to teach him a lesson in humanity First he's Kent Allard the man he was born as and whose death he faked to become The Shadow aka Lamont Cranston There were scenes between Kent and Lamont which are both him and they were pretty cool Then things really go Twilight Zone as he successively finds himself an actor playing The Shadow on radio in a world where he is only fictional then the writer of the magazine stories and finally he meets Justice as he shrinks down to fit on the page of his story Pretty good

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