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10 thoughts on “A Minecraft Mishap (Stinky Steve #1)

  1. Keep Calm Novel On Keep Calm Novel On says:

    Montage Publishing provided a copy of the eBook in exchange for an honest reviewStinky Steve Book I—A Minecraft Mishap by P T Evans and illustrated by Jake Tashijian is a crowd pleaser The author truly knows and understands his audience and does not disappointEvans has created a world of Minecraft and Steve takes the reader on his hilarious journey As Steve shares his personal discovery of the power of his flatulence problems the listener will be hanging on to each and every word The illustrations are simply perfect and appear at the right momentWhen the captive listener says “read it again please” the reader knows that it’s a hit Looking forward to the next installment in this laugh out loud series

  2. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I am not that well versed at all in the world of Minecraft Yet I know this is slowly changing as I have 3 nephews The one is a big time master of Minecraft While I think that this book is geared towards the younger audience I know that my nephews will still enjoy reading this book The theme of this story being all about farts will really bring a smile to their faces and keep them laughing the whole time with plenty of fart jokes along the way The illustrations were great They really did help bring this story to life It was like I was watching this story play out in the world of Minecraft The creepers were not the thing to be feared this time but Steve's farts Again aspect of this book that I liked was that it was very easy to read with hardly any large words My nephews will be able to read this book on their own with no problems Fans of Minecraft will enjoy this book and series

  3. Sharyn Flanagan Sharyn Flanagan says:

    Author PT Evans hit the trifecta with Stinky Steve Book One 1 Humor 2 Illustrations 3 Speed of reading My almost 12 year old is s huge Minecraft fan She found the book funny but not in tears funny I figure it isn't necessarily for the tween Minecraft fan base But younger 5 7 fans may roll on the floor laughing You usually can't lose with fart jokes and the younger crowd I found some humor in it myself though The illustrations alone were funny and align with the Minecraft genre This series debut is also a uick read that leaves kids wanting of Stinky Steve's adventures

  4. Danielle Montgomery Danielle Montgomery says:

    Funny storyThis is a funny story I read this to my kids before bed and they were laughing so hard at all the trouble Steve faced in this book They were interested in what the witches wanted farts for and thought it was super funny that he was going to be a super hero I would like to see pictures in this book rather than word art There are a handful of pictures and it is nice but would be nice too I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest unbiased review

  5. Valarie Lovelight Valarie Lovelight says:

    This was funny to me for a couple of reasons 1 I know someone named Steve 2 Beans cauliflower etc have the same the same effect on him big time Yes he can clear a roomsorry Steve Anyway it was funny and entertaining short read This copy was suggested and gifted to me and I'm glad I agreed to read it When you can't do anything about your farts make it work for you Lol

  6. Marie Marie says:

    Beans beans the musical fruit Steve installs a new bean mod that replaces all his crops with beans leaving him with nothing else to eat and enough gas to wilt plants and turn a villagers into a hostile mobI read this to the boys 3 and 6 and we all had a good laugh It's totally juvenile and full of fart humor but what can I say I'm easily entertained and the boys loved it The writing is considerably better than some of the other Minecraft books I've experienced It was an actual story and not just an instructional masuerading as a story though probably still most appropriate for young players of Minecraft

  7. max max says:

    stinky steve

  8. Teri Teri says:

    GoodNice and fun and awesome great for kids and adults too AWESOME BOOK Please read this book is awesome And stinky

  9. Jill Jill says:

    The juvenile humor regarding farts will appeal to younger boys The large font makes it easier to beginning readers Set in the Mindcraft world Steve has a smelly problem that is attracting the wrong kind of characters There is an indirect moral about changing a problem into a positive that is offset by running away from problems The epilogue is used to introduce the next book in the series The Mindcraft illustrations lack the crispness found in the game and would be better in color

  10. Adelle Adelle says:

    Do not give this book a one star give it a five star read this book and then move to number two

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A Minecraft Mishap (Stinky Steve #1) [Reading] ➷ A Minecraft Mishap (Stinky Steve #1) ➭ P.T. Evans – Buyprobolan50.co.uk What happens in the wonderful world of Minecraft when Steve can’t stop farting Are the Creepers and Zombies terrified – or attracted – to Steve’s toxic smell Find out in this fun new series fr What happens in the wonderful world of Minecraft when Steve can’t stop farting Are the Creepers and Zombies terrified – or attracted – to Steve’s toxic smell Find out in this fun new series from Montage Publishing.