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  1. Angela M Angela M says:

    She's precocious from the beginning maybe a bit overly precocious but I knew I would like Aris from the beginning The name is short for Aristotle is this author pushing the envelope a bit too far ? In the end I didn't think so Is the story uirky? Absolutely Does it seem a little far fetched to think that this child narrator will write a book in 30 days ? Of course So that's what suspension of disbelief in reading is about Besides that I love the honesty that child narrators exude Did some of the phrasing seem a little too contrived and that the author was trying a little too hard ? Sometimes Did any of this change how I felt about this twelve excuse me 125 little girl going on 30 ? Not in the least 125 year old Aris lives with her mother who she calls Diane and her younger brother Max Diane is depressed struggles financially and emotionally and the family is having a hard time fitting in Kanuga Georgia They moved there from Alaska to be near Diane's parents when her husband Joe died Aris decides to write a novel using the book Write a Novel in Thirty Days to help themThis book is about grief depression a widowed mother struggling to make a life such as it is for her kids This is about a precocious lovable young girl who is herself grieving and carries a big burden of responsibility she believes is hers to share responsibility with her mother It's about writingI found this to be an engaging story funny at times and seeming frivolous at times but yet inherently sad as Aris discovers her mother's journals and the depth of her grief and depression Aris secretly reads her mother's journals and discovers just how sad her mother is as she reads the lists that her mother has written in her journal like Things That Remind Me of Joe and Things Joe Taught Me and Times I've Considered Suicide She wants very much to find a husband for her mother and a father for her and Max and works towards getting together her mother and Penn MacGuffin their nanny and friendWikipedia defines MacGuffin as In fiction a MacGuffinsometimes McGuffin or maguffin is a plot device in the form of some goal desired object or other motivator that the protagonist pursues often with little or no narrative explanation The specific nature of a MacGuffin is typically unimportant to the overall plot How important Penn is to the overall plot will be up to those of you who decide to read this book Towards the end I felt that things were a little convoluted as I tried to decide what was this novel and what was Aris' novel but there is something that grabbed me about this story and what mattered was just that There are a lot of things that won't work here for a lot of readers but for me there is so much here that does Thanks to Vintage Penguin Random House and Edelweiss

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    125 year old plucky precocious Aristotle Aris Thibodeau her mother Diane and little brother Max are fish out of water in Kanuga Georgia They moved to Kanuga from Alaska to be near Diane’s parents after Aris Max’s father tragically died in a car accident Diane an English professor at Kanuga Christian College and Aris both love to read and write When Aris receives a copy of “Write a Novel in Thirty Days” as a gift she decides she will get the family’s life back on track by writing a novel making a million dollars and creating a new happy ending her familyI love the original concept behind this book and admit to being a complete sucker for young smart and resourceful protagonists Sumner does a wonderful job with her characters – Diane as the overwhelmed single mother still grieving the loss of her husband; Grandma and Grandpa Diane’s overbearing parents harping about inconseuential matters while failing to recognize where help is really needed; Penn the salt of the earth local Diane meets at an AA meeting who rejects the small minded thinking prevalent in Kanuga and is always there to help Diane and the kids expecting nothing in return At its best the writing alternates between heartwarming and hilarious Unfortunately the storyline meanders at times and in attempting to weave between the actual novel and Aris’s novel became a bit jumbledOverall a satisfying read 35 starsThank you to NetGalley and Penguin Random House for a galley of this book in exchange for an honest review

  3. Meredith Meredith says:

    After receiving the book Write a Novel in 30 days from her mother 125 year old going on 35 Aris Aristotle Thibodeau decides she is going to write a novel that is going to make her rich enough to change her family's life Aris has been through uite a lot in her young life the death of her father having to co parent her 8 year old brother moving from Alaska to Kanuga GA and most recently her first breakup Aris uses writing to cope with the changes in her life as well as to understand her family's history Although Aris sounds very much like an adult the events of the novel remind the reader that she is very much a child who is trying to understand the world around herI received this book from Goodreads in exchange for an honest review

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    “I am writing this novel to circumvent the bother and expense of therapy I am writing this novel to make money so Diane can retire Max can go to camp and I can chill” This would be novelist is Aris short for Aristotle Thibodeau 125 years old and as precocious as Flavia de Luce or your other favorite child narrator Diane is her single mother and Max her downright weird younger brother Penn MacGuffin their gruff nanny and PMI positive male influence that is forms the final corner of this wonky family uadrilateral Using Write a Novel in 30 Days Aris is turning her family’s life story into fiction In some ways they are very out of place here in Kanuga Georgia “a two Walmart no Target town fuelled by fast food and tethered to heaven by a church on every corner” Diane feeds the kids weird vegan food and tries to wriggle out of signing the statement of belief reuired by the Bible college where she teaches freshman English With her enlightened perspective Diane sets out to save Charles Hutchins her African American writing protégé from an unfair prison sentence he got for speedingThis fight for justice provides a good narrative direction for a book that can otherwise seem a little aimless Only three stars because although I enjoyed Aris’s voice and her writing brainstorming sessions with Ms Chu the librarian the metafictional aspect doesn’t work particularly well and there are a few things I think should have been explored some including the death of Aris and Max’s father Joe and Max’s behavioral problemsThe child’s wry look at family dysfunction reminded me of Sue Townsend’s The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 ¾ I would probably read something else from Sumner so long as it wasn’t uite as silly and YA geared as this

  5. Kelly Gunderman Kelly Gunderman says:

    I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewWow This book is such a cute uirky story that I just couldn't put down I wanted to keep reading and reading just to see what would happenThis book is about Aristotle or Aris a 125 year old girl who received a copy of Write a Novel in Thirty Days from her mother Diane Aris starts off writing a novel completing exercises from the book and doing absolutely adorable things on the way She narrates the book and while it may seem somewhat juvenile at times because she's only twelve it's actually a breath of fresh air and I believe the author has done a fantastic job of portraying such a young girl as the narrator It was done beautifully From helping her mother Diane dress for dates to taking care of her younger brother Max Aristotle discovers uite a bit about herself and her family in this novel and it's a great story to read if you're interested in reading something new light and fun

  6. Jessica Jeffers Jessica Jeffers says:

    I wanted to like this book and it's occasionally charming but the white savior tone was really off putting

  7. Rebecca Einstein Rebecca Einstein says:

    uirky Engaging Altogether imperfectly perfect How to Write a Novel was one of the best reads this summer Poor Aris is locked into a most unhealthy and codependent relationship with her mother and she's only 125 Sumner captures the tween voice in all of its absurdities emerging maturity and longing for the less confusing days of childhood

  8. Laura.125Pages Laura.125Pages says:

    Original review at www125pagescomI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review2 Stars♦ As I read a book I copy and paste phrases sentences and paragraphs into emails and send them to myself for reference while writing a review As the mother of two 20 and 10 this book made me crazy The main character is twelve and a half and that is stated numerous times Instead of writing a review I’m going to let my emails review for me From Laura Sent Sunday August 9 2015 542 PM To Laura Subject How 2“Rule #27 Avoid flashbacks They are usually a sign that the writer is avoiding conflict Watch out here comes a flashback Aris Thibodeau leaned back into her seat lifted her water bottle and looked deeply into its clear color She took a sip and thought about Billy and their secret steamy clandestine meeting in the sacristy at St Michael’s on that stormy night last July Billy wore the scarlet acolyte robe of the chalice bearer which made his hazel eyes even hazel With both hands he fumbled at the top button of her robe His breath smelling faintly of Eucharist wine felt warm as he brushed his lips against hers After supper he took the cup of wine; and when he had given thanks he gave it to them and said “Drink this all of you” “Here let me help you” Aris whispered to Billy because he was getting nowhere fast with the button At any moment Father John might open the door and discover them She had the thing off in ten seconds “This is my Blood of the new Covenant—” Aris and Billy laughed nervously as the crimson robe pooled around her feet When she unfastened the top two buttons of her blouse he pulled her tight against him and pressed his mouth against hers With tender skill finesse born of longing he moved his braces away from her lips as he flicked his tongue over hers When his hand slid over her breast she undid another button allowing his fingers to slip inside her bra His finger rested on her bare nipple which her bare nipple stiffened at his touch “Whenever you drink it—” Tentatively he stroked her hip with his free hand “Yes?” he asked breathlessly She felt beautiful and powerful “No” she said but she didn’t push him away Again they kissed Again his hand glided across her narrow hip “Please?” he asked in his sweet gruff voice She paused considering Christ has died “Just for a minute” he said Aris touched his hair and looked deeply into his eyes smiling He smiled back Were those footsteps coming down the hall? Christ is risen They listened but no one came into the vestibule “I think I could love you” she whispered When he held her close she felt his hard hot body pulsing with desire “You think?” he said He held her even tighter pressing his muscles into her soft curves as she sighed with pleasure She felt just like Neferneferuaten Nefertiti Lady of All Women Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt in 1345 BC 10 He ran his finger over the outline of her hip bone “Pretty please?” She shook her head just as ueen Nefertiti would have done because that is the secret to power” – THEY ARE 12 WTF JUST NO NOT ENOUGH WORDS FOR NOSent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphoneFrom Laura Sent Sunday August 9 2015 627 PM To Laura Subject How 2“I have a strong memory which is both a blessing and a curse It’s wonderful because I never have to study Everything that enters my brain stays there The downside is that I can’t forget anything Memories flutter around my brain with the damned persistence of moths on a lamp” – She is 12 What 12 year old speaks like this? Nice turn of phrase if the same narrator wasn’t just using text speak and emojiSent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphoneFrom Laura Sent Sunday August 9 2015 648 PM To Laura Subject How 2“I see you’re still writing your novel” said Grandma “What’s it about?” Well” I said and then I froze up What was my novel about? I had no idea “I’m illuminating reality as I transcend it” I said” – TWELVE“I see someone’s hormonal” – said by 12 year old boy to 12 year old girl do twelve year old boys really know about that?Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphoneFrom Laura Sent Sunday August 9 2015 656 PM To Laura Subject How 2Calls mom Diane or Merm WTF is a Merm and why does Mom put up with this?Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphoneFrom Laura Sent Sunday August 9 2015 658PM To Laura Subject How 2“During science I found three new pictures of his “cousin” Tiffany on his Facebook page At home later that afternoon I discovered that Tiffany had followed him on Twitter and Instagram When my cellphone rang I jumped thinking He’s calling me That was ridiculous of course; my friends and I haven’t “talked on the phone” since third grade” – Don’t you have to be 13 to have social media accounts? And why do 12 year olds have cell phones? Does the author have kids? Edited to add that yes she has two children according to her acknowledgementsSent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphoneFrom Laura Sent Sunday August 9 2015 658PM To Laura Subject How 2“Where the hell did that come from? We were grading papers together a few days ago Was I or was I not the co parent in this family an eual partner in the management of the Montgomery Thibodeau enterprise?” – Um not a co parent a child so no not eualSent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphoneFrom Laura Sent Sunday August 9 2015 658PM To Laura Subject How 2“Aris are you okay?” “I’m fine What’s the matter with me?” “You seem a bit fragile” “It’s probably just my hormones having a party” I said in my old reassuring voice but it sounded false” – TWELVE arrrggghh I give upSent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

  9. Susan (aka Just My Op) Susan (aka Just My Op) says:

    For me this book started out too cutesy but not cute and contrived The 125 year old first person protagonist is going to write a novel in 30 days with the help of an instructional book Initially she seemed too adult while her mother seemed too childish but the child did start seeming her age And used footnotes to explain emoticons There is the cliché of a missing parent There is the obligatory child abuse although the book isn't mainly about that Fortunately there is not a child with a fatal disease – that would have made this the trifecta of YA literature There is a somewhat interesting ghost doing ghostly things The pre teen angst wasn't even very angsty A kindergarten teacher says “I want to marry Max” That would be okay except that Max is not her boyfriend he is one of the kindergartners Rather unsettling Also unfortunately there isn't a plot at least not much of oneGood ol' mom tries to sneak tofu corn dogs instead of meat corn dogs into hot dog buns Corn dogs tofu or meat don't go into hot dog buns – that's the whole point of a corn dogI did like the uote “Except for the ten foot statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest founder and grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan who sits on a horse in front of the courthouse you would never know that racism ever existed in Kanuga”While mildly entertaining in spots this is a book that feels like it tried too hard and it showsI was given an advance copy of this book for review and the uote may have changed in the published edition

  10. Sherri F. Sherri F. says:

    25 For now I think my rating is 25 but not sure if I'll put under 2 or 3 for GRs rating bc I need to digest it a little and will rate later It's uirky weird at times cute at times and maybe it's too deep and I'm too shallow to get it I really liked the cover and idea of it that's why I picked it up and I really wanted to like it and through out reading it I felt like I was chasing that high or like that I wanted First of all Aris main character narrator short for Aristotle didn't come across like any 125 year olds I've ever met even when she used emoticons maybe she could have been 14 to 16 I did like some of it in small parts or short stories but overall I just kept making comments rolling my eyes or just didn't feel it Maybe if the author was very young andor was a first novel possibly I could rate higher I don't see that it's labeled or tagged YA but I think it would probably fit that than anything Like I said I need to digest it a little and weight my like vs dislikes to come up with a final ratingOh I saw synopsis said in spirit of something Bernadette? which I haven't read or know anything about so can't comment but also said Rosie Project now I did read Rosie Project and Rosie Effect and I really don't see any similarities for me except I liked all their covers and that covers coloring with similar I loved both Rosie books and can't say that about this one

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Eine Therapie für Aristoteles ❰Epub❯ ➝ Eine Therapie für Aristoteles Author Melanie Sumner – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Wie schreibt man einen Roman in 30 TagenAristoteles »Aris« Thibodeau ist zwölfeinhalb Jahre alt Nein sie ist kein Junge Und ja sie ist zu Höherem berufen Leider steckt sie seit dem Tod ihres Vater Wie schreibt man einen Roman in TagenAristoteles »Aris« Thibodeau ist zwölfeinhalb Jahre alt Nein sie ist kein Junge Und ja sie ist Eine Therapie PDF/EPUB ² zu Höherem berufen Leider steckt sie seit dem Tod ihres Vaters in einer eher mäßig interessanten Kleinstadt fest wo sie sich um das desolate Liebesleben ihrer Mutter kümmern muss Nicht zu vergessen ihr Job als Koerzieherin ihres kleinen Bruders Max für dessen Therapie das gesamte Geld der Familie draufgeht Zum Glück hat Aris einen Plan Mithilfe des Ratgebers ›Schreiben Sie einen Roman in Tagen‹ den ihre Mutter ihr als Therapieersatz in die Hand gedrückt hat will sie einen Bestseller schreiben Inhalt des Buches ihre charmant dysfunktionale Familie Wenn nur ihre Mutter endlich die Finger vom Onlinedating lassen würde dann könnte sie erkennen dass der perfekte Mann für sie der Handwerker und Nanny Ersatz Penn Mac Guffin ist Und Aris hätte zumindest schon mal den romantischen Strang ihres Plots in der Tasche und einen Vater im echten Leben Als jedoch ein Unfall einen düsteren Teil der Thibodeau Familienhistorie enthüllt muss Aris einsehen dass manches im Leben – genauso wie in der großen Literatur – nicht exakt so verläuft wie es geplant war.

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  • Eine Therapie für Aristoteles
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