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  1. Jay Jay says:

    35 stars – The MMmystery Flight or Fight is my first exposure to author Dirk Greyson Like many of the novels I have read in this subgenre of romance the mystery is not terribly convoluted but it serves its purpose well enough by giving the romantic pairing something extra to challenge it Though the author accomplishes a good balance between the story arcs here I still found myself scratching my head at times and not in the way of when a good mystery baffles me Brantley Calderone is the new owner of ranch in rural South Dakota a setting and life far afield from his high rolling successful days as a New York City investment manager It’s a change he wanted to make but when he finds his real estate agent shot dead on his front porch a few days after moving in he wonders whether moving away from the “safety” of the city was the right choice Mackenzie “Mack” Redford the sheriff of Hartwick County is relieved that it doesn’t take him long to rule out Brantley as the prime suspect as it’s never a good thing to be attracted to the man he’s investigating But since Brantley seems to be eually interested in pursuing something with Mack the fact that the killer is intent on driving Brantley away by any means necessary makes the murder case all the personal for the sheriff If he’s to keep Brantley from leaving he’ll have to make sure they work together to expose their adversary for only then can they have a chance at a happily ever afterSince much of my teenage years were spent enjoying mystery novels picking up a romance book framed as a whodunit twenty years later ok closer to thirtyshut up is something that I always do with a bit of excitement in spite of the fact that my experience with them has been mixed For some reason it seems a challenge for authors of the subgenre to balance the romantic and mystery aspects without making a mess of it Fortunately the plot of Flight or Fight is not a problem It does focus much heavily on the mystery story using the budding romance between the characters as a means for adding an extra layer of urgency to find the murderer uickly I would hesitate to call this a noir style mystery even though it contains some of the style elements because the story is not dark or gritty Add to this the fact that the mystery itself is fairly easy to follow and you have an easy comfortable read that would work even in situations where your attention might freuently be dragged elsewhere while reading Though there’s nothing really surprising here for a seasoned mystery reader I have no complaints with the plotting—no loose ends nor any unbelievable twists for example—so since the majority of the story is the mystery that’s a good thingProbably the biggest issue I had with the book though is the writing style The dialogue is fine but the narration seems filled with a lot of extraneous details throughout Details can be good but too often here I found myself being pulled out of the story because of it Is it necessary for example to comment about a character absently scratching his butt before taking a sip of his coffee It certainly wasn’t bad enough that I couldn’t get back into the story but still And then where details are a big plus—ahem in the romantic scenes—the author decided to leave much to the imagination most of the time Maybe that’s a personal preference thing but it certainly left me wantingAs far as the characters and their romance are concerned for the most part I enjoyed them They make a good pair because they are similar in many ways While such similarity can post problems from a perspective standpoint the author does an excellent job keeping this from becoming a problem There are a few decisions the author makes that some readers may uestion though For example almost right from the start Mack seems rather open with Brantley about the facts of the case But this makes a certain amount of sense if one considers the location and situation There are a few other things like this in the book but if you try not to let your “television policing” experience interfere with the story and just go with it it will be for the better It shouldn’t take long in reading the book for you to understand where the title of the novel comes from and honestly this behavior in Brantley seems a touch overdramatized at times but that’s really the only thing I can say bad about either of them as characters As I mentioned before the romance plays a distant second fiddle to the mystery and like the mystery the romantic arc is also fairly uncomplicated All of the drama in their uickly formed relationship comes directly from the events surrounding the investigation and their reactions to it That being said I do wish the author had taken time to expand this part of the story line someAs a whole Flight or Fight is a decent mystery encasing a uick romance that is worth a read particularly if you like things to be straightforward While you might be tempted to gloss over some of the details that don’t pertain to the case—and frankly it’s okay if you do because there are a lot of them—if you pay attention to the important stuff your inner gumshoe will appreciate the story The author generously provided me a complimentary copy of Flight or Fight in exchange for this fair and honest reviewFollow Me Reviews by Tammy Kim | Facebook | Twitter

  2. Nerea Nerea says:

    375 I enjoyed this one It has a good mystery and the story is settled in a ranch Andrew grey´s Ranch or farms stories have a soft enviroment that I really like D Low angst and although they fall pretty fast for each other is not insta it goes deleloping with the story

  3. Karen Karen says:

    35 stars rounded down to 3 stars because still no 12 stars here on GR and the audio kinda' killed this one for me and not in a good way Who says life's uiet in a small town After things fell apart in New York Brantley Calderone did what any sane person would do he bought a farm and left the city looking to make a new life for himselfhe just didn't plan on that life including a dead body on his front porch at the end of his first week Nor did he count on it including a sheriff who pushed every hot button he hasWhen Mack pulled up to the house with the dead body on it and realized that he was interested in the hot and very much alive owner as than just a prime suspect Mack learns in short order that first impression can be wrong and it doesn't take Mack long to figure out that his first impression was deceptive and as events unfold he realizes that not only is Brantley not a suspect he's a potential victimI liked Brantley he was determined not to give in to his fear and run back to New York no matter how tempting the idea became and I can well imagine that having someone try to kill you would be a real motivator to get the hell out of Dodge But when push came to shove Brantley pulled on his big boy pants and held his ground and without fail Mack had his back I might have warmed up to Brantley a little uicker than Mack but that didn't mean that I didn't appreciate Mack I loved that Mack wasn't afraid to let Brantley know how he felt As Mack and Brantley pull together to solve the mystery and keep anyone else from being hurt or worse not only does the pressure to find a solution increase but feelings between Mack and Brantley change and Mack's desire to keep Brantley safe becomes personal than professionalI found myself engaged by both the romance between the MCs and the mystery in this one even though I was fairly sure who it was I still enjoyed the journey that the author took us one to get there Overall I enjoyed this story but I have to admit that ending was maybe just a little bit to much sunshine and rainbows for me to buy into but sometimes it's nice to get the sunshine and rainbows in my books because real life doesn't always have them to offer when life goes off the railsI've left my thoughts on the audio portion of this book for last because truthfully this one was a real challenge for me I listened to the sample on audiblecom before I reuested this one and honestly it seemed ok I really didn't think there was going to be an issueI was wrong ok Because about an hour into the book I picked up on the fact that what sounded like a slow easy drawl after only a few minutes turned into of a sing songy voice and truthfully just did not enhance the story for me especially as I began to feel like it was getting a bit challenging to distinguish the character voices apart as I didn't find the voices of the MCs to be overly distinctive This was my first audio experience with Mark Westfield as the narrator and truthfully probably my last as well I know he's a very popular narrator especially with fans of Charlie Cochet's THIRDS series and I'm cool with that Once again this isn't a case of right or wrong it's just a case of this narrator's voice didn't work for me At the end of the story it's a case of the story was easily a 35 possibly a 4 star read for me but the audio only gets 3 stars from me because while this was by no means my best audio book experience I've had worsea lot worse so I'm calling it a day at 35 stars for this one and moving on to my next adventureAn audio book of 'Flight or Fight' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  4. Diverse Diverse says:

    Now THIS is how you do a murder mystery folks It’s rare that an author gets the drop on me I’m always figuring it out right away or at least half way But for this one it took me right to the end I literally cheered over the fact I was left stunned I want to bake the author a cakeThis is such an awesome mystery with great drama and eually fantastic characters Brantley comes to live in South Dakota from New York City to live a dream he’s had since he was a kid Mack the Sheriff has his first encounter with Brantley when a woman is found dead and Brantley hovering over her It was almost comical actuallyOf course Brantley isn’t guilty that would be too easy But the whodunit is what was truly brilliant We take this journey with these two and the rest of the town Some near misses for Brantley who finds himself almost killed uite a few times So we have this suspenseful mystery Mack and Brantley falling in love a billion secrets floating around this small town some serious emotion too Brantley finds so much than his childhood dream though he finds family Something he really never hadI loved the balance in this story The love drama mystery comedy and just great all around writing This is a wonderful book for someone who’s a fan of a well put together mystery and likes being on the edge of their seat

  5. Kelly H. (Maybedog) Kelly H. (Maybedog) says:

    45 starsBecause of people not pressing charges in domestic cases in this state it's automatic The police press charges They would automatically put someone in cuffs found hovering over a dead body covered in their blood not take the cuffs back off because the guy said it was his right If they needed to officially arrest him they would But I've seen enough true crime cop shows to know they put people in cuffs all the time who aren't necessarily being are ester but who might be a danger to themselves or others or a flight risk when the officers don't have all the info they need at the scene Ooo used whom correctlyWe were supposed to meet this evening so I could thank her Then I'm surprised she was here as well I wasn't expecting her She may have stopped by to give me something but I would have expected her to callThat makes no sense They were going to meet If they were going to meet later why would she stop by earlier Why wouldn't he say thatI want to know why if someone is trying to view spoilerrun him off the land hide spoiler

  6. Daniel Mitton Daniel Mitton says:

    Originally Reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews with a copy provided by the author publisher for an honest reviewI’ve read this author’s other books and was curious where he was going with a western under this pen name I like his books no matter which name he publishes under but at first I wondered why this one wasn’t under his other name Then I got into the book and realized it is primarily a murder mystery whodunit It is definitely a Dirk story That said I liked the book uite a bit in fact I liked the underlying mystery whodunit but I think time was spent on the whodunit than on the characters Usually with this author I have a pretty good image in my head of what his characters look like Not in this one I felt the characters’ background and descriptions were a little lacking While that didn’t necessarily hurt the story it hurt my connection to the story just a little bitLet’s talk about the story Brantley Calderon was a big time hedge fund manager in Manhattan When his business partner pulled some shady deals and tried to pin it all on Brantley it didn’t stick but the backlash was enough to topple Brantley from his position of trust to the ultra wealthy clients he served Washed up in Manhattan he purchased a ranch in South Dakota sight unseenwell except for a ton of photos taken by his local realtor So off he went to rural South Dakota where there aren’t any sounds but insects and birds for as far as he can hear Idyllic Welluntil he comes home from an unproductive visit to the local town to find his realtor shot dead on his front porch Of course just when he leans over her and gets blood all over himself the local Sheriff pulls upMack is a hometown boy having grown up in the community He trained to become a police officer and planned on moving to a bigger town city to pursue a police career All that changed though when he had to return to his hometown when his father was crippled in a ranching accident Mack then ran for and was elected to the County Sheriff’s position What is he to make of the overdressed stranger standing over a local realtor’s body covered in bloodThat leads us off on a string of suspects in this story I liked this book It was well written except for my minor character background concerns that I mentioned above On the whodunit sidehonestlyI had no idea all the way through who the miscreant was I had my suspicions and was hoping I was wrong And I wastotally Didn’t see that reveal ending coming at all This was a good fast read similar to the author’s other books in its ease of readability It had humor and drama in eual portions and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a feel good mysteryromance No surprise with this author that it is a HEA Trust me if you like this author’s writing you’re in for another enjoyable readGood job Mr Greyson

  7. Serena Yates Serena Yates says:

    One of the ways to reduce stress in your life is to leave the big city and move to the country At least that is what Brantley expects when he leaves New York and buys a ranch in South Dakota As it turns out nothing could be further from the truth He has barely moved in when he finds a dead woman on his porch becomes the prime suspect in the murder investigation and subseuently gets shot at watched attacked and worse It takes all of his efforts as well as the local sheriff’s considerable abilities to solve the riddle of who killed the woman and why they now seem to be after Brantley The result is an action packed story with lots of twists and turns surprises and revelations as well as a touching love story when Brantley begins to fall for Mack – the sheriff who is determined to keep Brantley alive and safeBrantley used to be a busy financial advisor with a knack for making millions for his clients but he had a crooked partner who got him in enough trouble to ruin Brantley’s reputation and drove him to make the life altering choice of buying a ranch and moving to the countryside But the dead woman on his porch and the subseuent hunt for her killer uickly makes Brantley reconsider his choice Even though Mack uickly clears him of all suspicion who would want to stay in a town where his life is constantly in danger But Brantley also has a few excellent reasons to stay his attraction to Mack his refusal to run from whatever coward is after him and his determination to help Mack solve the riddle as clues start coming inMack had expected his post as a sheriff in a small town to be far less exciting and suspense filled than what he is finding once Brantley hits town There are enough suspects from neighbors who need the water on Brantley’s ranch to mysterious shooters but not enough hard evidence As Mack sifts through the circumstantial hints and rumors the killer becomes aggressive and substantial proof emerges Mack has a race on his hands and since he is beginning to fall for Brantley catching the murderer becomes than a matter of professional prideIf you like murder mysteries that turn into a character driven mystery with a variety of motives if you think two strangers can bond and fall in love while fighting for their lives and solving a mystery and if you’re looking for a read that is suspenseful surprising and full of loving moments then you will probably like this novel NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  8. Lisa The Novel Approach Lisa The Novel Approach says:

    Brantley Calderone escapes from the hectic life of a financial market advisor in NYC He’s bought a ranch in the small county of Hartwick where there’s peace and uiet Or not so much there’s a dead real estate agent on his porch neighbors’ cattle on his property he’s facing a drought and townspeople who aren’t friendly and it just goes downhill from thereThen there’s the biggest problem of all Mackenzie “Mack” Redford Mack is the sheriff in the small county of Hartwick It seems like crime is starting to be a headache for Mack Then when Brantley comes on the scene Mack has his hands full in ways than one When one shot from a rifle comes too close to Brantley Mack immediately jumps into protective mode Mack takes Brantley home where he meets Lew Mack’s dad and the lovable pups Leo Rex and LuluMack and Brantley share an attraction to each other Both are a little unsure but in between trying to solve crimes they do take time to get to know one another They team up together to try and figure out who’s causing all the problems and why I thought Mack and Brantley were really well developed characters and made a great couple Lew is also a great character He’s a wonderful dad to Mack and he shares so much with Brantley He also brings wisdom and humor to the storyDirk Greyson brings us a well plotted murder mystery with non stop suspense and action The danger never lets up in Flight or Fight; it keeps escalating right up until the guilty party is discovered Right from the start there seems to be new characters that pop up and get added to the list of suspects and the author kept me guessing The big uestion is what do they want The ranch land water or something else Absolute page turner for meReviewed by Maryann for The Novel Approach Reviews

  9. Becky Condit Becky Condit says:

    Imagine you’ve moved from the biggest of cities NYC to the smallest of towns in South Dakota You are seeking a stress free life in the safety of anonymity and you’ve bought a house on some acreage to isolate yourself even This is the life Brantley Calderone was seeking Instead he has stumbled into nothing but stressful and bizarre problems His real estate agent is murdered on his front porch he is initially the prime suspect the clothing that he bought to “fit in” is all wrong and no one is the least bit friendly A drought is a huge problem in the area and in the middle of the night he sees cattle on the horizon Brantley does not own any cattleMack is the county sheriff in an area where the biggest crimes should be small but are approaching real danger – murder cattle thieves and a newcomer who rings all the wrong bells in Mack’s lonely heart As Mack and Brantley uickly get to know each other it becomes apparent that they are going to need to team up to solve the crimes that are suddenly coming to a head and escalating fastWho is at the bottom of the mysteries and is someone else going to have to die before the culprit or culprits are discovered Mack and Brantley are great characters and are well developed in context Dirk Greyson writes wonderful suspense and one of his gifts is creating characters that you truly care about Mack’s father Lew is a secondary character but gets plenty of page time and is a wonderful man I felt like I knew him and wanted to keep up with him as a friend even after the story was over I could hardly put the book down while trying to anticipate what was going to happen next and why the crimes were happening Great modern day western just my kind of story and one I highly recommend When a plot driven novel meets a character driven romance great story telling happens and the reader is the beneficiary Enjoy

  10. Michael Michael says:

    375 Stars I can't uite go to a full 4 Stars but I would say the current rating of 382 is just about right I enjoyed the characters Thought I had the mystery solved around 50% of the way in and only realized I was wrong at about the last 85% so a good job keeping me guessing

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Flight or Fight [Download] ➺ Flight or Fight ➿ Dirk Greyson – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Life in the big city wasn’t what Mackenzie Mack Redford expected and now he’s come home to Hartwick County South Dakota to serve as sheriffBrantley Calderone is looking for a new life After leavin Life in the big city wasn’t what Mackenzie Mack Redford expected and now he’s come home to Hartwick County South Dakota to serve as sheriffBrantley Calderone is looking for a new life After leaving New York and buying a ranch he’s settling in and getting used to living at a different pace—until Flight or PDF or he finds a dead woman on his porch and himself the prime suspect in her murderMack and Brantley uickly realize several things someone is trying to frame Brantley; he is no longer safe alone on his ranch; and there’s a definite attraction developing between them one that only increases when Mack offers to let Brantley stay in his home But as their romance escalates so does the killer They’ll have to stay one step ahead and figure out who wants Brantley dead before it’s too late Only then can they start the life they’re both seeking—together.