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Weeds or Wishes (Never Ever After Book 2) [Reading] ➷ Weeds or Wishes (Never Ever After Book 2) Author Morgan Reeves – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Sometimes the truth hurts than the lie Samantha Townsend knows a thing or two about love It had left her to crash and burn after all But she got through it She was always the silver lining kind of gir Sometimes the truth hurts than the lie Samantha Townsend knows a thing or two about Weeds or ePUB ´ love It had left her to crash and burn after all But she got through it She was always the silver lining kind of girl Life never gives you than you can handle Right When Sammi moves back to her old town she’s faced with the one who got away The first love The big love Connor Moore was everything she’d ever wanted in a boy And now that they’re all grown up she’s finding that she loves the man even But some secrets are so big they break lives And some truths are so hard that they can’t be overcome When the weight of their decisions makes itself known Sammi and Connor will need to decide how far they’re willing to go to find their happily ever after If it even exists.

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  1. Lustful Literature Lustful Literature says:

    Josie's Review 45 STARSMorgan Reeves has done an amazing job in writing this very emotional touching love story This author has a uniue talent in writing details into her story line that makes you feel like you are right there with the characters experiencing the same things they are This story came at very emotional time in my life a time that I was starting to lose hope but after reading this story my faith and hope was liftedThis story is told in a uniue and fitting way Samantha’s POV is told in the present tense and we get Connor’s POV in the past tense The way this story unfolded was emotional and I felt like the author handled it in a suburb way Samantha is dealing with the loss of her mother her ailing father and having to relocate but throughout all the changes in her life she rolls with punches She sees things for what they are and looks ahead She is loving caring loyal and gives her everything to those she cares about When she sees a childhood best friend the boy who stole her heart and broke it after many years she does not hold any grudgesAt first I did not like Connor He was very cold aloft and mean at times This is where I felt getting the present and past in alternating POV’s worked Connor’s story unfolds slowly throughout the book which really helped to see why he is the way he is His story was moving painful and a poignant I could feel just how much Samantha meant to him as the story develops and just how conflicted he was to turn away the love she offeredThroughout their turbulent journey Samantha is strong She is not the young girl he broke in the past They establish a friendship but you can clearly see their love throughout this process I loved that it was not a fast reunion in which all was forgiven It is a slow build in which Connor’s secret is slowly revealed Secrets that change everything between them We see a different Connor and Samantha emerge Once again the author brings two characters destined for each other and a story that left me believing that with love support and positivity one can get through anything This is a journey that everyone should take You won’t be sorry

  2. Lindsey (Linz Readz) Lindsey (Linz Readz) says:

    Grateful to have received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewDandelions I’ve always wondered why we make wishes by blowing the seeds of a weed This book gives hope for and faith in those wishes I read this entire book in 2 sittings I would have read it in one sitting but sleep got in my way Darn sleep This book covers a very rough topic especially for me personally Cancer Morgan has written in such a way that takes it very seriously and at times it was difficult to read emotionally but her writing style also gives hope and brightness to the topic Her writing is smooth and uick to follow but at the same time gives the reader great depth about the settings and characters Most of the characters were extremely likable Samantha was a strong and vocal female main character I have a soft spot for nurses but can be very picky when a character is one Because of how she was written I had no choice but to like her Connor was very frustrating in the beginning just like most men no offence but in the end he was just as likable The only character I was a bit frustrated with was Clair Samantha’s sister Some scenes with the two of them were good and brought out about the character’s past and feeling Then there were scenes and info that was just frustrating to have to read through I wish these would have been replaced with scenes with Zoe Samantha’s best friend I know the first book in this series is all about Zoe but I still would have liked to see her presence in this book especially with how difficult some of the situations were A great second chance romance read I might be a little partial as I live in Colorado and have family in Iowa Few of My Favorite uotes“I’d choose true love over a long life” I explained “Because a long life without love isn’t really a life at all is it?””“This isn’t the end It’s just a different beginning than I was thinking of”“I had an audio book playing on my phone and my earbuds were up to max as I listened to a story full of mystery sass and cupcakes”“I don’t want you to help me I want you to love me”

  3. Michelle Michelle says:

    25 starsSo when I signed up for this book I thought it could be read as a standalone It didn't say it in the synopsis Whether or not I had to read the first book before I read this book Which I think should be said in the synopsis I mean You want your readers to get the full experience of your book By reading them in orderOkI know author don't disclose certain things in their synopsis for element of surprise But I really think this one should have been disclosedNowhere in this blurb did it say it was going to be an emotional book Or touch on such heavy subjectsI stopped reading the book twice to re read the synopsis I wanted to make sure I didn't miss something in the blurb about the subject matterI believe a blurb should give you a little insight of what you're in for in a bookWhether it will be funny sad or emotionalYou read books that fit your mood you're inNow I'm not saying this was a bad read But I just wished I had known what I was getting into before I started this bookRight from the the beginning I thought I was missing something Zoe was brought up right from the beginning and I just felt like there was something there and I couldn't fully understand her character I felt like I was missing somethingAnother thing that bothered me was when I read Sammie was engaged to a guy named Chris I literally found that out towards the end of the book I just felt the author could have did a little recap of the first book So new readers won't feel like they are missing something Once again going back to writing and informing your readers as to whether or not this book could be read as a standaloneAs for the storyI was not feeling Connor at all Connor was hard to like The things he said to Sammi the way he acted Just wasn't for me It just didn't matter to me what he was going through Then you have the whole 10 year gap The way he just dropped her when he found out I was like come on How can you treat your best friend in the whole wide world that way? No I'm sorry You don't treat someone you care about like thatWhen he finally told her what he was going through I felt it was a little to late I had of a emotional connection to Tirzah than I did for Conner I felt so bad for herThe whole back and forth thing going on with Conner was frustrating and aggravating All he did was push push push everyone away and he was especially cruel to Sammi He played with her emotions It just wasn't rightAnd I have to be honest here Connor and Sammi felt like friends than anything I did not feel the undying love between these two charactersThey never talked about past relationships OrWhat they did with their time when they were apartAll that was said was they talked about light subjects To catch up on certain things I would have like to read about the heavy stuff Like if Conner had lots of girlfriends Not the obvious conversation about what Conner went through Maybe that's why I never connected with both these charactersI needed to feel that undying love I need to feel just how sorry Conner was about everything I needed to know them on a personal level I just didn't feel it with themSammi was always stretching herself too thin She didn't know how to tell people no And she was constantly putting others above herself I just couldn't get into herI wish I could have liked this book a little better But I just don't think it was for meARC provided for an honest review

  4. Aubrey B3 Book Blog Aubrey B3 Book Blog says:

    45 Wishful StarsThis book was absolutely beautiful Sammi has been through uite a few tough situations; situations that not everyone can come back from but she does She's strong She's nurturing She's stubborn She's my favorite kind of heroine Weeds or Wishes had me feeling all sorts of emotions I was happy sad and even angryfrustrated at times This story touches on a hard subject and I found myself tearing up at some parts It definitely tugged at my heart I haven't read Free to Fly but I love that Zoe and Logan make appearances throughout the story The connection Sammi has with Zoe is strong and I love that she had someone like Zoe in her life Then there's Connor This guy had me feeling like I wanted to punch him He was a complete jerk at times and other times he was incredibly sweet He was where most of my frustrated and angry feelings came from I won't say if he redeemed himself or not You'll have to find out for yourselfI really loved the fact that Morgan gave us flashbacks in Connor's POV I think that helps to not only develop the story but also the characters You get a glimpse into why they behave the way they do And I don't think it would have had the same effect if the flashbacks had been from Sammi's POVThe realness of this book was incredible The emotions The strength in the characters I adored it But what made it even better is the humor I found myself laughing at times and that really helped to counteract the sadness All the Pop Culture references especially the Whedonverse references were my favorite part of the book This is an amazing second book by Morgan Reeves I will definitely be jumping into Free to Fly so I can immerse myself into the world of Sammi and Zoe and their goofy friendship It reminds me of my relationships with my own friends And that is one thing I love about reading When a character or characters are relatable It makes you feel like you're a part of their world and that's exactly what Morgan did with Sammi and Connor in Weeds or Wishes

  5. Elizabeth Horbaczek Elizabeth Horbaczek says:

    This book was given to me for an honest review3 starsThis was a very different second chance love story You always here about the one that got away That left and no one knew why I think knowing why this Connor left in this book changed my outlook The reasoning I understand the way he did it would never sit well with me There are ways of going about doing things but this one if I was Samantha I don't think I could have forgave him Being friends would have been as much as I could have given The story line was good and I liked how it was written but I just could not get into the book like I wanted The characters were likable and I wanted to see where the book would lead but I couldn't connect with them during this story Samantha has to come back to town because her dad fell and broke his hip and he is bed ridden for four months So she packed up and moved back She came back to support her dad and get him through his time of need I liked Samantha She was strongwilled determined and she has a heart of gold She would do anything for anyone While in town she bumps into conner He left eleven years ago without saying goodbye Conner is ok in my book He has a secret and it takes him about the whole book to tell Samantha about it but it does explain a lot about his character I don't like how he treats Samantha He's too hot and cold for meI'm glad I got to read something from this author She has a good writing style the book was just not for me I know there will be many people out here that will love it and I hope they read this book I have a couple of uotes I did like though'Samantha Townsend the eternal optimist he said with a soft smile the world is a much beautiful place when seen through your eyesIf we we want it to be Life can be as simple or as difficult as you make it conner It's all in your perspectiveIf you want to be a jerk and try to make others hurt because you're in pain then that's what you're going to do But you define you Not your pain

  6. Wit & Wonder Books Wit & Wonder Books says:

    ARC Provided By Author In Exchange for Honest ReviewWeeds or Wishes by Morgan Reeves is book 2 in a series It is a standalone but if you have read book 1 it helps with a little bit of background of the friends and some of the story This is my first book by Morgan and I would have to say I really enjoyed her writingSamantha Townsend is moving back home to Iowa to help take care of her dad who just underwent hip surgery She was an ER nurse at a hospital in Denver but now she will work with oncology at the local hospital as well as help care for her dad She hasn't been home in over 12 years or since she left town after her best friend Connor Moore ripped her heart out for no reasonConnor Moore was Sammis best friend growing up and now he still lives in his hometown but says he is a loner He works from home and never goes out One day while in the grocery store he runs into Samantha his old best friend and the girl he has always been in love with He hurt her greatly in the past when she confessed her feelings but he had to for personal reasons and now he wishes he could have her backMorgan put a ton of feelings into this story I laughed cried and got angry Cried would be a big emotion though because of reasons you will have to read to find out I cant give away all of the secrets here Sammi and Connor had such a close and amazing friendship growing up and were perfect for each other and then it was ruined Many of the things found put in the story explain so much but many of them also leave you wanting to smack someone aroundIt is hard to write this review without giving anything away I believe anyone who loves a happy ending but a little bit of emotional torture should definitely read this story It is a touching one as well as Morgan writes a good message within4 solid starsReviewed by Jodi N

  7. Melissa Melissa says:

    This and other reviews featured on I'm a Sweet and Sassy Book Whore imasweetandsassybookwhorecomWeeds or Wishes is the second book in the Never Ever After series by Morgan Reeves but can be read as a standalone This book tugged at me emotionally almost right from the start which based on the synopsis I was definitely not expecting as it deals with some issues that hit pretty close to home for me; namely taking care of a parent and cancer but it also frustrated me at times I liked Sammi our heroine pretty much right away She’s a strong woman coming home to help her father but still trying to keep herself involved in things she’s passionate about namely being an oncology nurse She’s certainly not expecting to run back into her first love when she moves back home; nor is she expecting to fall back into old routines with him but some habits are too difficult and tempting to breakI didn’t immediately warm up to Connor I felt like I couldn’t uite connect with him right away but once I did I liked him His secrets are his to tell I won’t spoil that here but I did want to give him a big hug at the endI’m a sucker for second chance stories and friends to lovers stories and this book definitely promised to be both of these but it was a bit forced There were parts of the story that were missing for me Don’t get me wrong I got the conclusion I was expecting and hoping for but things that happened in the middle were glossed over I needed a bit of what happened to Sammi and Connor in the years that they’d been apart which is why I rated this a solid 3 The format worked giving hints and flashbacks I just wanted As I said before this was emotional than I expected it to be which kept me from reading it in one sitting

  8. Reflections of a Book Geek Reflections of a Book Geek says:

    3 StarsThis is the second book in the Never Ever After series but it’s the first book I have read by this author I don't think it took anything away from the story that I hadn’t read the first in the series but I couldn’t be sure that it didn’t affect the storyThis was definitely a second chance romance with a twist there were some serious topics covered in this story and I have to say they tugged at my heart strings and I shed a few tears while reading this bookSammi loved Connor when they were teenagers but he pushed her away and made her think he didn't feel the same way He completely broke her heart with no explanation then disappeared straight afterConnor left due to tragic circumstances and when he finally seen Sammi again after so many years he tries to push her away for the same circumstances My heart completely broke for Connor it literally ached when I read some of the scenes in his pov I was pssed at him in the beginning but he won me over and I ended up loving him by the end of this bookWhile this book had me in tears there were parts that I struggled with it took me a while to connect with the characters and there were parts of the story I felt were a little forced in my opinion While I enjoyed Morgan’s writing style I felt like the epilogue was lacking a littleThis book takes us in a completely unexpected way than that I thought it would There are some really serious topics covered in this story and it definitely tugs at your heart

  9. Kristann Monaghan Kristann Monaghan says:

    Morgan Reeves took me on an emotional roller coaster with this beautiful second chance romance While this is the second book in a series it can be read as a stand alone I did I loved that Sammi was the girl who got away to Connor and the road back to finding love even friendship is a rocky one for them both Morgan Reeves handled conflict with humor and a hard subject with grace and compassion Being an Iowa girl myself it was so much fun to relive my favorite places from my childhood with Sammi and Connor This was my first book by Ms Reeves and I was blown away by her writing style and her grasp of emotion This story one I know is dear to the author's heart is told with so much love that you can only keep reading and allow her to take you on the journey with her characters I binge read this book and found myself unable to put it down as I wanted to desperately know what happened Sammi is such a great character Bold caring and so loveable that it makes you root for her to find joy in her life The one line that will stick with me for a long time? I'd choose true love over a long life Because a long life without love isn't really a life at all is it? Now excuse me while I run off to download the first in this series and binge that as well

  10. Kerry Kerry says:

    I was given this arc for an honest review and I didn't know it was going to affect me so much This is the first book I have read by this author and I didn't know it was the second in a series but it doesn't spoil too much of the first book that I am going to have to read now Sammi and Connor are friends first but when emotions change Connor gets some life changing news and decides to break sammi's heart so that she doesn't know his secret When Sammi comes back to town it's inevitable she is going to run into Connor I got so frustrated by the back and forth I actually thought they would never get their happy ending at first I really didn't like Connors character we didn't know what was wrong with him yet but it was uite easy to have a few guesses By the end of the book I was in tears dreading what was going to happen as lately I seem to read books that don't have a happy ending and I couldn't bare it for this two after everything they had went through to get the the final stage I'm so glad I got this book to read it was a brilliant story I would defiantly recommend this book to friends

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